International insurance giant AXA dropped ransom payments from their cyber insurance cover in France.

Now, coincidentally or not, several Asian AXA branches were hit with a ransomware attack.

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Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I like how my avatar is wearing a necklace even though I personally don't own or wear jewelry
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
actually I have some I just don't like wearing them

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I should learn how to draw humanoids so I can draw cute shark girls

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
thinking it might be fun to add a "voluntary view counter" to my website. you click on a button to log your view

wait this is just a guestbook

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
"if you pay me I'll seed the torrent for an hour"
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I love this because I'm pretty sure like, 30 ppl have downloaded my torrent but my local ratio is 3

the devops is in the details
Hong Kong or Sweden
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I have etched ancient and powerful geometries in the floor around my bed to specifically prevent the bodyforms and identity schemas of well known personalities from entering my dreams. no free clout

listening to emo music and thinking of friends
lots of cuties out there what the hell

Wow the IRS (the US' tax department) has the most insipid hold music... and you invariably get to know it very well.
It must be soul destroying to work there.
Isn't it the case for most government jobs? I understand it's an essential service in any organized society, but around here all government employees seem to be miserable. My dad spent the later half of his career in a government job, and I've only known him complaining about it. My brother who followed his footsteps changes department or agency nearly every year.

I can't understand it. Job security with benefits cannot be worth it.
On the other hand, I know I've been fortunate job-wise, and many people aren't so fortunate.
My Dad got incredibly frustrated by the middle management at LINZ, though managed to get good work done despite them.

Now we've gone private & those managers have explicitly admitted they didn't see the point of Dad's job despite politicians budgetting for it. So now we've got different frustrations!

Hah that's a clever idea about posting on abandoned boards. It may not be durable, but it doesn't need to be.
What a cool setup!

Anyone here know a really competent front end / UI dev shop? I’m writing up an SOW for a user portal to a cybersecurity service, and I figure this crowd knows some folks who can actually design a good interface.
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This is the last week to pick up a # before production pauses on May 24th.

Pine Store link:

Information about production break:
Although I have no use for a laptop at this time, I would have bought one all the same, just because. But the UK keyboard is out of stock and the US keyboard is just a few keys too short for me.

Impulse buy averted! 😅

Kyle Rankin mastodon (AP)
Happy Tax Day, for those that observe.

When a pension fund emails to ask if you're starting to think about retirement. Oh, how I laugh!

_deton_dev mastodon (AP)
The three "bad" movies I like:

Toys (1992)
This movie needs a plot that works with it's gorgeous art direction and surreal/wholesome vibe, not against it.

Waterworld (1995)
This movie is impressive, especially considering how hard filming water scenes is.

Stay (2005)
There is nothing wrong with this movie and it is unironically really good. I legitimately don't understand the bad ratings, just rewatch the movie FFS.
Toys and Waterworld are some of my favourite movies 🖤
_deton_dev mastodon (AP)
Yeah, I love to rewatch Toys just to stare at all the beautiful visuals and to watch Robin Williams do his thing, despite feeling like the plot doesn't have anything to do with what the movie is about.

Also, I recommend looking up Waterworld's production. Aside from the cost of shooting the water scenes, pretty much everyone working on the movie had *very* conflicting opinions about what it should be about (most of the film's jankier moments are due to that, lol)

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
it says hewwo
a tiny little shark plushie

Another look at my @purism Librem 14 - this time on the battery life front in Qubes OS doing basic tasks:
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rezmason mastodon (AP)
At this point Hacker News is just a @neauoire news site with a lot of side discussions 😁
It's bizarre. Today, right next to Uxn's entry, there was the lowtechmag's article on ecofriendly sailing ships. I was 0_o
Preston mastodon (AP)
I woke up and noticed that, a good healthy discussion surrounding it too.

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
free as in "the humens must fight for freedome!"

Mae Rosaline mastodon (AP)
for an NFT that looks a lot like a mushroom to me...very fungible indeed
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
nicely fungable thing

"Umami?" actually, the singular is: Umamus
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Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
torrents continue to amaze me because I estimate that around 10 people have already downloaded my torrent but I've only uploaded its content 2x over
torrents are cool as fuck and im sad they're not used more often
it does have a bit of a weird usecase though since torrents can die really easily, especially over long periods of time
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
yeah definitely not great for archival

ideas are ideas, but turning those into action and then getting shut down is the worse. I think a lot of naive ideas with a lot of potential get shut down early so often. There's so few people that only persue ideas that are proven and tested.. I can't imagine the marvels that could be hidden in the margins.
Pope Rheesus mastodon (AP)
on the other hand, critique can be helpful. what’s important but too often ignored that it should be done with consent, and respect. often I see on hn along the lines of “uh, this is my project, i really wasn’t ready to show it to anyone yet.”

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I do think it would be very funny to post "just dropped my first NFT 😊" and just have it be a magnet link
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I'm sure NFT enthusiasts would just detest if that word got genericised to mean "any digital art you get on the internet"
elegant blade mastodon (AP)
TAke a look, y'all: IMG_4346.nft
it’s not *really* an NFT until you’ve copyleft licensed it,
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
@vy NFT = npublic fdomain tlicensed
NFT (Nominally Free Torrent)
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On the bright side I whipped up a little parser for my forth so I could support stuff like strings and floats. Added word definitions, kinda copied the @ from uxn. Now I need to eval the parsed input.
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This is the cut setup. I make cylinders on another chuck and ream the center hole; this chuck has a centered arbor that the gear blank clamps onto. I had to weld up a steel tailstock to support the far end, and it did a fantastic job, letting me make cuts at 6x the speed with a great finish, compared to the previous unsupported setup. This will let me cut some.metric conversion threading gears and some weird custom ones for a Stirling engine idea I have.
Speaking of machining things, I have a new seatpost collar for you :) Lemme know when you want to get it.

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
have u made a torrent of your art? I want to download 👀

tbh I don’t want to know
nobody really knows tho..

mkfiles are the better makefiles. A bit disappointed that POSIX 2x isn't including anything to the likes of pattern rules.
Wolfi mastodon (AP)
that's amazing! :)

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
would be cool to do a zine that's distributed over bittorrent
Kube mastodon (AP)
a collaborative, periodical zine with a "last issue's top seeders" section
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might fuck around and xnopyt
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
just made my first bittorrent art pack 😊
Kube mastodon (AP)
it's working!!
The "pix" folder of the torrented art pack, featuring a "buny" illustration.
ohhi.mp4 is perfect and exactly what we needed to see today
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Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
apparently I had to restart transmission for it to even start seeding my torrent lmao
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I was gonna transfer over the files to my laptop to seed there but by the time I loaded it onto my usb stick it had already finished lmao

"this escalator is currently not running":
- boring
- defeatist
- negative

"this escalator is currently used as a staircase":
+ unexpected
+ creative
+ forward-thinking
- I like my PSAs boring and honest
Hong Kong or Sweden
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We apologize for the convenience.

That peculiar feeling when you read this:

"Taiping Rebellion, radical political and religious upheaval that was probably the most important event in China in the 19th century. It lasted for some 14 years (1850–64), ravaged 17 provinces, took an estimated 20 million lives, and irrevocably altered the Qing dynasty (1644–1911/12)."

Please note that other documents mention the number of deaths may have been as high as 30 million in 14 years.

Don't even ask me how I reached that page.
Bizarrely enough, the Taiping Rebellion always makes me think of the Batman TV opponent (not exactly a villain) King Tut. Your society has to be extremely messed up if, when some random person walks down the street saying "Lo, I am your God King, here to inaugurate a new era!", numerous people say "sounds good to me, let's bow down & worship, or build obelisks & pyramids in Central Park, or whatever he says to do."
@publius @Parade du Grotesque 💀 Apart from murderous conquering and syncretist personality cult, the Taiping Rebellion also had multiple good ideas like banning footbinding of girls and a general egalitarian approach to nationbuilding rather than the classist-racist divide-and-conquer mentality of the empire.

The CCP praises the rebellion simply because it weakened Qing and made it ready for Communist takeover the next century.

When you're getting bored of guillotine jokes, consider: the Erfurt latrine disaster.
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And there comes the :fdroid: # 🌧️ – this time 51 updates and 4 new apps:

* @PixelDroid is a client for our Fediverse friends at Pixelfed 🖼️
* Another notes app is – another notes app? 🎶 🤪 nope, 📔
* Instant Sound Effects is a fun app to make noises (no farts, though) 🔊
* unofficial Stud.IP-app is a… yes, unofficial app for Stud.IP 👩‍🎓

Once more: enjoy your # # # from # :awesome:
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Happy to announce that @madds is my Summer intern for Outreachy! They'll be adding SVG2 and CSS3 features to librsvg.

I've been away from Mastodon and on the bird site for too long. Thanks @neauoire for ending up on the orange site and reminding me where to find the coolest people :)
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Do you have any specific topics in mind? I don't know much about TTRPG, but I feel like @jameschip might be a good person to ask :)

Have a look at our timeline, I'm sure you'll find something that interests you.
Thanks! I discovered your server through @ritualdust a while ago but only followed a couple of accounts :) I'm also interested in audio/music, vintage computing, low-level programming and related topics.

Journey to gears: I had two false starts with weird resulting tooth profiles because I can't do simple math right some days (and assumed a wormgear was 50 teeth not 53) but once I used a calculator and thought a bit I managed to make a nice aluminum gear that meshes well with one of my lathe gears (on far right.)
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