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Clearly a front for a vampire hunter
Surprised Mr Staker didn't become a PI...

Day XXXVIII of the audit from hell.

We are now certified.

Unexpected dénouement. Great success all around.

I am currently collapsed in the couch, contemplating my life choices.
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# vale, pero para los humoristas es una mina.
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El Jueves le dedicó un especial a Aznar cuando se "retiró" de la vida pública para agradecerle la cantidad de páginas inspiradas.

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Brighton need a result tonight. @Luke
Nay faffing about.
Luke mastodon (AP)
If we can't beat Baggies at home then none of the pretty football will save us!
Basil mastodon (AP)
what made me nervous for Leeds games against Sheffield and Fulham. Plucky efforts against tougher teams count for shit if you don't show up against the relegation fodder.
Basil mastodon (AP)
that's the kind of piercing insight that could get me on MNF.
Luke mastodon (AP)
Easily better than half the pundits out there. :)
Basil mastodon (AP)
see also: If you're letting goals in and not scoring you're gonna find it hard to win games.
Luke mastodon (AP)
oh FFS. Not particularly surprised tbh. Petty football and no goals.
Luke mastodon (AP)
Yep! We'll see. I'm quite relaxed at the moment as it's not many games in but would be good to actually turn xG into actual goals.
Basil mastodon (AP)
always nice to win the xG cup.
Luke mastodon (AP)
Think xG wise we're shit hot. Just actual goals that are the problem.
Luke mastodon (AP)
Also that's our first PPV match. Kickoff at 5:30 on a Monday against West Brom. They'll be lucky to get a few thousand paying to watch if you ask me. I'll be watching on local radio.
Basil mastodon (AP)
Leeds fans trust raised £50k from the "ppv boycott" of the villa game. Was matched by the club. So, every cloud.

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What a little cunt, I love him.
Tell me an easier way to pull a full back out of position.

Klich. King of the shithouse.

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Neoliberalism's starting gun went off on 1973, when a US- and UK-backed fascist military deposed Salvador Allende, the incredibly popular, democratically elected president of Chile.

The coup embodied Peter Thiel's summation of the libertarian principle that "Democracy is incompatible with liberty," where "liberty" means the freedom of the 1% to amass unlimited wealth at the expense of the starving, brutalized 99%.

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🤔 What's best for a new desktop computer with GNU/Linux nowadays? I'm looking for performances (CG arts/Krita), only Free/Libre drivers and around 1K€... Hard to find trusty infos... If you have advice/recommendations, pls lmk.👍
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Published writers of the fediverse: for those of you who have written books, how did you do it? What did you do to get the motivation to write every day and get that project finished?

I'm trying to write again, but I have a lot of past failures and tend to lose steam and give up.
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@Like Mucas :flan_yikes: @:airforce: Airman Tilley @Yuki Onna 🌬️ 🏳️‍⚧️ 🇲🇽 Stephen King said something like this, and I assume he meant it for people who already have the insanity: "Step one in writing: Apply ass to seat."

The meaning being: You can't wait for inspiration to hit. Sit down at the desk and write X minutes per day, whether you want to or not.
@Like Mucas :flan_yikes: @:airforce: Airman Tilley @Yuki Onna 🌬️ 🏳️‍⚧️ 🇲🇽 As a writer of code, I can recognize this. The tyranny of the blank page is broken once you write something, anything. When you see the garbage you wrote, you will get the inspiration to improve it.

When I get paid to code, I can't wait for inspiration. If I don't know what to write, I either:

- Break it down into trivial parts I know how to write,
- Write some building blocks that will help me think about the bigger picture (bottom up),
- Write some high-level code using wishful thinking, pretending I have the building blocks I need (top down)

All three of these can be mixed and matched and inform each other. I imagine they somehow apply to story-writing as well. And somewhat to any action in life: When in doubt, write lists with boxes you can check.

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The proctoring requirements are less invasive now. Just still photos of the four aspects of your room, selfie and passport.

Thought I was screwed when i was told headsets weren't allowed (guess that's obvious, duh!) but miraculously Microsoft had helpfully installed drivers for the Webcam microphone which didn't work yesterday.

Andy C mastodon (AP)
Passed (70%) which is pretty shit as I scored 83% two years ago on the same core material.

However, I took a pragmatic (if risky) approach, sprinted through the questions, didn't revisit my 'Marked for Review' and didn't do any of the lab exercises.

What a waste of time.

@forgefed hello, I hope you haven't forgotten this # issue:

One of the members said that they're waiting for people to work on the #:, so it'd be cool if you could # them since one of the members of ForgeFed created the issue.

# # # # # #
@fr33domlover @codeberg

AFAIK, no one is working on a golang implementation currently - is someone offering to do that?

if so, there is a thread on the forum re: implementations - do feel free to join the forum and add comment
Thanks bill. go-fed ( is v1 a golang lib ready for retrofit onto existing applications or for use in stand-alone applications. Furthermore, I'm currently working on apcore, which is a more hands-on framework for quickly standing up a Fediverse web app.

So I am looking to provide consult for someone else doing the gitea integration atm.

I've connected w/ Rob (enot on FENEAS) separately, nothing currently moving tho.

@mayel @TheMainOne @fr33domlover @forgefed @codeberg

Andy C mastodon (AP)
I never used youtube-dl so I don't give a fuck.
Kev Quirk mastodon (AP)
yup, me too.
publius mastodon (AP)
I never used it myself, but (quite aside from the "matter of principle" argument) it was kind of important for a friend of mine.

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1) Abolish intellectual property
@Casey Rollins :verified: @my prayer has always been love The question is whether you would have artists without an industry and the answer is yes, for thousands of years we did.

Set copyright to 10 years
7) short copyright terms solve the "orphaned works" problem; there are countless works of art (first movies!) where the author is unknown or where it is unclear when the author had died. Which makes it hard or even impossible to make sure the work is in public domain:

Especially with a delicate medium like the celluloid film, this creates a heartbreaking dilemma: copy the original work to preserve it (risking infringement), or not (risking destruction).
Fuck I never thought how bad this must fuck with archivists and historical preservation

Luke mastodon (AP)
fuck that.
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
That was close .

Does the # have anyone who is interested in inductive arguments, deductive arguments and (logical) fallacies?

I'm exploring courses about those, on Coursera (; it might be nice to meet a similarly interested person!

I would appreciate Boosts of this Toot, if not replies!
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Luke mastodon (AP)
The Guardian says there are the 100 best books of the 21st century, think I’ve read 8 of them. Need to get cracking on with the rest.
Andy C mastodon (AP)
Like you' I like reading but I've read bugger all from this list but come on, no 'Catch-22', no 'Slaughterhouse-Five', no 'Catcher in the Rye'?
michel mastodon (AP)
I had a similar reaction, and then I saw the “21st” in the title
Luke mastodon (AP)
yep wrong century! 😂
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
4 and 2 of them are comic books (not that they have less value than a book)

OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.
Well, git protocol doesn't solve this either, it merely refuses to serve you a direct object request unless it's associated with a ref (tag/branch). You can allow requesting only reachable objects via uploadpack.allowReachableSHA1InWant, but even the manpage sternly warns you that it's expensive and doesn't quite solve the problem anyway (

@Konstantin Ryabitsev @The_Gibson{BBS88/net93/94} What I'm saying is that this is an implementation detail of the default git implementation and not intrinsic to the protocol. The protocol is just "give me abrju262637ahg please".

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Rodrigo Dr Paul must have the worst agent in the history of football. Looks an absolutely immense player grinding out a living at the bottom of Seria A year after year.

Andy C mastodon (AP)
Light relief from cloud networking internals

The new European Citizens' Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income has been launched. It will be examined by the commission if one million citizens support it, so I invite you to sign it and share it:

# # # # # # #
@changaco, please, don’t.

Any social initiative like that eventually leads to more restrictions on immigration (visas/citizenship). It’s already shit show to get work visa in the EU countries.

Freedom is incompatible with any kind of socialism.
@dump_stack() @Charly C. Alternatively, people need to be prepared to distinguish between residents and residents. Maybe you don't immediately qualify for UBI when you move in.

Andy C mastodon (AP)
My exam is at 15:30 (GMT).

Last time, I was virtually stripped down to the waist to meet the exam proctor requirements.

No paper. No phone. No pictures. No extraneous devices. Scan the four corners of my ceiling ('ooo I simply lurve that Baby Blue'). Scan the floor.

No watch, 'sorry - what's that strange thing I can see poking out over there (my penis ?). Glasses must be verified that they're not Google Minority Report glasses.

I'm sure these videos end up on the Dark Web.

Andy C mastodon (AP)
Wife is progressing well on her Christmas pressie list, endless, pointless decluttering and other irrelevant minutiae.

In other news, she managed to go off to work an hour early.
Andy C mastodon (AP)
Strange. She didn't wonder why I hadn't got up to make a cup of tea. Not did she happen to glance at correct clocks in the kitchen and lounge. Nor on her computer that she still managed to turn on in her hurry.

Still, I await her rationale with interest. I suspect it might be my fault.

Everything is better with beautiful graphs:
@Elias Mårtenson @Kev Quirk @muesli I don't know about mathematicians, but to sailors and boy scouts your shoes are tied using a reef knot with twin bights.
Ok, now I know about mathematicians and honestly this is on them and their spherical cows.
> In mathematics, a knot is an embedding of a topological circle S¹ in 3-dimensional Euclidean space, R³, considered up to continuous deformations. A crucial difference between the standard mathematical and conventional notions of a knot is that mathematical knots are closed—there are no ends to tie or untie on a mathematical knot.

Basil mastodon (AP)
New PM at work is making us do planning poker story points and it's hell.
Andy C mastodon (AP)
'Mountain Goat Software's branded Planning Poker cards are sold at cost as a courtesy to the agile community'

Well ain't that big of you, Mountain Goat Software.
Basil mastodon (AP)
it's hellish

Andy C mastodon (AP)
Taking a proctored (remote) exam. Needs Windows or MAC to run the exam software. We only have Linux in our house - part from an ancient Sony Vaio (pink).
I use a Windows VM for work but VM's are not permitted.

Ran the exam checker. Windows 8 not supported. Spent most of Sunday upgrading to Windows 10. Started at 09:55. Finished at 14:02.

I can install and restore my wife's Linux laptop in about 45 mins.

Mind you, I was mighty relieved the ancient hardware was even supported.
Basil mastodon (AP)
what a delightful way to spend time.
Andy C mastodon (AP)
Well, TBF to Microsoft it was a *silent*, unattended install and, surprisingly, free of charge. During the time, I went for a walk, had a pub lunch, mowed the lawn, built a conservatory.

Apparently I missed big drama on here around the RIAA abusing the DMCA system again. I hate the RIAA and the DMCA law but i also don't understand the sense of urgency in some folks' toots about this particular incident.

Don't forget to write to your congressperson, again.
Also, if you've ever wondered why Karaoke was hugely popular in America in the 90's and lost steam in the 2000's, it is because the music industry (Sony and Warner) sued everyone, including my father's business, so a great deal of the business's money went into pieces of paper in PACER. TL;DR They won and took everything business related and additionally considered going after my dad personally. No more new Karaoke music meant no more popular karaoke songs.
Last thing I have to say on this: cloning the yt-dl doesn't affect these bad actors in the industry. They frankly don't give a shit if you have the code. They aren't stupid, they know how git works. They want to send a message.

So if it makes you feel great, clone it. But don't deceive yourself into thinking it's "sticking it to the man" or "activism". That comes from hitting them where it really hurts: pushing for copyright reform.

Write to your congresspeople.
I agree, but it's great to see so many folks angered by this. Those who are against github censorship and Microsoft stealing the value created by this # community, may I suggest:

- try to use alternatives
- help projects which are creating alternatives
- help others to move
- don't alienate those who don't move, they will come
- use github against itself

My own effort started last Sunday, hosted on github 🤔 :
I think your efforts are very important -- and I think you should connect with the ForgeFed folks. Y'all have a lot of overlapping thoughts in this space.

However, I think it is important to carefully manage expectations on what tech actually helps accomplish.

Migrating to alternatives will not stop companies using their capital and the legal system to attempt to grapeshot the community with DMCAs and/or litigation.

This was played out in the early and mid 2000's with the music industry.

People used decentralization to circumvent the censorship. But what the beancounters saw was that it simply increased the legal cost of getting their way.

They simply allocated more capital to go after individual users and small businesses to kill the culture, and win.

So we as a community have to be realistic on what getting more people to use decentralized tech actually will and won't accomplish.

Change the law.
can you say more about ForgeFed, the 'fed' is discouraging and I don't have time to look into everything but if there's something particular?
the 'Fed' in # indeed refers to federation, which I know you don't see as the way to go. ForgeFed extends # as separate vocabulary that allows different code forges to interact.

Main dev is @fr33domlover who is also developing # forge. See

There's a list of forges under consideration for integration, see

Note that fedi could as well be # and e.g. @cwebber @cj and @pukkamustard among others are interested.
@Humane Tech Now @Christopher Lemmer Webber @pukkamustard @cj 🇺🇸🇨🇭 @fr33domlover @happybeing I'd like to emphasize that a vocabulary to express issues, PRs etc is useful whether you're in a federated or distributed setting.

The "Fed" is intended as a contrast to centralization and should not automatically be taken as a limitation on how far it can go in the decentralized direction.
I don't live in the usa, so we mostly ignore all that nonsense.
However, usa policy has reach and you just never know what their corps will do next with government blessing, so I cloned the repo anyhow.
Obviously, it's pointless writing usa congress-critters. Or my own politicians about legislation we don't have, but I hope this little blowup in the fediverse will encourage usians to lean on their politicians.
@GemLog @cj 🇺🇸🇨🇭 Sweden is far from the US compared to Canada, but there was still a Pirate Bay raid, which was a hit job from the US industry.

Three kids are LARPing "Among Us" in our home and I have no idea how that could possibly work, but they seem to be enjoying themselves. 🙂
Hong Kong or Sweden

Andy C mastodon (AP)
Patrice Evra was a great player but Christ, he truly is an incredibly irritating pundit.
Andy C mastodon (AP)
Well at least Neville and Caragagher attempt to veil their allegiance and occasionally point out some tactical nuance of interest.

Paddy 'shock jock' Evra is just like watching Arsenal TV.
Basil mastodon (AP)
yeah, I think those 2 are more in the usual mould. Sometimes it spills over into ranty fan but not all that often.

Some of the newer folk.... feels like a glorified talksport phone-in at times.

Basil mastodon (AP)
Mrs Basil is attending (virtually) DOK Leipzig film market trying to flog her project.

She has 42 meetings today and tomorrow.

I'll never complain about going to meetings ever again*

*I will complain about going to meetings again
Basil mastodon (AP)
no thanks

tl;dr hi, great to be back here on #, expect lots about #, #, # and stuff, from me.

I'm really glad I came back to mastodon. Its still early days and I have lost the over 2,000 follows I had on twitter (decent follows as I was following <300), but I'm finding great folks to follow here and learning what I've missed here in the last three years.

For your pains I'll be telling you all what you've been missing by not following my old twitter/safepress a/c 😜
Mark Hughes mastodon (AP)
you're welcome. Any reason for your interest?
@Mark Hughes Just discovering you and getting a bit confused by the twists and turns. :-)

For everyone worried about # issues with # re # and talking about the need for further # of code forges, consider giving # by @fr33domlover your love and support.

There are various requests for feedback on # forum

And open issues in # and # to upvote, contribute and comment on. See this comment

Here's the forgefed code:

Boosts appreciated.

In about half an hour, UK # pass, starting at 05:40:30, duration 361 secs, bright, Magnitude -2.1
Your reply confuses me ... Which instance name? In what sense "checks out"? What needed to be checked?

Regardless ... greetings ... trust you are well.
@ColinTheMathmo @mayhair "Instance name checks out" => It makes sense that someone from a place called "mathstodon" would be interested in astronomy, and with lots of numeric detail to go with it.

Gonna need a federated Github at this rate...
I’m pretty sure federated git already exists, but I don’t remember what the project was
git itself is federated... the only thing you'd need is discoverability / issue tracking etc

in other words, a mailing list ;)
Git may be federated, but services Github and the like are not

And I wouldn't really even says that Git is federated in the same way the fediverse is
@UBOONTU Lucid Terrifying Spook @Reto @Alekhine git isn't federated, it's fully decentralized, with the advantages and disadvantages that come with that.

That's why forge software like gitea, gitlab and github could fill the space of centralizing it, to gain e.g. discoverability and opportunistic collaboration, and that's why forgefed is federating forges, to temper the worst effects of centralization.

This is criminal. I hope the cyclist reported the aggression to the police. 😠
Ruben friendica
No surprises (after many years of city riding). Appalling. I hope the cyclist was ok. The driver will be fine. 😤

Is there a tool to visualise the social graph on mastodon?

I could adapt my to do this, but expect there's already a tool around.

And is anyone else here into #?
@happybeing There have been various people who visualized the fediverse graph in various ways, I'll see if I can find some of the things they've made.
@happybeing This one shows relations between whole instances based on their mention ratios:

So, just heard the news that users of Minecraft Java Edition will have to sign up for a Microsoft account or lose access to the game.

If you want a FOSS alternative, try checking out @Minetest

You can download it for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and BSD from

You might also want to look at the world-building @illunaminetest and the video-creating @MinetestVideos

For discussing this news, see the thread here:

# # #

Through the years I have lost lots of music albums, some on vinyl, some on cassette, and latterly on CD. Most were probably "borrowed", and never returned.

One such was the Queen album "News of the World". At long last I got around buying a replacement. The original was on vinyl, the replacement on CD. It is great rediscovering an old friend. I'm already on the third back-to-back listen. The album includes an incredible range of musical styles. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Next up: Jazz.

The cover image used for the Queen album "News of the World", from 1977. The image shows a giant robot holding the dead bodies of two band memebers in its hand, while another dead band member falls from its grasp. The iamge is a re-working of a sci-fi painting from the 1950s.
Queen are the rock group who I love in all their periods. Prog rock Queen were great, as were full on pop Queen too.

Even before Freddie Mercury, my favourite rock musician is Prince. Which is a way of saying oh yes, and My Melancholy Blues is wonderful.
@Thomas @Fitheach That's basically what I wrote in my junior highschool paper on Queen. :)

70s Queen is very 70s, 80s Queen is very 80s and 90s Queen is very 90s, but they're also always very Queen, and I love it all.

Recommend me a new and/or interesting Linux/BSD/whatever as long as it's open source operating system
obligatory abyss os mention
@Toast :equal: @Phoenix @Egg Aspect The only reason I've heard of Abyss is that RMS copypasta. That was great marketing.
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