R E K hometown (AP)
Curious how tiring it is to sail near land, but sailing on the ocean for weeks won’t tire me out as severely.
Here time is a serious factor, time to get to an anchorage: before the tide turns (fighting current is a losing game), before dark (too many dangers in the water, traffic, dead heads, reefs, crab traps), etc.
Land and atmospheric disturbances also moves wind around in unexpected ways.
R E K hometown (AP)
We used to do 110 nautical miles a day on the ocean (on a good day), and now doing 25 while near land just kills me.
Wow, that's so interesting how different offshore is vs near land. :o
My coworker also lives here in the Puget Sound area; when he wants to sail "just for fun" and has the time, he heads out the Juan de Fuca into the open ocean. Considers sailing easiest when there's no land even on the horizon.

I'm with you on "too many dangers past dark". I constantly get caught out after dark for one reason or another and invariably the minute the bottom of the sun is touching the horizon line is the minute not a single thing about being out is fun anymore.
I actually got bit by two things off your list on my 30-miler down the coast in February - weird atomospheric disturbances causing sudden 25-30 knot bullets off the shore, and shallow/narrow channels in the pitch black. 0/10 never again, I'll sooner anchor out next to the oil refinery halfway between than get caught out like that again. Fuck that noise.

In the night, in my dreams
I'm in love with you
'Cause you talk to me like lovers do
I feel joy I feel pain
'Cause it's still the same
When the night is gone I'll be alone

🔊🎵 #
R. L. Dane mastodon (AP)
MAN, that takes me back

Purism mastodon (AP)
We are reinvesting millions in creating products, software, and services that respect people, unlike Apple and Google. Here the full thought piece by Purism founder and CEO, @todd.

Meme of girl shouting in boy’s ear

Becky friendica (via ActivityPub)
@silverwizard just reminded me of that d&d campaign I was in where an owlbear attacked and I fed it a bunch of goodberries so it wasn't hungry anymore and so was happy and stopped attacking because I was playing an animal loving druid.... but then the same thing happened with rats, and a giant squid... and just kept happening because the gm just kept motivating our enemies with hunger... eventually he stopped but it happened more times than I expected that goodberry just worked
silverwizard friendica (via ActivityPub)
Coulda teamed up with some wolves at least
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Guess we didn’t have Becky on our team 🤷‍♂️

FediTips mastodon (AP)
Are you looking for accounts to follow on here?

There are three directories you should have a look at:

▸ Trunk - A community-run opt-in directory which people can add themselves to, with lots of categories and people listed. Link is

▸ - Keyword based opt-in directory, people can add themselves with hashtags in their profiles. Link is

▸ FediFollows - Human-curated directory of recommended follows, you can see the latest entries at @FediFollows and there's a directory by category at

# # #
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DoctorDeathray mastodon (AP)
# what are your tips for getting good attention for a new release? I don’t typically have the best success, although I do absolutely adore anyone who does check out my music. I don’t expect much, but sharing my music is always exciting, and I’m so thrilled with this current band lineup
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Gonna assemble my MiSTer tomorrow!

It's time for me to get some sleep :sleep::cat_hug_triangle::blobcathearts:​ good night dear friends! :mastodon::fediverse::stux:​❤️

Kornel mastodon (AP)
SVG images aren’t just images, they’re documents and it’s not safe to serve random people’s svg images on your website.

Here’s a tool that fixes it, and sanitizes # # to make them as innocent as a JPEG:

(In #, of course)
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Martin Owens mastodon (AP)
Does it scrub xml doctype entities?
Kornel mastodon (AP)
yes, by the virtue of its XML parser being too primitive to handle custom doctypes.

Kudos to SL for immortalizing it in the last FUCK COMPUTERS zine. I'm gonna stick it to the bathroom wall-of-fame.
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Oh wow, haha. I had totally forgotten about this one.
for some reason it's stuck in my mind, and i just love the chaotic energy of it XD

dog star hometown (AP)
i had hit a wall in my research
dog star hometown (AP)
polyester / linoleum / talc / gum arabic / oil ink / laser printer

A New Jailbreak for John Deere Tractors Rides the Right-to-Repair Wave | WIRED

Martin Owens mastodon (AP)
I don't think it's a coincidence that the biggest problem in society is the same problem that's manifested in # and #.

That we have plenty of resources, but we are so completely terrible at distributing them that we have both very well funded nonsense and zero funded critical infrastructure.

# # # #
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2/2 Our countries IT department went on the news recently and told the people that the reason for our terrible government Software solutions is because the Software can't change as needs or requirements change:
IT: "It's like build a 'perfect' heating system and then build a brickwall around it. It's very hard to get to it or change the heating element"
Martin Owens mastodon (AP)
of course, it can. But it has to be treated as an ecosystem. Nothing good can come from a product mentality.

I wonder if the Flurbo is already a crypto :rickwhoah:

A pickle :picklerick:
hecko ActivityPub

Content warning: crypto bs

Wow I have been blessed with incredible wealth!

Who uses BAT anyway?
Mega trillion gazillion flurbos (€1.24 in BAT)
millie mastodon (AP)
I have no use for it, I just keep collecting the payouts so that one day hopefully I can cash it out

BAT seems to be worth very little compared to a few months back, I remember once having nearly 20€ worth of BAT, with less of the token than I currently have
Not feasible due to tx fees.

Did you receive that $BAT from using Brave browser?

Here's how to convert it. On Uphold (requires identity verification / KYC), do a Transact and for destination choose withdraw using "Cryptocurrency network" for something that they support that has low withdrawal fees ... like $LTC.

Then you can use if you want to convert further.

Or donate the $LTC: The Giving Block will handle it for many charitable organizations

I followed @davidrevoy 's tutorial but painted Saffron instead of Kiki! :blobthumbsup:

CC-BY-4.0 an original digital painting by ultidonki, based on the character Saffron by David Revoy (CC-BY-4.0) and following the David Revoy tutorial/composition 'An illustration from A to Z with Krita' (CC-BY-4.0), the tutorial is based on Kiki (character CC-BY-4.0 by Tyson Tan)
A painting of Saffron, the character by David Revoy
8 work in progress images of the process of drawing Saffron
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David Revoy mastodon (AP)
Nice! Well done and thanks for sharing the result and work in progress.

No idea of i have posted here! Memory loss no kidding.. but the crochet patern is done :blobcatcry2:

New work! Sort of…

After the year we’ve had, I think Lisabet and I are due a well-earned break.

We’re going to South Wales end of September!

Until then, here’s some work from my last trip to South Wales, back in 2018, now reworked with my current photographic tastes. 👍

Plenty more images here

# # # # # # # # # # # #
Spectacular photos.

saxnot mastodon (AP)
how much do these tires weight it's like the dog is carryig it like nothing
grob mastodon (AP)
Meanwhile in Hanoi...

So fucking cuuuuuute.

What do you consider to be the best creative commons license and the best foss license?

I’m a sucker for CC-BY-SA because I like the idea of culture having no way to be owned and privatized by large corps. And from what I understand AGPL is the equivalent in the foss licensing world?
it's important to recognize and acknowledge, though, that all licenses are meaningless unless you have the resources to win in court

If you're one programmer living on 60k/yr and Amazon decides to ignore you then you better have millions in legal fees ready to go, or be willing to lose and owe millions

Power in the form of money defines, currently, how legal anything is
It's more than just that, more than once 100r was able to get app resellers and NFT peddlers submissions removed with our share-alike license, platforms won't always need a DMCA or a court order.
Nulo mastodon (AP)
And sometimes precisely that (that platforms often don't really check takedowns) that people get unfairly taken down o.O
In most cases, platforms take these requests pretty seriously, often we've had like 15-20 exchanges before it actually happens. The worse platform we had experience with to handle takedowns was the Kindle Fire store.
Nulo mastodon (AP)
Interesting, that's not the experience that I've heard of, but it has been of smaller platforms. Although I've heard about false DMCAs in YouTube: (I know the video seems clickbait-y, but it has actual info in it)
jakintosh hometown (AP)
yeah there's two seemingly competing sides to this that are both true 1) power comes from enforcement, which is why intellectual "property" can even "exist" in the first place; leading to the true statement that tech titans probably *could* just ignore. 2) having previously worked in big tech, IRL the legal teams are deadly serious about about licensing, and for good reason—if they accidentally picked the wrong fight, there could be very negative consequences.

Cat happy to have some lap-time & skritches on a Monday afternoon # #
A catte sitting on a lap outside

Apparently, Windows 11 adoption is picking up speed, with 24% of sampled PCs running it.
Yeah that's why mom's laptop is now too slow to be of any use. 😠
She will buy a new one and the old one will become my new VPN into their home, replacing the one that is now too old to run the latest Ubuntu.
Oh dear, how on earth is Microsoft managing to make modern hardware run slow ?!
@Peter Bjørn ☯️🌞 It's modern hardware from 2015, but Windows 10 still ran well enough for LibreOffice and Firefox.
Anything from Core Duo onwards should run things fast. Multicore CPUs are a blessing.
@Peter Bjørn ☯️🌞 AMD E1 is the exception. It's dual core, 64-bit, years 2012 or newer, but for everyday tasks my E1 laptop with 8 GiB RAM is slower than my 32-bit Core Duo from 2010 with 1 GiB RAM. I don't know how they did it.

Mom's laptop is an E1 with 4 GiB RAM.
Odd. The only weak point of the CPU is that it only has 1 MB of L2 cache, but that shouldn't make the pc drag its feet. But of course, Microsoft found a way... 🙄
@Peter Bjørn ☯️🌞 Nah, it drags in Linux too. I don't know if the cache or memory bus or something is horribly slow, or if it's the CPU itself that lacks some important optimization. No idea, it's just bafflingly slow.

This month we still need €213 to cover all costs for,,,, and more, more more! :cat_hug_triangle:

Ofc I'm gonna do my best to pay it all but since everything is soo expensive already I could use every bit of help.. ❤️

Please think about supporting, if not me perhaps your own server admin :cat_hug_triangle::fediverse:
We're almost there.. ❤️ Shares would be appreciated :blobcathug:
Derek ActivityPub
thanks for hosting these! supporting through @Liberapay 💾

I just received my “preparing to ship” notice from Framework! 💻

cc: @benjaminhollon
Devon mastodon (AP)
What computer are you transitioning from?
Cheri mastodon (AP)
My current laptop is a Surface Pro 6. Runs Linux decently but I'm tired of buying a whole new machine every time a battery dies.

ByronCinNZ mastodon (AP)
The logic of those who argue for JSON because "developers like JSON"?
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Yak Herder mastodon (AP)
@alcinnz JSON is the stick-man drawing equivalent of Leonardo daVinci designs and sketches.

This is clearly from people who have not used JSON for long enough to gain an appreciation for the finer subtleties of integers vs floats, fixed-length raw binary data, schema validation, objects with duplicate keys, and the nuance that there are actually some excellent ideas in XML/XSLT hidden in between the <<>> brackets.

Self-validating data formats are awfully useful in practice.

Protobufs, Avro and similar on-the-wire formats are awesome for performance. Parsing, re-parsing, continually marshalling data structures *and then base64 encoding them repeatedly* are not.

David Revoy mastodon (AP)
Tifa Lockhart

# #
(marked as sensitive because eye contact)
A portrait of the video game character Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 (design of the Remake), the portrait is done imitating pencil portrait, using the newest brush bundle from Ramon Miranda.
Boiling Steam mastodon (AP)
excellent portrait!
Zorg mastodon (AP)
Superbe. L'asymétrie subtile fabrique la beauté. 👍

Nation.Cymru mastodon (AP)
Welsh family fly to LA to watch Gareth Bale - and he's not playing


I have a recurring dream.. I am walking through an urban space with disused factories. I into a an old stone building and there is a hole in the wall at the back. I climb through the hole and outside everything has changed.
I am now on the moors walking along a path towards an ancient castle in the distance.
They sky darkens, and it is important to get there before night falls, but I always wake up before arriving.

# #

When the weather forecasts know nothing, you have to act like the sailors of old: Squint at the sky (ok, and, grunt and deal with anything that comes.

We got 2-3 hours of sleep between thunderstorms, rain, two sudden 180° wind reversals with strong gusts. A few boats re-anchored in the dark. Everyone was up watching.

Our anchor held, in fact a little too well. I needed to dive to get it back out. It had shattered the rock crevice. Stuck, but not bent!💪

🥱 Nap?

Early morning, dark gray and very low rain clouds rolled over us, leaving only a small gap of light where the sunrise was supposed to be.
After a small thunderstorm knocked us one way in the night, this massive beast luckily passed just north of us and we only got a glancing blow shoving us back the other way.<br /><br />The screenshot shows a lightning detector map with thousands of strikes ranging from northern Sardinia almost to the Alps, moving eastwards.
Ouch, just heard from fellow cruisers who were up in the center of that big nasty front in W Corsica this morning.

Now we're both glad all we got was some sleep deprivation and a little morning swim to free our stuck anchor.

They report 65 knots, a lost (and subsequently retrieved - he's got scuba gear on board) anchor and several other boats on the rocks.

# #
Screenshot of a message, reading: Everyone is safe in Calvi, Corsica? This was our first experience of 65 knots at 6am, not even announced [forecast]. Our chain broke, we lost the anchor... and thanks to my husband who put a mark in the plotter and dived we recover everything later. What an experience. Unfortunately one boat drifted and four are in the rocks. Happy to have just a few scratches. Stay safe out there.
More damage reports from Corsica coming in. The whole west coast got hit, which was busy with cruisers.

A 47ft catamaran just arrived here with no mast, ripped off bimini, bent guardrail and a very tired looking crew. They seem to have managed to salvage the boom, which was strapped to the hardtop. Poor guys promptly dragged anchor here (the holding in this bay is tricky). Was going to help but they then went far away. Probably just want to sleep!

Hope tonight is better! 🤞
ouch ! I hope less wind for all of you next night. We are currently on Spain coast and look forward to cross to Sicilia with our 34ft... 🤔
Thanks! Be careful and don't trust the weather forecasts too much! :)
Footage from this morning in northern Corsica. Moorings broke (as they often do).


These days everything is so much more expensive.. :sad_cat:​ Energy bills (gas and electric) are currently almost the same as rent..

But services as the # are important, now more than ever.

If you have some money to spare to help out me running services like,, etc please think about supporting ❤️

If you would like to support your server admin checkout your instances /about/more (Mastodon) page or ask your server admin how you can help during these expensive times :blobcatsnugs::fediverse::mastodon:
I just bumped up my Patreon to $10 per month to help you out a bit more.
it most certainly does! ❤️ that you for your support :cat_hug_triangle:

FediTips mastodon (AP)
If you use Android, you can find lots of Fediverse-related apps and other free open source software on @fdroidorg, an alternative to Google Play which emphasises privacy and ethical software.

Also, some apps which cost money on Google Play are free of charge on F-Droid, such as Fedilab @apps. (This is because the app devs encourage people to use F-Droid.)

Due to Google's anti-competition roadblocks, it's slightly tricky to install F-Droid, but once it's installed it's very easy to use. It looks and works very much like a normal app store.

If you are comfortable using an APK file you can get it from F-Droid's website at

For less technical people, there's a step-by-step beginner's guide to installing F-Droid at:

# # # # # # # # # # # #
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Just installed F-Droid. It's like having a while new phone! Ty! (✷‿✷)
Ally mastodon (AP)
I use Aurora Store alongside for things F-Droid doesn't have I still need to use.

vladh hometown (AP)
@neauoire I love your “discourse” page, do you happen to have any resources you would recommend on communication in general? I care about this topic and would like to add more resources to this post:
vladh hometown (AP)
Thank you! :)

Kyle Rankin mastodon (AP)
Isn't She Lovely was just on the radio. Ever since I became a parent it gets me every time. But then Careless Whisper followed it and all I could think about was Sexy Sax Man. ⁨#⁩ ⁨#
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