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Don't be fooled by 'fake' or staged videos, especially when animals are involve. With some people going to extreme lengths for internet points, ask yourself: does this video make sense or is it too good to be true? Be cautious and make sure the animal rescue you watch is real – you don't want to be taken for a ride!
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95% of "roadside" rescue videos are fake. Always a perfectly groomed pet just chillin, not even scared

Happy # !

I'm still not ready to talk about Black history. I still want to talk about white US history.

Q: Why do Black people see racism in everything?

A: A few years ago, European tech entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky asked some very good questions in good faith. He asked why San Francisco and Madrid were different in so many confusing and awful ways. I answered each of his questions. Please verify each and every answer with a skeptic's keen eye.

Here we go...

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Excellent thread. Thanks for the insights.
This is such a great, informative thread. Thank you for sharing.

Sadly, racism is part of America’s DNA. And yet, many white people don’t recognize see that.

I remember when Obama was elected, one of the cable news channels reporting “is this the end of racism in America?”
*That* is the type of ignorance we’re up against.

"Nothing new needs producing and no e-waste needs processing. If your new software no longer runs on old hardware, it is worse than the old software. "
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what about new features that require more computing power?
I agree with the sentiment, but maybe not the literal precise expression in those sentences.

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"Some people are born in the wrong place and spend their whole lives looking for the right one."

An old Mongol nomad adage.
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I've always felt like a wanderer or an outsider, even when I've been in one place. I used to think it was migrant childhood, now I think it's just my soul.

Happy # !

I'm still not ready to talk about Black history. I want to talk about white US history.

Q: "Why don't Black people build any generational wealth? Newer immigrant groups seem to be doing just fine? Must be a lazy and shiftless people!"

A: Because for most of US history, white folk have *intentionally* destroyed the wealthiest Black neighborhoods in the US and stolen all the wealth.

Greenwood. Allentown. Seneca Village. Rosewood. Freedmen's town.

I don't understand this ugliness in all it's bloodiness written in ignorance to suppress.

Well I do, but it' beyond comprehension

My dad as we were to go to his friends stopped the car on edge of road and likely because I would sit still at a young 13 explained racism ato me. 3/4 of an hour later he said he expected me to know the difference and not be a racist. More so that everyone to be treated equal.
Rambling here
Know I care and I am sorry
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Content warning: Inter-Generational wealth

# as #:

"People love ChatGPT. People have confidence in it.

"They want to use it for everything—legal work, medical advice, term papers, or even writing Substack columns. "

* give people what they ask for

* don’t worry whether it’s true or not—ethical scruples aren’t part of your job

* If you get caught in a lie, serve up another lie

* always act sure of yourself— your confidence seals the deal

(h/t @kottke)
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explains why that AI has broken through when others have not - it's a confidence play
I had 6 eggs. I broke 2, I fried 2, I ate 2. How many are left?

Given the progression implied from broken to eaten, I'd say four remain. But zero is plausible as well, and it could be argued that two isn't out of the question either. The logic went downhill from there though.

"# has long wanted to become not indispensable, but unavoidable. The key difference there is that a company is indispensable through quality of service and affordability; a company is unavoidable simply by being in the way"

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it is not possible to use the internet, no matter how hard you try, without paying amazon something, somehow.
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They bought up ALL the prescription strength Azelastine 0.15% before it went OTC so I had to order it from them if I wanted medicare to cover it. I was so sad, I didn’t want to use his pharmacy but it’s the only allergy medication that works for me.

JOB ALERT: Controlled Digital Lending Program Manager with Boston Library Consortium to lead the consortial implementation of CDL for interlibrary loan.
12 month grant-funded position, annual salary of $65k-75k with benefits.

For once I didn't use #'s "ticket box" plugin but and it worked great!

@fosdem here I come 😀

# # # # #
Oh that looks like a nice passes app!

Holy shit, it works! I am officially a full-time # ✨🧑‍💻💼

That means I spend most of my time on # maintenance, and I offer retainers to companies that benefit from my work and from access to me.

I now have six amazing clients: Glasklar Teknik AB, Protocol Labs, Latacora, the Interchain Foundation, Smallstep, and @tailscale.

I am excited and relieved to announce this, and wrote up a bunch of details on how I got here and where it's going.
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This is very encouraging to see, congratulations!

Having painted nails feels more like wearing art than being part of a gender expression and I love that for me
my only gender goal is to be art
gender 🤝 performance 🤝 art

A mentally ill homeless guy walked onto a high school campus in my suburb, wearing all black, carrying a big duffel bag. Now, it’s reasonable to be concerned about that and want to identify who it is, assure he’s not carrying weapons onto the campus, and so forth.

But the community (as, perhaps, poorly represented on Facebook) is coming completely unhinged.

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local Facebook groups are havens for this sort of behaviour.

It is not so much
that I am concerned
about the avian flu
as that I fear
the current pandemic
has so ravaged us
that whatever calamity
strikes us next
will find us completely lacking
in the sense of solidarity
necessary to meet it.
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Ported my @covidsewage bot over to Mastodon

Every morning it posts an image with the latest Covid sewage charts for various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area - because the sewage charts are the only figures I still trust!

The sewage doesn't lie

The screenshots come from - here's the latest image: