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I'm watching a program about gay albatrosses. ❤️

*NEW* work, and my first from our stay in South Wales!

Welcome to the castles of Llandeilo

The history of this area is rich and long, and there are MANY more castles to be found. But these two, my god, are just EPIC. 👍

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deerbard_photo mastodon (AP)
Beautiful. Your photos bring back memories of Robin series (which is great)
Well I take that as an enormous compliment, thank you!

Content warning: Vulgar language about Rees Mogg

Police fear serial killer may be on loose in # after spate of shootings

Stockton # Chief has told people to "be alert" as police search for the gunman

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Oh wow that anim is slick as fuck
almost the back end feels heavy as a it swings around... nice one
oh just noticed the lane dividers (white lines) are amazingly short
but maybe there are not supposed to be lines and more cats eyes?!
Matthias mastodon (AP)
I remember that game. I remember I tried to turn on the wiper when it starts to rain. I can't remember if this was possible :blobthinkingeyes: But truly amazing graphic :D

NiftyNeuro mastodon (AP)
# People recovering from a vegetative state who are in the "emerging from the minimally conscious state" are not in the best of shape. But they are hard to recruit for a study, as you might imagine! In this paper they worked with 12 such people and 12 matched but not injured people, and looked at EEG differences. Theta band (4-8 Hz) signals in fronto-parietal regions (cognitive control brain regions, anyone?) seemed to be related to the level of dysfunction... 🤔

Content warning: Snake!

LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
Trying to run a python script that parses a bunch of feeds in a German train can be stressful.
I've never been so happy about the stop in Halle/Saale - it worked now and we'll have a weekly update soon.
yeah DB has the tendency to do traffic shapping and drop your connection speed if you download more than 100 (or maybe 150) MB of data.

Besides that some areas in Saxony it's not easy to use the train's internet.

Going south from Saxony to Bayern is even worse.
I was using my own 4G connection, but.. Brandenburg is apparently not great in terms of 4G coverage, at least not with O2 :D

Wow, this is very interesting. Smalltown is a new fork of Mastodon specifically for civic communities looking to host their own social media. It is being developed at Ethan Zuckerman's lab at UMass Amherst.

(It's explicitly inspired by Hometown and very nicely links to my Patreon on their github, too.)
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DMV: ...

A black hearse with the license plate "DED LOL"
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Omg! Shocking fish cheating #! Ohio: World of angling rocked by 'cheating scandal' after fish stuffed with weights. #

Today was my first day at Igalia, working on the Core Team, and I got my first tiny sip straight from the firehose. Haven't done that in a while…
Woooo! Congratulations!

I still see people complain that DBus is too complex and whine whine unix philosophy whine whine. Buddy, you have never written an activation system without race conditions, have you.
Will Thompson mastodon (AP)
I tried and failed to make it concise. So instead I wrote:

I'm probably wrong about everything.
Thanks! I need to look more closely.

No sé si os había compartido una foto de mi miniterrario, donde siempre está nublado.
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
En un par de miles de millones de años y seguro que aparece vida inteligente.

# : ‘Ordinary’ Chinese vase valued at €2,000 sells for almost €8m after bidding war.

lol, DALL-E "tweaked" their AI so it produces images with more diverse people in them (if the pictures include people).

But someone found out that if you prompt it "A person holding a sign that says" then openai will append e.g. "female" or "black" to the input and the sign will say the word they append.

So they actually didn't fix the model, they just applied a hack to the input.
Machine learning = bad

Pls just stop.
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I'm in Pittsburgh for work this week. Anyone have recommendations for things to do while I'm here?
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Andy P. mastodon (AP)
🤔Do insects have fat?
Hey bug scientists, if we had giant domesticated insects could you get fat or other grease out of them like we do from farm and wild animals?
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I think they might already do this? I know you can get insect dog food

I really need a better lean protein (no carb) source, cause I'm gonna get bored of chicken breast real fast...
cheese, fish, nuts? I love chicken though I don't think I'd get bored with it 🍗🤤

# 5/5


Revaley mastodon (AP)
Wow!! That's quite an achievement!
first time for everything! But yes thank you!

Tattooed Mummy mastodon (AP)
October is # awareness month. Admit it, you've never heard of it. I have it. Its a cool neurological disease that only the best people have 😉
Here I blog about it.
Tattooed Mummy's Randoms: Living with an invisible illness
Tattooed Mummy mastodon (AP)
I think for some reason our awareness month changed. No idea why. Still, be aware!

Would anyone be interested in joining a @SocialCoop or maybe Fediverse in general # team?
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Victorhck mastodon (AP)
Nuevo artículo sobre el editor # para este miércoles.

¿Te resultan interesantes/útiles los artículos sobre Vim en mi blog o la guía que traduje?

* Si
* No
* No sabía que escribías sobre Vim (he pasado muchos años encerrado en un psiquiátrico)
* Que me suelte el brazo!!!
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FediTips mastodon (AP)
If you run your own Mastodon server, you can manually choose accounts to recommend to your server's new members when they sign up. The recommendations can be accounts on other servers, or on your own server.

To manually choose recommended accounts, log in through the website using your admin account, then go to:

Preferences > Administration > Site Settings > Recommend These Accounts To New Users

Paste in the full Fediverse addresses of the accounts you want to recommend, separated with commas, then click the "Save Changes" button.

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I heard there was a secret glitch
That David showed his fans on Twitch
But you don't really care for speedruns do ya?
It goes like this--sprint forth, step back,
The double jump, the strong attack,
The baffled physics passing walls right through ya
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Kev Quirk mastodon (AP)
Today has been a silver F-91W kinda day…

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birnim mastodon (AP)
how do you sync time between so many watches? 😂
R. L. Dane mastodon (AP)
Daaaang, that's sharp!

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There are now 19 (!) implementations of # available. OCaml just got added!

It's like it's a real, useful language or something 😅
Implementations<br /><br />    Rust: kdl-rs, knuffel (latter includes derive macro), and kaydle (serde-based)<br />    JavaScript: kdljs, @virtualstate/kdl (query only, JSX based)<br />    Ruby: kdl-rb<br />    Dart: kdl-dart<br />    Java: kdl4j<br />    PHP: kdl-php<br />    Python: kdl-py, cuddle, ckdl<br />    Elixir: kuddle<br />    XSLT: xml2kdl<br />    Haskell: Hustle<br />    .NET: Kadlet<br />    C: ckdl<br />    C++: kdlpp (part of ckdl, requires C++20)<br />    OCaml: ocaml-kdl
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Nation.Cymru mastodon (AP)
Conservatives welcome Conwy Council leader comments that tourism tax can't be 'justified'

Wenn du feststellst, das einige deiner Lieblingsbücher Teil einer Trilogie sind deren letzter Teil nie ins deutsche übersetzt worden ist..

Immer wieder so ärgerlich.

Gut, dass man sich sowas ganz gut im Original als Ebook klicken kann...

James Stoddart Evenmere
Übersetzungen lesen hab ich schnell aufgegeben. Damals Wheel of Time versucht auf Deutsch zu lesen und das war so grottenschlecht übersetzt. Lieber original gelesen und dabei gleich noch Englisch Vokabular gelernt :)
Ich habe das Problem, dass ich bei langen englischen Texten schnell stolpere weil ich zu schnell lesen möchte. Mein Englischverständnis reicht gerade für Redegeschwindigkeit. Im deutschen lese ich aber halt extremst schnell. Ich muss mich bei englischen zwingen „laut im Kopf vorzulesen“ was ich im deutschen nur tue wenn ich auch wirklich vorlese…. Das ist anstrengend…. Ich mache das eigentlich nur wenn ich muss auch wenn das original sicher meist besser ist. Ich sollte wohl häufiger.

Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Unrelatable content
Sorry, without any context I can't relate to this content.

Κάν’ το πραγματικότητα! 🇬🇷

Greece has sent its second payment request of €3.56 billion under the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Next step➡️ We will assess Greece's compliance with the 20 milestones and targets outlined in its recovery and resilience plan.

Visual with a beautiful landscape of the Parthenon in Athens and a description of the main investments for this second disbursement of €3.56 billion.
Chris mastodon (AP)
this is funnier after having just finished "Adults in the Room".

Sister Petra mastodon (AP)
I keep getting pissed at myself for letting imminent collapse of civilization distract me from knocking shit off my to do list
It's an understandable distraction. Many of us are struggling to consider anything other than the dealtcult actions of government, corporations and even our fellow citizens.
Be proud of what you get done <despite> all of that.

Oh damn I can't watch a scary movie tonight I'm seeing Mean Girls at the indie theater because it's Mean Girls Day
Tattooed Mummy mastodon (AP)
you can't sit with us

Yak Herder mastodon (AP)
Pakistan's incredible flooding catastrophe is even more impossible to get my head around than when it initially happened.

*We* did this, with our plane flying, car driving, and consumerism.

Aid is not enough, reductions are needed.
I think nice fella with goats and missing bridge was Brahui, we need to find a way to get everyone in the world their proverbial $50 boots for things and stop making the $5 ones immediately and ban billionaires and all that jazz, these are real people hurting

Nation.Cymru mastodon (AP)
Wales host Bosnia and Herzegovina in Cardiff on Thursday, the first of three potential games needed to reach next summer’s World Cup finals for the first time
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