one day left at $CURRENT_JOB before:

- a Friday hanging out with some folks in nature
- Saturday + Sunday doing play-by-play commentary for a robotics competition for the first time in almost two years
- two weeks of hacking on side projects when I feel like looking at screens, and days-long sailing trips when I don't (weather and solo skill permitting!)
klardotsh mastodon (AP)
I'm also somewhat regretting leaving my boat on its breakwater-less linear tie-out for this weekend and not having sailed/motored it up to Blaine last weekend where its new slip is, because hot damn, 40kt gusts in the forecast for Bellingham Bay Friday 😳 add the waves and those "dock" lines are gonna get a workout
it has been crazy windy these past 2 days :|
I did this because my next 2-3 weeks will hopefully include trips to the San Juans, and Bellingham is infinitely better of a launch place for that vs having to cross the Strait of Georgia for hours on end to get down from Blaine, but.... welp. glad the dock lines are brand new, the batteries are full, and the bilge pump is rock solid.
R E K mastodon (AP)
Ah you'll be good. But I get that it can be a bit unnerving.
Where you heading first in the San Juans?
klardotsh mastodon (AP)
I'm tentatively thinking of an itinerary like:

- Cypress, to hike around for a day or two and explore all the nature (it's almost entirely a state nature preserve, and looks gorgeous from pictures!)

- Maybe a quick pitstop on Shaw Island or at the nearby Marine Preserve?

- Check out Friday Harbor on the main island, since I've never been

- Probably Patos Island en route towards the Strait crossing to Blaine (may as well use the day(s) long trip to move the boat to its new home!)
R E K mastodon (AP)
Didn't know you could anchor off Patos :O.

Do you know Steven K. Roberts?
klardotsh mastodon (AP)
Patos may be a touch-and-go, or even skipped: WA DNR is like "look, there's two buoys but if you don't land one of those you're fucked in anything over 12kts, glhf" (

Might be above my current skill level (and gear level: I don't have a good stern-tie story yet) unless I catch a light wind day.

I don't know this name, but a quick ddg leads me to this person, doing something about Linux boats?! I'm intrigued!
R E K mastodon (AP)
Yea he's based out of Friday Harbor. He's best known for his computerized recumbent bicycle, but also for Microship, a pedal/solar/sail trimaran he built.
Would be an interesting person to run into :)

Didn't have the best day today, but @tig made me smile and saved it! Thank you very much, highly appreciated! /Me tips my hat to you

dick_turpin mastodon (AP)
We ate pork from Denmark Sunday. We're still getting stuff from the EU.
theru pleroma (AP)
How on earth did that slip through. Damn pesky pork smugglers. Danish for Danes!!!!!!

Fahrradanhänger statt Lastenrad?

Ich möchte zukünftig mehr von unseren Einkäufen mit dem Rad erledigen. Ein Lastenrad ist mir dafür aber 1. zu teuer und 2. krieg ich das nicht in den Keller.

Hat einer einen Vorschlag für einen Fahrradanhänger auf den ca. 2 Cola Kisten bzw. Einkaufkisten passen, der vernünftig verarbeitet ist und nicht gleich soviel kostet wie ein Lastenrad?

Gerne boosten

@mastobikes_de @mastobikes # #
thinkpad mastodon (AP)
@mastobikes_de wir haben bei eBay mal für unseren Hund einen Anhänger billig geschossen. Der hat da aber kein Bock drauf und seitdem nutzen wir den für zahlreiche Transporte. Auch viel Kleinkram lässt sich gut transportieren, da vollständig schließbar.

Amazon is not only one of the world's most powerful tech companies--it also sells numerous surveillance and anti-privacy products (Echo, Ring, Rekognition). Additionally, it's cloud services (Amazon Web Services) hosts much of the Fortune 500, as well as invasive US govt agencies, like the CIA and ICE. Result? A state-corporate nexus that embodies modern surveillance capitalism. Chapter from "The Cost of Free Shipping". # # # #
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never obsolete mastodon (AP)
Quake - The Necropolis

Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
I asked for metal Prince of Egypt and the internet delivered Caleb Hyles and Jonathan Young:

Look Through Heaven's Eyes

Maybe I wanted something a bit harsher but hey I can't complain, these guys are very good.
Hong Kong or Sweden

We're not sure if what a person's opinion as to how the control toolbar should look like will be considered as a hot take, so I decided to post a screenshot here.
Screenshot of Control Toolbar with the buttons in the following order:<br /><br />Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Play, Pause, Record
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Ryo mastodon (AP)
As long as there will be a light theme I can adapt to it.
But this color scheme... 😶 🔫
There is a (default) light theme?

Woo, the first ModemManager MRs have landed on Manjaro Plasma Dev!

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New # acquired. Didn't have time to go to the local roaster.
stannard mastodon (AP)
I like ethiopian coffee,
Sometimes I buy yirgacheffe for a change, a very fruity taste.
Not come across that brand though.
Tom mastodon (AP)
This one has been quite enjoyable. I am going to have to see about getting another bag.

patchlore mastodon (AP)
Why have people been posting 4 digit numbers with no context? Really unnerving.
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the merveilles number station has been repaired
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
2760 Vino tinto

The Swedish liquor monopoly SKU, well-known by university students, and it works as a rhyming chant too:

Två sju sex noll! (2 7 6 0)
Vino tinto español!

If only the universe would provide me with a safety pin my modesty would be preserved, however this is proving difficult to find in the modern office.

The strap has snapped on my top and everything is falling out.

😢 🙄

help :-(
one of the bloko's in the office has used a enormous stapler to hold it back together, whilst I clutched the bits to prevent everything falling out.

Which was nice of him to help, but I actually feel kind of fragile now.

How weird
well I guess it's just how this top feels too. lol

I love the way that English speakers crave irregular verbs, and if there aren’t enough of them, we just make up new ones.

Like “snuck” as the past tense of “sneak”. This is so common now that if you say the historically correct “sneaked”, people look at you funny.

Or “wrought” as the past participle of “wreak”. Different verbs. “Wrought” is the past of “wring” (cf. “bring” and “brought”). The past of “wreak” is the plain regular “wreaked”.
Yes! But also no since “wring”‘s historic pp is “wringed” (and these days “wrung”). “Wrought” instead is the historic pp of “work”. For example, “wrought iron” is a historically correct np.

It’s true that “wrought” is a contemporary pp of “wreak” but the similarity might be with “seek”/“sought” since “seek” and “wreak” rhyme in many dialects.

Also, the reason why “wrought” became, hmm, available for its current position is because it was fired from its job as pp for “work” (outside of fossil phrases) when the newcomer “worked” came to town. An example of how people not only like to irregularize regular verbs but just as much regularize irregular verbs.

Content warning: German

Riedler mastodon (AP)

Content warning: German

13 years later... what did everyone here spend their next decade doing and where are they now?

cc @mala @tomski
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Danny O'B mastodon (AP)
I may have underestimated how long redecentralisation would take:

theru pleroma (AP)
looking at HIFI equipment I need to ask for a pay rise

theru pleroma (AP)
Good Morning # # time for a lot of #
Sredni Vashtar friendica (via ActivityPub)
I haz tea!
theru pleroma (AP)
I have hazed a lot of coffee :)

Write Freely is a writing platform on the Fediverse, sort of like a Fedi version of Medium.

It lets you write long form texts on the Fediverse, and people can follow your Write Freely account, so they see your latest posts.

The official site is at, you can also follow them at @writefreely

You can find instances to sign up on at

There are apps available at

If you are techy, there's instructions for self-hosting an instance at

If you aren't techy, you can still make your own Write Freely instance by using

# # # # #
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ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Love your little jezra for scale. 👍

My office for the next weeks.
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)

theru pleroma (AP)
# to Judas Priest - Hell Patrol

Pikselkraft mastodon (AP)
[Question ouverte]
Quel matériel informatique ancien ou en cours de développement vous semble en accord avec un futur numérique souhaitable ?

Pour démarrer, l'ordinateur Galaksija :

# # # # # #
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si vous avez des questions, n'esitez pas
Pikselkraft mastodon (AP)
carrément, mais tu as le temps, il faut un moment pour attaquer le sujet. Merci pour l'aide encore 🙂

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LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
Listening to a podcast episode on about Linux Phones my # connected to my Bluetooth speaker.

(Sad that I could not be there in Mumble yesterday.)
needs to be charged a lot
That's true, screen on battery life is not good. And you need to be able to not have a phone that's fast or is able to take amazing pictures quickly. Other then that, it's been more reliable lately, many small improvements have been slowly coming together to improve the overall experience.
Still, you need to like to tinker with a mobile Linux system for now – otherwise it won't be much fun.

Izzy Swart mastodon (AP)
i love Amnesia Scanner and this song was particularly wonderful... Tearless was very good in general
yeeeeee amnesia scanner's been a while

C⚒️⚒️ mastodon (AP)
oh long time I haven’t listened to that one! Used to love that band and the weird power-violence scene
saw them live once, they played for like 30 seconds, broke 20 drum sticks.

nice track :)

ClaudioM mastodon (AP)
@Darkness_89 mmmm, now that's the good stuff right there. 💯
Jay Williams mastodon (AP)
And the winter of the worst color scheme ever goes to…

Librsvg 2.52.0 is out! This begins the new stable release series, and represents a full year of development.

Original version of the 1995 French action-adventure Time Gate: Knight's Chase (also knows as either just "Knight's Chase" or "Time Gate" depending on the region) and its 1996 update that included an SVGA option, and Windows 3.x/95 support. # #
It appears that all art has been "touched up", sometimes to the point of being nearly entirely redone.
For decades I've heard of a similar update for Alone in the Dark 3, allegedly subtitled "Ghosts in Town", but I'm yet to find an actual archived version of it. Please check your collections.
This box art is amazing !
Well, it turns out someone *did* upload Windows version of Alone in the Dark 3 to the Internet Archive, and there's absolutely nothing special about it. It renders everything in 320x200, and you have an option to stretch that to either 640x400, or 960x600. Boooooring.
However, it also comes bundled with a multi-lingual Windows version of Jack in the Dark, which I didn't even know existed. Same limitations apply.
thedaemon mastodon (AP)
Looks like they edited photos of real buildings . Looks good.

Just released a massive patch to Noodle, trying to clean things up a bit, I have an idea for a series of 1-bit drawings for it.
thedaemon mastodon (AP)
awesome going to have to pull the new features!! Thank you
enjoy! lemme know if you have feedback :)

When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. so create.

— Why the Lucky Stiff
I miss him.

I would say I should go back to learning Ruby, but I think the spirit of his philosophy can be found in other languages, such as Rebol, Factor, Racket, [every smalltalk variant], Newspeak, and of course, tal.

That said, I should learn Ruby again. It is the only Python I enjoy.
I ended up thinking about him after flipping through Thinking Forth, I don't know many examples of things that are visually inclined to teach programmatic things.
I honestly think the problem with learning to program is the attitude of what programming is for.

Instead of another tool to think with, to create and explore with, it is simply a skillset needed for a job in technology.

How can people ever enjoy computing when all the programming jobs are so boring? Or when the operating system itself is hostile to making programs?

Or even more pathetically, getting told that you are wasting your time if they are not learning C, C++, or Java.
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I put Thinking Forth off until I finish Starting Forth, but I am starting to realize it was an unnecessary requisite.

The language is easy, it's the planning ahead that is hard.

I will be reading it next.
starting forth is better in my opinion, but I just like that someone was both a programmer and artist and took it upon himself to bring people into that world.
Perhaps if I actually read these books I would be an adequate programmer by now.
haha, I think that comes with actually programming, but I haven't found how to be adequate either so..
Still, I can do a lot better than be a shitty librarian. Won't bore you with the rest of it.
holy crap, these are yours!?
I used to be part of the Forth interest group at Stanford before I moved away.

Also, there used to be the Electronic Flea Market at De Anza College, and then the parking lot of a Fry's before they went away.

I miss these things. Found electronics is the best.
Well, now you guys made me redownload Thinking Forth and reread parts of it. :)
Warriorstar mastodon (AP)
you just reminded me of _why

i learned ruby from his book and it was such a wonderful experience

i hope he found happiness outside of the software realm

What a week, huh?

Kira 🦊 mastodon (AP)
I don't usually post memes, but here is one that amused me.
that made me laugh
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Kira 🦊 °F ->(handshake labeled -40)<- °C

Dear #
Send book suggestions, something what would be a good match with our current reading list.
Kartik Agaram mastodon (AP)
I described Swarm to a friend and they recommended Retrograde. And OMG it's short and perfect.
ah yeah, I know of it!

I've just started José Saramago's Blindness and I can't put it down-

Kira 🦊 mastodon (AP)
I got some job offers! ^__^

I just accepted a position at the university of berkeley, yay
🙌 well done! I'm glad :)
Kira 🦊 mastodon (AP)

The Academy would've been a crazy adventure, but I need some gentle healing & nurturing time 🌱

Inspiration4 Launch

# is targeting Wednesday, September 15 at 8:02 p.m. EDT (Thursday, September 16 at 00:02 UTC) for launch of the Inspiration4 mission – the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit – aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft from historic Launch Complex 39A at #’s Kennedy # Center in #.

Approximately three days after liftoff, # and the Inspiration4 crew will splash down at one of several possible landing sites off the Florida coast.

# #


If you are from the Merveilles instance, go to, read carefully about the project and how to fill the form, then put your order.

I'll keep the page live for two weeks starting from now. Contact me if you encounter any problem.
holy shit
Josh mastodon (AP)
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