If you're writing a tutorial on managing Python dependencies for an application, be sure to add this line: "As soon as you pin one dependency, you must pin the entire dependency tree." So many people pin their direct dependencies, and then get confused why things are incompatible a few years later. #
confession: I don't yet have a pattern for doing that baked into my practices yet, so I for one would benefit from a good tutorial!
ooh have you not yet experienced the joy that is pipenv?

Kyle Rankin mastodon (AP)
I finished the scarf this weekend! I'm really pleased with how it turned out, to the point that I think I want to make another for myself (this one is a gift). #
Handwoven black and dark grey scarf with repeating diamond pattern.
Zudn mastodon (AP)
Looks tremendous!
Kyle Rankin mastodon (AP)

Elias mastodon (AP)
Which book should I read?
# #

I need to be working on documentation this afternoon and I'm struggling mightily. Oh Monday, how I loath you.
have you tried Copilot for that?

I find I can paste the code I'm documenting into a markdown file, write the docs for it with Copilot's assistant, and then delete the code again - and it's actually really fun
It's forbidden for work and, in this case, I'm writing up an internal issue brief so not really the right approach.

Thunderbird mastodon (AP)
Thunderbird for Android releases next year, and development is moving forward at a promising pace.

Here's an early (but not final) preview of what the Message View will look like:

# # # # #
Pedro Coelho mastodon (AP)
Thank you so much for all your work on @thunderbird ! A true masterpiece!
SheepKid12 mastodon (AP)
Looking great! Can’t wait for this to release.

want. Even though I don’t own a bus.
I have seen those before. They are really cool.

Cat News mastodon (AP)
oh my word, that was out of nowhere!
Bill Walker mastodon (AP)
Sometimes they get along:
Two young cats, one a gray tabby with some orange with her right ear folded over due to napping on it, one orange and white, look down from the top platform of a cat tree.

hydration levels are currently at 86% but fluctuating wildly

(86%) ■■■■■■■■□□

01 DEC

Completed the design of the panel for Blinkenlights. This little Uxn emulator includes a knob to change the evaluation rate, a stepper and a toggle to run the program over.
テγ‚ͺ mastodon (AP)
This reminded me that i only recently recognized the importance blinkenlights, buttons and knobs have for my enjoyment of electronics.
02 DEC
Added a much needed 8x8 zoom grid to Noodle, which will make it a lot easier to do quick alterations to 1-bit tilesets .
are you doing a variation of advent of code where you just code every day?
yeah, I'll do 31 little programming projects this month, improvements to apps and new little toys :)
inscript hometown (AP)
needs more cute stories about elves.
03 DEC
Created a little calendar application which has been a wonderful exercise in learning about the routines needed in finding the day in the week of a given date, finding the number of days a month, and finding the number of days in a year.
Philip Nelson mastodon (AP)
wow, that's really neat!
it's been so long I can't remember in what class I had to write a part of a calendar, old

I don't think I had that much enthusiasm for the assignment
it's more fun to do these sorts of things in your own terms(and in your own programming language)
tomasz stecko hometown (AP)
Advent of UXN?
tomasz stecko hometown (AP)
great! love seeing your progress on the ecosystem, Potato is the coolest
Potato IS the coolest! Look at it go!
tomasz stecko hometown (AP)
BMO's cousin
Jonas mastodon (AP)
this is wonderful! I learnt than fooling around with date and time is suprisingly difficult when I had to design a simple function to get the next Nth {monday|..|sunday} in a month (or the following one) where N is [1..5]. Good brain teaser
04 DEC
Transformed the little calendar program, into a kind of virtual whiteboard onto which I can scribble notes overlaying the calendar. It records each month's drawings as icn files, making it possible to edit them with Noodle.
05 DEC
It's a busy day aboard Pino today, so I couldn't pick as large a task as with the previous days, so I've decided to make my pixelart life slightly more pleasant by adding a selection size label to remove some of the guess work in Nasu.

Want some good news today?

I'm deleting a bunch of code!
mario mastodon (AP)
hi, which code?
something good for Linux?
mario mastodon (AP)
mis respetos. Eso de dar con lo que no se usa dentro de un código tan tremendo es de programadores "adultos" con mucho oficio y algo de intuición de detectives. 👍
Are you in the end of the year cleaning?

Linner: a meal between lunch and dinner.

# #
Just because I know 10 words for meals doesn't mean I have 10 meals a day ;-)

We average three, one of them warm. And sometimes snacks. Okay, often.
Fitheach mastodon (AP)
I'm doing some intermittent fasting, this week. If I keep busy I don't think about food. However, the moment I stop being busy - STARVING!

Snacks? What are they?

Hi! How are you today? What is good? What is bringing you joy? How can we make the world a better place?
In order: I'm alright, though a bit of a "case of the Mondays". I spent all weekend reffing roller derby and it was spectacular. I'm going to spend tonight DJing and probably streaming my session on Owncast, and that's awesome. Let's all spread a little happiness and share our creativity, love, and joy today...I know that sounds cheesy, but whatever.
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nikkiana mastodon (AP)
It's been a pretty overwhelming day so far, but my cat has been trying to counter that with her cuteness.

Finished the Doom Christmas bauble I mentioned earlier, and wrote the article to go along with it. Sprites mods - A Christmas tree bauble that plays Doom
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this is genius!!! I’m going to get a x-mas tree just to hang this up if you make more!

Julia Evans mastodon (AP)
debugging strategy: try out a new tool

(are there any major categories of tools I'm missing here?)
debugging strategy: try out a new tool<br /><br />I find that it's easiest to try out a new tool when I'm investigating a low stakes bug, and it's no big deal if it doesn't work out.<br /><br />Here are some tools I've found helpful:<br /><br />debuggers! (most languages have one!)<br />profilers! example: perf, pprof, py-spy<br />tracers! example: strace, ltrace, ftrace, BPF tools<br />network spy tools! example: tcpdump, wireshark, ngrep, mitmproxy<br />web automation tools! example: selenium, playwright<br />load testers! example: ab<br />memory error detectors! example: valgrind, asan (well, I've never used these two but lots of people say they're good
I've been pasting Rust error messages into ChatGPT recently with astonishingly useful results

It both explained the error to me in terms that I understood AND rewrote my code to fix the bug for me!
Julia Evans mastodon (AP)
i've noticed this too but chat-gpt is way too new (and proprietary) to be allowed in the zine :)

i like the idea of mentioning testing (and maybe linting and coverage) tools though!
totally respect that - especially since there are no indications at all if it will even exist in a week's time, or at what point they might start charging for it

Absolutely fascinating in terms of "new tools" though!
I'd include testing frameworks like pytest in that list too - a low stakes bug might be a great opportunity to finally figure out how to setup an automated test that reproduces the bug so you can test your fix

100 years of independence.
50 years of European membership.

Half a century ago, Ireland joined the EU.

Europe’s transatlantic gateway and link to the anglophone world, we have benefited immensely from the Irish spirit in our Union.

A people that struggled for the right to self-determination, who export openness and ingenuity wherever they venture, may we all learn from the resilience of the Irish.

Here’s to many more years of unity and building a stronger EU, together—le chéile.

The number 50, stylised with the colours and symbols of the Irish and European flags.
74-county Ireland when?

Andy mastodon (AP)
if you think that’s radical, you should see my hair when I rub it with a towel…
that is just so cool!

Content warning: December Adventure

Content warning: December Adventure

Content warning: December Adventure

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Simon Willison mastodon (AP)
@andrew question about

"Plus, whenever you reply to someone, that reply is then sent to every one of their followers so that it can appear in reply threads."

I did not know that! Who's responsible for sending those, is it the server of the person who posted the reply or the server that hosts the person you are replying to?

Does that mean if I reply to someone with a million followers my workers will be busy for the next few hours sending stuff to all their followers?
It's the server of the person with the million followers that does the work of forwarding your reply. Here's the spec:

However, you might still get a traffic hit as al of those followers' servers may need to fetch your profile info from your server if they don't have it already
I'm interested about this too:

> Does that mean if I reply to someone with a million followers my workers will be busy for the next few hours sending stuff to all their followers?

It sounds like odd thing. It would jam many small servers if someone erred to talk to George Takei...

It would make much more sense for receiver to send replies to their followers if it wants...

@Ciantic @andrew it sounds like that's how it works - the server hosting George Takei has to do all of that fanout work every time someone replies to him
that could be easily optimized though

Simon Kuznets, chief architect of macroeconomic accounting in the 1930s, warned that, “The welfare of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measurement of national income.” Now 90 years later, it’s astonishing that GDP is still the leading indicator of social progress. 1/2 (Photo cr: NPR)
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Robert W. Gehl mastodon (AP)
Listening to @mlemweb @cwebber talk #, the fediverse, and # on FOSS and Crafts right now:

They do a really deep and yet accessible dive into these topics -- all while on a road trip!
Robert W. Gehl mastodon (AP)
(edited for grammar)

I like Christine's point about journalists saying "the Mastodon network" (rather than knowing about ActivityPub and all the other fediverse software): it's a lot like Ubuntu Linux back in the 2000s. People thought *all* Linux was Ubuntu, because that distro was the most popular. Christine's point is: this will change over time as people learn more. It's ok if people think it's all Mastodon right now.
Robert W. Gehl mastodon (AP)
Plus, she points out that ActivityPub was almost out of time -- the SocialWG charter was running out -- when Mastodon started using AP. That got the working group an extension, and Christine and others could finalize AP and get the Recommendation out the door.

This moment in history should be studied by science and technology studies scholars.
Robert W. Gehl mastodon (AP)
And both Morgan and Christine do good work pointing out some of the problems that the # has faced -- not just with the Twitter influx, but from day one: The dominance and therefor problem of instances (e.g., how do I choose one? and how well will that instance get along with others?). The problem of moderation tooling (blocklists and allowlists are not enough to do the job).
Robert W. Gehl mastodon (AP)
They conclude with a call for us to check out Spritely ( as well as love for instance admins.
Algot mastodon (AP)
another Kleenex™ moment.

@mlemweb @cwebber
robpennoyer mastodon (AP)
I was guilty of this at first! And I was very happy to learn about the open standard.
It happens, though. It's understandable. We're so used to one central thing to sign up for -- a decentralized approach is quite novel for most people. Also, it's easier to explain 1 new thing than 20 new things on a deadline!
Cyber Yuki mastodon (AP)
hey, the 8-bit opening tune was super cute! :blobaww:

New blog post, "Understanding A Protocol", in which I discuss my experience implementing ActivityPub and the next steps for @takahe.
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There is a select group of seven year olds that will be pretty darn impressed by this…

(Peaceful survival mode on an iPhone)
An enchanted diamond pick axe that I upgraded with Netherite. It is enchanted with fully maxed out Fortune 3, unbreaking 3 and efficiency 3. Ancient debris is really hard to  find! It’s most common in the nether at level 15 and needs to be mined with a diamond pickaxe (I think). It takes 4 pieces of netherite scrap - which you get by putting ancient debris in a furnace - and 4 gold pars to make a netherite ingot. You can then use a smithing table to upgrade your pickaxe. You can max out enchantments by enchanting then combining diamond pickaxes with a blacksmith anvil. Diamonds are now more common the deeper you go in the real world not just at Y level 12.
netherite hoe!

Promises to serve meat and dairy products at Powys schools are being sought by councillors who fear that menus could become vegetarian and vegan cuisine only

I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang out documentation all day... 🎶​

My wife recently made me my very pissed off "WTFM" shirt, so I appreciate the want!
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@silverwizard But more importantly, how's your Silent run going in Slay the Spire?

Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: Monopoly's event-horizon; and more!

Archived at:


A NASA rendering entitled 'Neutron Stars Rip Each Other Apart to Form Black Hole,' pictured as a Fibonacci spiral of glowing red lines on black background. Superimposed over this is an image of Monopoly's 'Rich Uncle Pennybags,' clutching a Grim Reaper's scythe rather than a cane, his face a skull. The lower half of his body has been stretched and is disappearing into the black hole at the center of the NASA image. He is limned with red and orange and sports a red/orange comet-tail.<br /><br /><br />Image:<br />NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (modified)<br /><br />CC BY 2.0 (asserted; more likely public domain)<br />
drdirtbag mastodon (AP)
Agreed re: the corruption of Stallman’s idea of “Free Software” as “Open Source.” I’ve participated in actual Free projects (Emacs, Perl), and watched Open projects become whatever read-only code Google, in particular, throws over the wall every month.

See also the capture of the W3C and various IETF WGs, which are basically rubber stamps to “standardize” whatever Google wants for the web’s future.
Probably many already suggested it: Making toots 2..n of a long thread unlisted - instead of or in addition to CWing it - would make my and other people‘s timeline a lot more concise. And I could read the thread when I choose to without having to scroll over all the messages again for a second time. This is a feature where the # is clearly superior to Twitter.

Since this interview with @pfefferle and @timnolte was all about # and the #, I've decided to upload the whole thing to Peertube. It's an insightful information filled with tips and tricks for connecting WP to Mastodon and the IndieWeb.

Fun fact: The number of "Mastodon"-related plugins in the WordPress repository appears to have doubled in the two weeks since we recorded this episode!
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Periodic reminder that, in English, Boris Pasternak means 'Boris Parsnip', Haruki Murakami means 'Haruki Uptown', Tolstoy means 'thick/fat', and Albert Camus translates as 'Bertie Flat-Nose'.
Choc - o - late bissss - kit
Elon musk means oak Tree testicle or b*llock

Little bit morbid, this one, but I think it's important.

What happens to all our # after we're gone?