@neauoire oh, btw, is there a way to disable debug mode without restarting uxnemu?
no, it burns the debugger in the fg layer, you could write yourself a routine to clean it up.

Starting to port Donsol to Uxn.
color theme looks devilish 😈
It's actually a tiny bit annoying that the entire ecosystem takes on the project's theme color everytime. I might turn it off, I don't like working on dark backgrounds.

I had to make a working-theme.
oh, i think in linux it is using .theme file from the directory the uxnemu was launched?
yup, so the apps look different depending what I'm working on, which is usually a nice thing, but some apps make make it harder to read.
Ported labels and progress bars drawing routines for the Uxn port of Donsol.

Robert Tari and I will be working on releasing the # 0.9.x series the coming days. These releases will complement # (developed by the # team) based on # 20.04. So, stay tuned...
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eris mastodon (AP)
@neauoire @rek do you two ever eat your lacto-fermented veggies not raw? (like, fried or steamed or whatever?)
eris mastodon (AP)
I don't think steaming them would improve them much, i mean... they're already 'cooked'. I think it's only interesting to cook them with other foods, like grains, so the flavor leeches into the rest. The flavor is rly deep, and rich, it adds instant complexity to anything.

# Apps are not only getting more beautiful, but now launch faster. Now around 5X faster on the #!
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I work on a new article about Matrix on Linux phones and thought I would just quickly ask the Fediverse for a little input. I have two categories, one is clients I go into more detail about and the other is just some I want to mention but that don't work well.

In detail:


If you know any I missed please tell me about them!
# # # #
How did I never hear about Kazv? Sadly, it looks like building it might be challenging (especially if I want to do it right and not clutter up my system and thus write PKGBUILD scripts). So thanks a lot for this post :)
I found it on a while ago but so far couldn't get it build ether. I just thought it's about time to write a new article about the topic but progress really is a lot less then I would have hoped by now.
LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
Thinks take their time. A recent build of fractal-next works a lot better for me (although for some reason it works on Arch on my C101PA, but not my PinePhone yet), so there's definitely progress.. BTW, talking of monitoring software progress: Do you use a RSS reader? I am in progress of setting one up to monitor releases (and maybe for projects I really care about to also monitor commits).
pretty based idea, how would one go about doing such a thing
Adding feeds to an RSS reader? Simple.
1. Take an RSS reader (if it were just for me, I would just use, but if it's supposed to be publicly accessible likely something else),
2. add feeds. GitHub, GitLab and sourcehut all have RSS or ATOM feeds for releases and commits IIRC.
LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
Building libkazv from git failed for me, I'll try the 0.1.0 release next.

Wrote a small guide to lacto-fermenting vegetables for GrimGrains :>.
a counter top with many spring-top jars containing a variety of colourful lacto-fermented vegetables.
it's great! will be definitely visiting this page very often! :tealheart:
I'll keep adding notes as I test other veg :>
FiXato mastodon (AP)
our sense of smell still hasn't fully returned as a result of COVID and a couple of subsequent colds (yay having a kid starting in daycare ;)). Is there another way to check if the veggies are still okay to eat, apart from the smell?

Lizbeth mastodon (AP)
Made a little 16x16 favicon for the # website

So for basic web design work what would you charge?

Like, I have no idea.
60/h, 100/h if it's wordpress/drupal/squarespace
Lizbeth mastodon (AP)
I like that

the workstation is in its final form for a while
My desk with two laptops, a monitor, an Ergodox, an AMT2, a Pixel 3a, a red Leuchtterm 1916 notebook, a drawer organizer, an oscilloscope, a dragon figurine, and an iFixit toolkit.
flashcrash wallpaper?
yep!! from the one a few months ago :3

benjamin pleroma (AP)
@neauoire When working with uxn, how do you generally debug errors like stack underflows? uxnemu will report the position of the instruction pointer when encountering an error. I don't have a disassembler though, so figuring out where this matches up with the uxntal source code is painful. I assume there's something I'm missing here, since it doesn't look like anybody has written a disassembler yet. Do you eventually just get familiar enough with the system to disassemble the machine code in your head?
benjamin pleroma (AP)
uxnemu right now
perfect, well, I use F2 to monitor for stack leaks, and by commenting out routines I can usually locate the leak. But I have a pretty solid understanding of the opcode, I can usually run the code in my head and know what to expect.

If you need a hand with finding a leak, pop in the IRC and I'll help you out :)

# on

This is a long shot, but is there anywhere I could potentially find a scanned PDF copy of this?

Confy is a free and open source program for viewing conference schedules for Linux

Install: Flatpak package
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manifoldslug mastodon (AP)
suggestion for an obscure sorrow:

perceiving the default state of the world to be continuous darkness because of spending the daylight hours huddled in a dim room staring into the soul of a computer, only looking out your window at night.
close, but that may be something that only settles in after a long enough time existing as written above, it feels more alienating than detached, initally

thanks for the ref though, it definitely describes my state better than I'd like

KDE Default Blue & Default Gears

FediTips mastodon (AP)

Content warning: TruthSocial, Fediblock, pol adjacent

Goldmaster mastodon (AP)

Content warning: TruthSocial, Fediblock, pol adjacent

Content warning: TruthSocial, Fediblock, pol adjacent

Chris mastodon (AP)
Just in time for the upcoming 41.1 GNOME Calls release, here is an updated Anti-Spam program, now with a much friendlier GUI!

I still marked it as a Beta, so tester's wanted!

@eris a couple of weeks ago you suggested I add ctrl+backspace to select the previous word, it has become one of my favourite keyboard shortcut since. So, thanks for the tip, it's something I didn't know I would be using so much <3

Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card
Martin Owens mastodon (AP)
This assumes a great deal of good faith which every shred of evidence suggests is not there.

There is a huge difference between a disagreement between two people who use words to find the truth through combative rhetoric and the abuse of norms in order to hijack, disrupt and manipulate.

If you want to have a test of friendship, then it should be proportionate to the reputation it seeks to overcome. I'll take gold bars please.
You cannot give proven bad ideas oxygen. You cannot give known liars the benefit of doubt. You cannot elevate bad faith actors. Their echo chambers will shrink because their ideas are destructive and narrow. Ours will grow because we're inclusive with safeguards.

Mobian mastodon (AP)
vvmd and vvmplayer have been accepted in @debian unstable! They provide visual voicemail notification on Linux phones and have been contributed by @mobian dev @kop316 . Thanks and congrats!
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congrats, will eagerly wait for it to move to testing :D

Adaptive version of # # running on # on the #. This is still a work in progress, some issues still need to be solved before releasing this. But again; “hey it’s progress” :D.
Credits to @KekunPlazas fr his work on this.
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Emanuel Zot! (via ActivityPub)
yes, finally!

Back up on the moor, really cold air from the South West now. Just found a liberty cap about 7 inches long. I saw someone gathering shrooms up here a couple of days ago then casually walking down the road with a plastic carrier bag full. What people don't realise is these are now class A in the UK and getting caught with that amount can land you in serious trouble, 'intent to supply' a class A drug kind of trouble.
A beautiful Yorkshire moorland
A handful of large liberty cap mushrooms
What a beautiful time of year
A bright orange fungus
wow, such a beauty. Almost looks like algae.
I might head back out with a macro lens for that one
it'd be worth it. I'd love to see it from up-close
the surface is so featureless a macro lens doesn't offer much more
wow 🤩 I could live there..
a terrestrial coral reef😍

"It’s strange, isn’t it? The ideology of capitalism is that it is a system that generates immense abundance (so much stuff!). But in reality it is a system that relies on the constant production of scarcity.

This conundrum was first noticed back in 1804, and became known as the Lauderdale Paradox. Lauderdale pointed out that the only way to increase “private riches” (basically, GDP) was to reduce what he called “public wealth”, or the commons. To enclose things that were once free so that people have to pay in order to access them. To illustrate, he noted that colonialists would often even burn down trees that produced nuts and fruits so that local inhabitants wouldn’t be able to live off of the natural abundance of the earth, but would be forced to work for wages in order to feed themselves. "

Degrowth: A Call for Radical Abundance
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The sixty-eighth edition of my weekly collection of news about # (@PINE64 #, #, @purism # and such), #, is out!

Happy birthday # and #, a new # # beta, # progress and the #!
Just a small note. Since this is still a work in progress, still being worked on, the manjaro version is missing 3 patches that were added since they pulled the patches into their package.

One of these 3 patches fixes the app not being hidden behind the keyboard, another declares the app as adaptive.

So if you test it please check if issues you find are already solved in the version that is in the Purism repo. Or mentioned in the issue tracker there.
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If they are not listed or solved there then it is an actual bug :D
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Another update on Feeds! Feed/tag filtering is now inside a slick AdwFlap.

I think it looks much better than the old popover.

# #
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search: rice milk without blender
followed top result: blend for 1 minute
"rice" "milk" "blender" I GOT YOU

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Any prior art for 2D projections of 3D scenes but by hand on paper?
Oh I see, yeah that's totally doable! Moogle basically has no magic whatsoever. The only thing you need is this:

These 2 lines:

Will convert a 3d point to a 2d coordinate, that's all there is to 3d rendering really, these 2 lines.

Try it on paper with a simple cube with 8 verteces, you'll see. It will give you the 2d place to draw the point on paper :)
flip mastodon (AP)
simple cube… let’s start with a line or plane 😉 but yeah this is exactly what I’m thinking about, just want to lay out a process for definition of an image

Martin Owens mastodon (AP)
New map to add in the exciting new feature of # "Tornado Alley"! Most exciting thing to happen in ages. ☂️🌪️
Few years back a mini-tornado hit rural East Hampshire the night before I visited a customer in the area. I meant to ask if they experienced it and the moment they opened the door "DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE TORNADO?!" yes, yes I did and I cannot wait to hear more.

Got some meat removed from finger today. Doctor said not to bend it for a while. Difficult when it's the index finger of the main hand.

So I traced my relaxed state finger position on a piece of wood and made a custom splint.

Thought about padding it, but surprisingly comfy due to the exact match of the shape.

I had to do this without using said finger, in the dark garage with no power (planned outage - great timing!) and only hand tools. Achievement unlocked! 🤪

# #
Prototype wooden splint attached to finger with some twisted wires led through holes drilled in the wood.
Finished splint, now mostly hidden under the bandage holding to finger and hand. There's a gap where the bandaid is covering the wound to avoid pressure on that area.
Fitheach mastodon (AP)
How do you deal with, y'know, toilet paper?
Left-handed and awkwardly, I expect.

Blade Warrior/Palladin: Lord of the Dancing Blades (Image Works, 1991) #
Can I say that "Blade Warrior" looks absolutely beautiful. It's a bit of a pain to play, but the art direction is just *chef's kiss*. #
Bernie ☠ reshared this.
It gives me strong vibes of that "lost DOS game" Eternal Castle [REMASTERED](, but in EGA instead of CGA. It's kinda crazy that we had this art direction in a game in the early 90s.

Honestly, if it didn't come from you, I would think it was another game made with early DOS aesthetic and I'm being bamboozled ;)
thedaemon mastodon (AP)
Reminds me a little, gameplay wise, of Usagi Yojimbo for C64. It however does the gameplay well.
Trinsec mastodon (AP)
Nice subtletly with the moon filling/emptying there. Guess that's the HP?

Pickled red onion and daikon.
Dam mastodon (AP)
aha I see. Pickled means that you put them under vinegar?

Today's threads (a thread).

Inside: Imperfections in your Bluetooth beacons allow for unstoppable tracking; and more!

Archived at:


The paperback for Attack Surface - a standalone Little Brother book for adults - is out!

Signed copies:

One-month only audiobook sale with Little Brother and Homeland:

Imperfections in your Bluetooth beacons allow for unstoppable tracking: Fingerprinting BLE with minor material variations in radio hardware.

Yesterday's threads: Copyleft lawsuit against Vizio will allow anyone to defend the commons; The monopoly strategy behind the Google/Microsoft mobile patent wars; and more!

My latest book is Attack Surface, a sequel to my bestselling Little Brother books, now in paperback, wherever books are sold.

Signed copies at @darkdel:

One-month, $30 audiobook bundle with all three Little Brother books:

My book "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" is a critique of Big Tech connecting conspiratorial thinking to the rise of tech monopolies (proposing a way to deal with both) is now out in paperback:

Signed copies here:

My ebooks and audiobooks (from @torbooks, @HoZ_Books, @mcsweeneys, and others) are for sale all over the net, but I sell 'em too, and when you buy 'em from me, I earn twice as much and you get books with no DRM and no license "agreements."

My first picture book is out! It's called Poesy the Monster Slayer and it's an epic tale of bedtime-refusal, toy-hacking and monster-hunting, illustrated by Matt Rockefeller. It's the monster book I dreamt of reading to my own daughter.

You can also follow these posts as a daily blog at no ads, trackers, or data-collection!

Here's today's edition:

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Today's top sources: Christian "quaddi" Dameff MD (

WHat's the battery life on these?

Bad boys doing things ... Just saying.

# to Siouxie.

YouTube: Siouxsie And The Banshees - Kiss Them For Me (SiouxsieBansheesVEVO)

For some reason, I distinctly recall watching this video while lying on the shag pile carpet in my grandparents' art deco bungalow in Strathfield, but the album came out five years too late for this to be possible.

Oh, well. It's a nice memory. Memories don't have to be true.

Content warning: twitter link

How glad am I that this is more American madness. My children are right at the stage where they’re on the road fairly often with fledgling understanding of road safety.

An (unavoidably horrific) accident waiting to happen, with these human plows.

Cadillac perfects the murdermobile - one year ago

Via @pluralistic
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When the free software movement started to make headway, proprietary software companies like Microsoft went to war against it, describing the licenses at its core (like the GPL) as "viral licenses" to scare companies off from using free software.

The GPL is a software license that coders add to their work that says, "You can do anything with this - change it, sell it, copy it, incorporate it into something else, have to redistribute the new projects under the same terms."

A scales of justice; on the high pan, a hacker in a hoodie, their face replaced by a Vizio logo; on the lower scale, Tux the Penguin; in the background, a washed out and blurred image of a mass demonstration whose participants are raising their fists.<br /><br /><br /><br />Image:<br />Nathan Keirn (modified)<br /><br /><br />CC BY-SA:<br />
In other words, we are making a software commons - code that anyone can use and improve, but only if they agree to maintain the commons. Like any shared resource, commons need protection from freeloaders who take but do not replenish.

When Microsoft called that a "viral" proposition, they meant that participating in free software meant that they'd be legally required to maintain the commons. Microsoft didn't want a commons - they wanted a private preserve with a big lock on the gate.

But the commons won - Microsoft, and most other tech companies - ended up embracing free software, using it, adhering to the license terms, and contributing back.

This isn't a fairy-tale happy ending. As Mako Hill described in his brilliant 2018 Libreplanet keynote, Big Tech found ways to comply with free licenses without giving back to the commons - they gave us "open source" and got "software freedom."

Smaller tech companies couldn't pull of that move. Most of them fell into line, but many of them just flat-out cheated, betting that no one would drag them into court.

They bet wrong. Linksys ripped off GPLed code and in 2008, the Free Software Foundation forced them to comply with the license. That worked out great! It led to the creation of DD-WRT, a widely used free/open wifi base-station firmware.,_Inc._v._Cisco_Systems,_Inc.

FSF was able to credibly threaten Linksys's parent company, Cisco, because the authors of the programs Linksys ripped off had assigned their copyrights to the Foundation. That gave it "standing" to sue.

You see, in order to seek civil justice in the courts, you need to be an injured party. If your neighbor punches pizza deliverator in the face, *you* can't sue, because you weren't injured. You don't have standing.

The thing is, there's far more free software whose copyright *wasn't* assigned to FSF than code that the FSF has the copyright to, and thus standing to defend against violations like Linksys's.

For many of these projects, copyright is diffused over dozens or hundreds of programmers. They have standing to enforce the license, but likely lack the resources to sue a giant corporation. So some companies made a calculus that they could rob the commons with impunity.

One such rip-off artist is Vizio, a company with a long history of incorporating free software into its products and then stonewalling when demands come in for them to follow copyright law and release the code to the products they built from the commons.

Vizio's free ride is over. The nonprofit Software Freedom Conservancy has filed suit against Vizio to force it to comply with the GPL - and this legal challenge has the potential to change the game for GPL enforcement in a profound way.

You see, the Conservancy isn't suing on behalf of the copyright holders whose code Vizio is illegally using - it's suing on behalf of the *users* of free software who are injured by Vizio's attack on the commons.

The Conservancy's argument is that free software users *also* have standing to enforce the GPL, because a failure to comply with the GPL harms them. They call this "Community-Oriented GPL Enforcement."

And because the Conservancy's goal is to create a bigger commons, they have pre-committed to refusing cash settlements - they will settle for full GPL compliance, and nothing less.

If they manage to establish that free software users have standing to enforce the GPL, it will upend the broken system that has let companies like Vizio flout the law for years while making vast profits off the commons-based labor of software authors.

The Conservancy relies on donations for its operations. I'm an annual donor. Here's where you can give to them, too:

Nathan Keirn (modified)


FediFollows mastodon (AP)
You can follow the Conservancy on here at:

bjartur mastodon (AP)
Vizio has made unauthorized copies of BusyBox, GNU Coreutils, and glibc. Both the FSF and the Free Software Conservancy, on behalf of BusyBox, have standing to sue Vizio.

They’re only pretending to not have standing.
Elda King mastodon (AP)
A good and newbie-friendly post about this lawsuit from a lawyer specialized in the area:
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why would the host I use as an ssh socks proxy start hanging whenever I try to use it as that.

I mean I go

ssh -D1080 foo@jumphost
then set my browser to use a socks proxy localhost:1080

but now the browser times out, and the ssh session hangs.

It just does it when I set i as a socks proxy though.
Ok.. I worked it out.
The socks proxy jump host was having name resolution issues.

Bernie ☠ mastodon (AP)
Btw remember when in the 80s they were gonna do a Metroid cartoon and Samus was a guy? Wild shit.
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