📆 Pixelfed Live public demonstration tonight!

Anyone will be able to view the stream from a web browser, and users will be able to comment.

I'll answer any :pixelfed: questions posted to the chat for a few minutes! #
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Every time I have mentioned the excellent social reading network @bookwyrm, people have replied or messaged asking if there is a film & TV version. I'm not exaggerating, it is every single time, and different people each time.

If there are any developers out there looking for Fediverse ideas, please do a film & TV version of BookWyrm! (More info about BookWyrm here by the way:

Film data is (I think) available freely from Wikidata, so that side shouldn't be an issue?

There is demand for a federated film review site, its users are just waiting for it to come into existence.

"If you build it, they will come" :blobcheer:

# # # # # # # # # # # #
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Gert V mastodon (AP)
Perhaps ratings and reviews could be implemented as CRDT instead of being controlled by a single org? IMDB was originally crowd-sourced, so that trick can be pulled again, but this time in a different (decentralized) way.
loveisgrief mastodon (AP)
why would we need specific services per thing we need to track?
A decentralized version of # might be better

One to track them all would allow making connections between the novels and the film adaptations, the soundtracks, the fan fictions, etc.

Then you don't need to create an account to track your anime, another one to track your books, another one to track your series, etc.

Of course, if nomadic identities and auth existed...

Just reading a post about Linux on the Surface Go 2 on my Linux-running Surface Go 2.
# #
Surface Go 2 running KDE Neon, Angelfish browser.
Neon kriegt von mir mangels Virtueller Tastatur und fehlender Paketierung von Mobil-Apps wie Angelfish keine Empfehlung, es war einfach nur der erste Versuch, da ich wusste, dass es a) aktuelles KDE enthält (worüber ich in der nächsten Folge von kurz reden wollte) und b) keine Zickereien/Konfigurationsorgien mit Secure-Boot erfordert. Ich werde als nächstes mal ein Fedora probieren. :)
Für LTE vielleicht dann noch als Lesetipp 🙂

wobweger mastodon (AP)
it's so 😎 ,
how little one is taking measurements
you can almost see calculations going on 💚
@living8bit mastodon (AP)

(Sorry...had to make the #)

Hi and the wider Fedi, are you a legal scholar or attorney that has informed takes on Clarence Thomas' expressed views on substantive due process (or do you know someone that does)? If so, I would very much like to interview you (or them) for an upcoming episode of my podcast.

If you're in the Seattle area (for an in-person conversation) that's better, but remote works as well.
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Apparently we have several conference rooms that have monochrome eInk displays showing their schedules. Ala

They get their display content entirely over RF. And everyone seems to have forgotten where in the hell the transmitter is.

Transmitter has fallen off the network, and now ive been handled the need+haystack search.
Transmitters found (we think).
This is riveting, keep us updated!
Okay now we found all the transmitters for reals.
How? Did you have a scanner that beeped faster the closer you got to one? Did it have a half-disc screen with flashing lights in the direction and distance of their location?
For the bulk of them, we were able to determine a rough location based off the transmitter's known range and the placement of the displays the transmitter serviced.

After that it was a matter of spot checking ceiling tiles armed with a flashlight and a ladder.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Why would they be in the ceiling? Were the remote controls also remote controlled?

Is there an # based movie social network? Something like but for movies? #
FediTips mastodon (AP)
No :(

This has come up, many, many times. It is possibly the most requested Fedi project that doesn't exist yet!

There's a discussion about it here:

Purism mastodon (AP)
Meet PureOS: a fully-convergent, user friendly, secure and freedom respecting Operating Systems for your daily usage. When we talk about how we have invested in convergence with PureOS we start with the desktop OS and shrink it down to your pocket. Watch convergence in action ⬇️
Jan Vlug mastodon (AP)
Tbh, the fact that there are no cables visible in the video is a bit misleading according to me.
If this was really possible without cables that would be very cool.
Ruben friendica
I agree, marketing gumph. I've not come across anyone with a # set up this slick. I believe @Kyle Rankin uses a Nextdock360 which he describes here,
Chris Vogel mastodon (AP)
Maybe the part with using # and # as a tablet is a bit far fetched...

All the rest is working for me just as @kyle described it. I extended his solution with an external usb-c dock to have the # charge (no matter how full I connect it) when the combo N360/L5 sits on my desk at home connected to external power.

By doing so I even can switch off the N360 and keep the L5 charging and connected to my lan.
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Kyle Rankin mastodon (AP)
I also don't use it in tablet mode much. The main use case for me would be reading digital books and magazines, but I prefer the paper versions.
devrtz mastodon (AP)
At the # in Hamburg last month I deliberately didn't bring my laptop and did all my packaging and light coding on the # using a #.

While it did indeed get a bit hot during compilation, I enjoyed using # in docked mode very much 🚀

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Sailed back to the nearest little inhabited nook we could find with a cellular antenna so we could upload our slides for NIME 2022.

It'll be our second talk done entirely with our little slideshow program Adelie. Rekka has drawn a bunch of beautiful slides for this, I will share it as soon as it goes online.

It's ALIVE (sort of)! ALIIIVE (sortof)!!!
# #
Char ROM socket is wobbly, no keyboard or sound yet, but hey - it didn't go up in smoke, and it displayed something on first try!
*Does his happy dance*
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Yak Herder mastodon (AP)
wow! long way from home. Welcome to Ye Olde Worlde.

Megapixels and postprocessd improvements

Showcasing the new postprocessing plugins support in Megapixels and the current release of postprocessd with fixed stacking. These changes will most likely be in the new Megapixels release once 1.5.0 is tagged and postprocessd is in the process of being updated in Alpine Linux so it should show up in postmarketOS edge and hopefully in the next service pack for stable.
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Martijn Braam mastodon (AP)
And if you want to see the full images, here's the picture with and the one that uses postprocessd-single picture
postprocessd picture
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Past sunset and a few stragglers arrive at the anchorage.

Nightclub at the beach has the soundsystem turned up to the point where the lights are dimming with the beat 🤣

Some of the music isn't bad, actually.

A few sailboats at anchor. Some have their navigation lights on, more or less correctly.

POV: It's June 24, 2022, and you are worried that communists are leading ordinary people astray by encouraging a general strike.
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I didn't mean for this to be a honeypot

Suppose a man plants a seed in my front yard, it takes root, & it starts to grow. Suppose I didn't give consent or permission for the planting. In my yard, I have rights to pull it up or let it grow, because it’s on my property. If this situation unfolds inside my body, in my flesh, blood & organs, I'm denied the right to make this decision—because my body is not considered to be my own. Explain to me again how I'm considered equal to any man, under the law?
My body matters.
My freedom matters.
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I have around 50 of these photos now due to megapixels testing :D
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Kenya and Uganda spend $2 billion on military annually.
Our military:
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Question for the fedi: my partner would like to move off of Insta which is where she follows many activist accounts, primarily around feminism, parenting, herbalism, etc. She's considering mastodon but I'm not sure what to suggest for an instance. Any one out there have any thoughts?
Luke mastodon (AP)
@ParadeGrotesque it’s not so much finding a particular instance and more about curating who they follow by searching in keywords and hashtags etc. Takes a bit longer initially but pays off. Also Pixelfed is federated image sharing so look for instances of that.

Nation.Cymru mastodon (AP)
The Real deal – what pedigree will Gareth Bale bring to Los Angeles FC?

Devon mastodon (AP)
The suburbs are a wild place. Just saw a stretch Hummer in the drive through line at a Wendy’s.

Phil T mastodon (AP)
A few examples of public wall art from around Blackburn U.K.
Luke mastodon (AP)
good stuff!

Nation.Cymru mastodon (AP)
Call to boost Welsh in Newport - 'a lot of ethnic minority people want their children to speak it'

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sтυx💙💛 mastodon (AP)
Not sure but does look like it.. 🤔

Checkout the posts from the admin account.. :blobcatscared:
lamp mastodon (AP)
at least it's civil and not gut-wrenching "kys tranny" *noose image* shit

Devon mastodon (AP)
I can map what’s going on in my life against my most used emoji.

😜 or 😆- I’m relatively carefree and joking around a lot.
😢- I find this is usually when other people are having a hard time. When I have my hard times, I like to replace sadness with action of some kind.
😩- Best case: why is (insert corporation) so hard to deal with? Worst case: why is US healthcare so hard to get?
😅- Dang, things are hard, but I guess I have to keep pushing forward anyway.

I know it's just Practice ... But 3456 is still cool! Lol

Practice #
4️⃣3️⃣ PIETY - SLOPE
5️⃣6️⃣ NOBLE - BLURT
⬜⬜⬜⬜🟨 🟩⬜⬜⬜🟩
⬜🟨🟨🟩🟨 🟩🟨⬜⬜🟩
⬜⬜⬜🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛

⬜⬜⬜⬜🟩 ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜
⬜⬜⬜⬜🟩 ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜
⬜🟨🟨⬜🟩 ⬜🟩⬜⬜⬜
⬜⬜🟨⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜
🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 ⬜⬜🟨🟨⬜
⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Dietary supplements are a splendid case of Goodhart's Law in action. [Takes a multivitamin, anyway.]
Ruben friendica
Luckily we have kidneys to filter out the waste.
Ruben friendica
I should add _most_ of us have kidneys, by no means a given. Keep up the fluids everyone and avoid sugary drinks. #

Firefox uses the ~/.mozilla/ directory instead of the XDG specification when saving data in your home dir.

So here's an 18 year old bug.
Be mastodon (AP)
Did the XDG spec exist 18 years ago?
According to the ticket, unless they could forsee the future?

patchlore hometown (AP)
Should I get a PinePhone? I think I'd mainly just use it as a pocket-computer rather than a phone. The form factor looks nice. I'd also want to get the keyboard too.
definitely not.
patchlore hometown (AP)
why not?
multiple reasons, obviously, you would be better off finding any disused phone and find a keyboard it, but principally, if Pinephone is built anything like the pinebooks, they'll be fragile and poorly built, the software support will be weak, and the time you think you'll be "computing on the road", you'll actually spend running around looking for drivers.
Csepp 🌢 hometown (AP)
Old phones are a bigger gamble IMHO. PinePhone drivers definitely work, or at least are usable for daily computing stuff. Batteries are also not such a big concern, since it uses a standard Samsung battery.
With an old phone, you can't even be sure if it supports OTG and unless you get lucky with pmOS, you will be stuck with an old outdated downstream kernel.
Only real driver issue with PP I can think of is the screen flickering and that has a tested workaround.
maybe get an old mobile phone with a keyboard? or Palm Pilot 😛

4am. Can't sleep. No, that's not fair; haven't tried. Amazing how much faffing about one can do. My brain clearly needs to sort something out, and keeping me awake all night is just a means to an end.

Gad, I look irresistible with dark circles under my eyes.
Ruben friendica
That mental toaster of yours has a bit of burnt toast jammed in it. Have you tried hanging upside down and shaking?

Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
"It's for the people meat"?
"It's people for the meat"?


It's Obvious Plant. 🤦‍♂️

FediTips mastodon (AP)
If you have an independently hosted WordPress blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server by installing the WordPress ActivityPub plugin. This means people can follow your blog from Mastodon etc.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard's Plugins section, click "add new" and search for "ActivityPub" . Click "install now" on the plugin, and when it has finished installing, click "activate".

2. On the WordPress dashboard, go to the "Users" section. Click on your username and scroll to the bottom to find your Fediverse address. Share this address with whoever wants to follow your blog on Mastodon etc.

3. To alter the plugin's settings, on your WordPress dashboard go to Settings > ActivityPub

If you want to switch off or remove the plugin, go to "plugins", then "deactivate" or "delete".

NOTE: This plugin only works with independently hosted WordPress sites. It doesn't work with free accounts on

# # # #
Carl Heath mastodon (AP)
need to try this out. :)
Time to find a way to adapt this to GRAV!

Sometimes I can't believe how fast computers actually are..

I generate a thousand cache files, 500 html files, validate thousands of links between each of them, and all of this in a VM(which you'd expect to be slower than native) in less than a second.

The truly scary thing is how successfully all that power has been negated by sloppy coding and lazy abstractions for decades 😢
Imagine if an 19XXs era hacker could have been transported directly to where we are now, without being scarred by the intervening time, and let loose with the computers we have now.
Or: What Would Margaret Hamilton Do, WWMHD
That's all well and good, but have you tried using a web browser on Windows with more than three tabs open? 🥲 Slow AF.

Kev Quirk mastodon (AP)
Finished the first # book this morning and I REALLY enjoyed it.

Highly recommended.
Well dang, now I have another book series to read. Sounds interesting. My going to read list is getting quite long.
Kev Quirk mastodon (AP)
mine too thanks to the folks here. Who needs GoodReads! 😂
😊 wish I could find a crowd sourced goodreads alternative. The bookwyrm instances I've tried usually don't have books I'm looking up. Want more of a database than the social aspect since Mastodon ha dles the social.
Alejandro Baez mastodon (AP)
the series is amazing. The audiobook version is even more enticing. Highly recommend.

Some random tips for people running their own # server:

-When blocking, you only need to block the main domain (e.g. All subdomains are automatically included in the block (e.g.

-When making custom emoji, remember to include alt text with CamelCase so that blind people can understand them through screen readers.

-If you want to run a server totally separate from the Fediverse, there are some hints and tips by @wiligl at
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Just been put in the "mate" zone.
😟 😢
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