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Woodstove is asleep for the summer, and doubles as a succulent perch.
A view of a little red woodstove on a boat, with a succulent in a pot hanging from the dampener attached to the stove pipe.
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omg @SonjaLang of # fame just joined the fediverse! kama pona!
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Ubuntu suddenly decided to boot up with a black screen. 99.9% sure the culprit is Nvidia. Will have to investigate after work, though. Good think I recently backed up my files
Black screens after almost every kernel update on Ubuntu is the reason I switched to the nouveau driver. My GPU is quite old though.
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I'll take a look into it! It seems like my 2080 is supported.

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oh, welcome!

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here's a first "draft" for the first day/section of the # tutorial i'm writing!

your feedback is very welcome!

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this was super fun to read in the woods! 😁👌
sejo mastodon (AP)
i love that! i feel-think the mental model of the stack lends itself very well for imagining / thinking about it outdoors. i'm glad you enjoyed it!
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I might be in need of a Windows machine. For my own ease of use, I would like to virtualize it on my PopOS machine. The internets is telling me I need Pro for virtualization. But I'm just running a piece of software on the guest so I would think Home is fine. Should I just go get a used $150USD laptop that comes with Windows? Sounds cheaper and easier
I downloaded a Win10 image from Microsoft's website when it was freely available a couple years ago. I intended to make a VM out of it on my Ubuntu desktop, but never managed to do it. I'm not sure it would still be possible to validate it now. Quite frankly I don't have use for Windows apart from work.

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i dont want to write assembly but i do want to write forth...
maybe i'll start writing the forth libraries before i finish the forth core....
that's great, I'm looking forward to dig into it!
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me too!

Revision 2 of the PinePhone keyboard, this one is actually nice to type on :D
where can I buy this?
From @PINE64 once it's released. @martijnbraam being a dev gets advanced pre-production units. 😉

Everyonce in a while, I find myself implementing various elements of Plan9's UI into other projects, and doing the legwork makes me realize how every single design decision has a strong technical reason. They made absolutely no concessions by designing something that would lead to a suboptimal implementation.

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yeah but they left out all the interactive rabbits. Why use a rabbit as a logo and not integrate them into the UI? makes no sense

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I've been quite inspired recently by finding a ton of cool personal websites and wikis and thought I would share my views on how freeing it is to make your own:
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Very nice article.

I don't like this phrasing: "Don’t bother looking into static site builders or deployment services until just uploading your files on your server is too much work."

[until just] is tough.

Don’t bother looking into static site builders until your website has grown enough that manually uploading your files becomes too much work.
+1 on excising "just", makes tutorials & similar resources so much more welcoming :tealheart: (also excellent article!!!)
Lizbeth mastodon (AP)
totally agree, I still catch myself using it in those contexts, thanks for pointing that out :3
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I might go over it in a couple of days and add more resources and definitions to make it even more accessible to newcomers, I feel that we are privileged of having worked with the web early in our lives and it might not be so obvious how to start working with it now ~
we've known the web when it was simple, some people who never experienced it can't even picture it.
Lizbeth mastodon (AP)
exactly, it must look and feel really overwhelming now with everything being an "app" and cloud hosting and all that stuff
Lizbeth mastodon (AP)
that's a good point thanks :)
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i got into the personal website rabbit hole about a year ago and i haven't looked back since. to be honest, the modern web is overrated and gentrified to the core where you have to accept cookies for everything ever as well as dealing with a load of bloat.

i'm glad i got into this rabbit hole, but i wish i was around in the 90's (2001 baby here, now 20 years old) so that i could have experienced the early days of the web instead of experiencing it through second hand nostalgia.
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@SonjaLang OMG I'm surprised to say the least! It's great to have you here, welcome :)
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@SonjaLang Haha, that would be fun! But it would be hard to use except for single words, maybe sitelen pona would be more fitting. Though some glyphs alone can certainly make nice emoji. I can look into it if some people are interested.
@SonjaLang We could try? There isn't that many, and if you wanna help me upload/name the bunch, we could try to have little communications with them.
@SonjaLang a while ago I tried to approximate sitelen pona using only ascii, -| \|/ > /_\_ o @ III
lee mastodon (AP)
@SonjaLang love this idea!
lectronice mastodon (AP)
@SonjaLang 120, maybe 137 with the most common new words. It should be easy, since most of them are available as fonts, though a bit of tweaking could be needed for some. Is there a specific format/size for emoji? I see they can be PNG, SVG, GIF I guess?
@SonjaLang it seems like PNG is the way to good, they have to be readable at 20x20
SonjaLang mastodon (AP)
Do you mean sitelen pona or sitelen sitelen?
I thought sitelen sitelen, but I'm not sure if they are all readable at such a small size.
lectronice mastodon (AP)
I was thinking about sitelen pona, since it would allow to have conversations. sitelen sitelen could be fun, but not very usable.
let's go for that then
the tp discord server has emojis with borders so they are visible on light and dark themes; i can try to grab them for your use if that's of interest
@inata that would be amazing yes!!
alright, it may be a little bit but i'll get back to you when i get the sources!
@inata please hold up on that, I think maybe Lectronice is up to making custom ones.
I do have some :toki: :pona: sitelen pona emojis if you want them
Ideally, I'd like to have a pack of the whole bunch of them, not have mismatch in term of style(handdrawn, vector, etc)
lectronice mastodon (AP)
I was thinking about making some with the Merveilles teal and dark background, but it depends on what you think is best.
I trust your sense of style and judgment 100%, I know you'll make something slick.
lectronice mastodon (AP)
Thanks :) Okay, I know what to do this evening, haha!

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Some passes of the # visible from the UK overnight - I'll tweet/toot warnings closer to the time
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Si no tenéis na' peor que hacer: Concierto el 7 de agosto en Córdoba. Ambigú de la Axerquía

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Yesterday I booted up my (Manjaro) Plasma Mobile CE # to check up on updates (my # PP is my main phone). It gets stuck on the KDE logo over black screen, with a tiny mouse cursor than can be moved. It turns out it's a bug with some updates from last week... And the only solution is to flash the OS again. I guess I should have stayed on the Beta ("stable") channel!
Sometimes these errors can be fixed by logging in via ssh and running sudo pacman -Syyuu one more time.
I have no idea if I can log in via ssh on Manjaro Plasma without having first to set it up. I've never done it before.

I find it's much easier to find such info for Mobian than any other mobile distro at this time...

or learn Uxn, that's a good way to learn this head-on.
opfez mastodon (AP)
uxn definitely looks interesting, and I've read a fair bit about it (I'm actually in # on EsperNet~). I'll keep it in mind!

How you know your cat is evil: It sits behind the fan, allowing it to blow fur at you, and your sticky, sweaty body...

Why are these creatures so good at being beautiful, elegant, and complete dicks all at the same time?
Gray mastodon (AP)
It was very much in jest :)!

While not sophisticated, they're not stupid either. Personally, I'd be inclined to say there's a little more than just pure self-interest. But yes, for the most part, they really just do what they "feel" is best for them.

Honestly, I think we're lucky to have them. I love both of my furballs! Except when they hide things in my slippers *shudders*.
For sure they're not stupid! They are very clever and can learn things when they want to! 😁

Design notes: dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's in my new guitar design:
A CAD rendering of an electric guitar with the core made of wood and the sides 3D printed.
The fact this generative design technique requires a round trip from B-rep solid to polygon mesh and back is practically heresy to me! On the FreeCAD forum, I spent years telling new users than in CAD, STL (or any polygon mesh format) is a "garbage out" format. 😅
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yeah, it's totally insane - more so because I learned it from an autodesk video which makes it "official" :)

I wonder how Steam Deck's release will affect Firefox's market share !

We need more news sites promoting Firefox over Google Chrome.
Many companies unfortunately use Google Docs or MS Office 365 for their remote employees. License fee of Google Doc is appealing to companies compared to price tag of MS Office 365.
Especially elderly employees either don't know or care the difference and use whatever is easiest to use. Such as whatever that comes up when they click the document on the email.
Yes, I understand, but here we're talking about a tech writer/journalist, who in their profile say they're an open source advocate! Anyway.

At work we switched from a self-hosted MS Exchange mail server to Office 365. I've been stuck with the Office 365 app when my PC was replaced. The damn thing always wants me to save my documents on the MS cloud, it's annoying as hell. At least my employer kept our file server on the premices.

Andy C pleroma (AP)
Made up that Tom Daley got Gold at his 4th Olympics in the diving synchro.

I'm sure his Dad would have been very proud.

Ok, since my Adventure Hame OS Idea I have spent a little time here and there thinking about implementing an “os” in uxn.

I think one of the main things that has been me working things out has been what a kernel would look like on uxn now pretty much seems like a bunch of wasted though.

Why write a kernel for it when uxn basically already is a kernel. It already supplies almost all of the important hardware abstraction needed.
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ok.. i did my # only 19km not 20.

I was a bit dehydrated and it was very warm.

I kept looking at the Porter Clough (the river/stream I run along) thirstily), but I noticed a pub with a tap outside, and some empty glasses on a table. So managed to get a pint of water in me at 9km..

That made me feel better.

So carried on..

It's funny how I feel fine upto 12km or so, and then it starts to hurt a lot more.

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"The Grayness of the Origin of Life"

An interesting dive into the grey area when trying to draw a line between the biotic and the abiotic, and in particular the prebiotic:

> The grayness inherent in the stepwise transition from geochemistry to biochemistry presents a major obstacle for accurately identifying life in its earliest forms. Interestingly, recent phylogenetic reconstructions of the physiological capabilities of the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA) portray it as only “half alive,” lacking key steps involved in modern biochemical pathways and heavily reliant on geochemical reactions in its environment to provide substrates

# #
Hong Kong or Sweden
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@Kermode Where was the link to my post?
Kermode mastodon (AP)
The posts I thought would have the link to the paper are earlier in the present thread.

Бронзы Бить 100: 12AM ETERNAL

Join Bronzie Beat and the damgüdcyberchatter crew on @SDF COM chat to celebrate Bronzie’s 100th # show. 00:00 utc wednesday

The tunes will be an eclectic decades-wide and vibe-rich collection of Bronzie’s faves, including some well-familiar to the damgüdcyberchatter crew, and some that Bronzie has not played before.

Be there or be square - all are welcome.

🏴🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🧷 💛🧡💙💜 ☮️☯️🤓😎🥸😺👻🤡😈🧛🏿🧟‍♀️🧚🏽‍♂️🤖👽🧸
Бронзы Бить 100: 12am Eternal <br /><br />Depicting a statuesque Osiris entwined in the Uraeus symbol, emerging from a turquoise pyramidal portal nested in lilies, before an army of naked male  royal consorts.
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Fun fact: Voyager 1 and 2 are both still operational and in contact with Earth.
There was a second Voyager? I thought the first one got home in 2378?

... Oh, you weren't talking about that Voyager. 😜
So I see you're a :hacker_s: :hacker_t: :hacker_a: :hacker_r: :hacker_t: :hacker_r: :hacker_e: :hacker_k: nerd!
Am I? 😄

Most sci-fi, really. 😀
I'm not a sci-fi nerd myself, but I can respect a good series :)
I mean, IMO Voyager 1 is cooler than the Star Trek one. They're both starships and they're both exploring further out than any other but only one of them is real.
Well there's a link between Voyager 1 and Star Trek (the first movie). 😄
TinBee mastodon (AP)
I thought the link was in the second movie... 🤔
Except V'Ger was a nonexistent Voyager 6 probe. But yes. :)

"[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free beer'. Adopting open source solutions, like adopting a puppy, involves some time spent on care and feeding."

, found this passage yesterday while reading Trevor Owens's "the theory and craft of digital preservation" and I won't stop thinking about it for a while, probably
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the OP quote is "[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free beer'."

But the idea it's referencing juxtaposes "free beer" software and "free speech" software. Only the latter can be cared for, like a puppy. The former is proprietary and can't be cared for.

The OP quite should be "[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free speech'."

It's mangling the original idea, but Stallman can get in the ocean so I don't really care lol
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Lt. Gen, Bogan Corps @Doug Webb Yeah, it's a deliberate misdirection intended to erase the existence of commercial software that comes with freedom included.

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We reserved # and # on but we're not planning on using them for much. Strongly recommend joining the and rooms instead.‌
Hong Kong or Sweden
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ictus diaspora
It's interesting to notice that graphene was not affected by pegasus. At least this is what I read about it...

Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
>> The polyglot file pocorgtfo10.pdf is valid as a PDF, as a ZIP file, and as an LSMV recording of a Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS) that exploits Pokémon Red in a Super GameBoy on a Super NES. The result of the exploit is a chat room that plays the text of PoCkGTFO 10:3.

Hong Kong or Sweden

My favorite was "Please insert disk in drive C".

Managed to attach a little 0.8a fan on the case and run the vent through a vacuum cleaner hose.
LΛMBDANAUT mastodon (AP)
it's so cuuuute *baby talks at it*
awesome! I recommend plugging up the gaps around the fan case (the gaps created around the fan from putting a square thing in a round hole). Not sure the physics of it but I find we get way better suction when the only air able to pass has to travel through the fan. :) Hopefully that makes sense!

Andy C pleroma (AP)
Willoughby Arms. Now with colourful beach huts!
I am not a fan of applying loads of different colours in general. Nevertheless I agree that they look awesome, great Idea. Besides the colour overload.
Andy C pleroma (AP)
Well tom be fair, beach huts by the seaside in England typically are adorned if different, bright, pastel colours.

Andy C pleroma (AP)
K's at the Euros. Great writing.

'In Marseilles in 2016, as Russian thugs descended amid blood and broken glass, an ever equanimous Ollie Steele emerged from a train station, through a thick fog of tear gas, to say “fancy a drink?”'.

Subscribe to my Onlyfans
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oh dam you know which button turns me on you dirty slot!

El capitalismo garantiza la libertad de prensa
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Anti-abuse tools which rely on centralized, wholesale surveillance, particularly when such a mechanism is the primary revenue model of that centralized system, can only get more and more abusive to users over time.
Danny O'B mastodon (AP)
Lemmer-Webber’s First Law of Social Media
My humble corollary: "Central anti-abuse tools aren't".

Danny O'B mastodon (AP)
Grow your own food with a Raspberry Pi:

(from Hacker News, which because I read it means you don't have to)

# - # client for # supporting end-to-end encryption among many other features. Currently in beta....

Need to try this out
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"Here's a watercolor painting I did back when I was in high school. I did not have the box then, all I had was a small ad in a gaming magazine, yet the original Brom painting was so striking, I had to make one for myself :)"
thedaemon mastodon (AP)
Love your painting and the game!
that is supercool.
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