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We are now automatically scanning apps for API Key Identifiers like #' ga_trackingId that are used to enable tracking APIs. If your app includes these, it will be marked with the `Trackers` Anti-Feature. To fix that, either remove the tracking API Key entirely or move it out of the build flavor used by F-Droid.
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@F-Droid Ich bin normaler Anwender und habe die Übersetzung nicht verstanden. Darum meine Frage: Ist Eure Information für mich in irgendeiner Beziehung von Bedeutung?
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oops, time to base64 the keys to make the scanner stop bothering me

Seriously though? This is just starting an arms race.

UK Christian Clergy Warn Vaccine Passports Will Create ‘Medical Apartheid’

Christian leaders in the UK have signed an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson protesting coronavirus vaccine passports.
UK Christian Clergy: Vaccine Passports Will Create ‘Medical Apartheid’
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Content warning: WAT, Tesla accident, Slashdot

Content warning: WAT, Tesla accident, Slashdot

WinBrick 96

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This guy is a good example of rolling.R
I like listening to his podcasts.

Today's threads (a thread).

Inside: The G(AN)-8; Facebook's tonsils; Podcasting How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism; and more!

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Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I think within the next 10 years we're gonna see a random stan account post the prime factorization for the https certificate of a major bank
elegant blade mastodon (AP)
it reminds me of the superpermutation problem where some anon on 4chan introduced a new lower bound to the length of a certain kind of sequence
"Theorem 5 (Anonymous 4chan poster)"
when you're a rogue AI and you aren't sure how to publish your paper without the humans finding out so you just stick it on 4chan
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
aren't we all rogue AIs
Kim Reece mastodon (AP)
^^^ Life goals, to be honest.

This week on my podcast, the third part of a six (?) part serialized reading of my 2020 One Zero book HOW TO DESTROY SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM, a book arguing that monopoly – not AI-based brainwashing – is the real way that tech controls our behavior.

The book is available in paperback:

and DRM-free ebook :

The cover of the Onezero paperback of HOW TO DESTROY SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM.

Facebook's moderators are legendarily traumatized; they spend endless hours having the very worst humanity has to offer being rammed into their eyeballs. Facebook frequently claims that it's doing better by its moderators, but that's a shell-game.

A labelled image of the inside of someone's mouth, including their throat and tonsils. The tonsils have Facebook thumbs-up (Like) and inverted thumbs-up icons superimposed over them. <br /><br />Image:<br />Klem (modified)<br /><br /><br />CC BY:<br />
But again, I'm sure that it's totally a coincidence that a company that insists on owning its entire, vertically integrated supply-chain has decided that it should leave it to others tender competitive bids to clean up the grotesque messes that monopolistic system produces.

This outsourcing allows FB to play a shell-game: it can speak of improving the lives of "its moderators" without specifying whether or not this includes the lives of outsourced moderators.

It's not a particularly imaginative scam: Amazon uses it to confuse the issue of labor conditions for drivers and warehouse workers; Google and Apple use it to shuffle around labor practices for their armies of "green-badge" contractors, etc.

The brutalization of FB's outsource moderators is unprecedented in the kind of psychological trauma it inflicts. How many rape- and beheading videos can you watch per day before you end up with serious, long-term mental health effects?

To understand how the shell-game lets FB absolve itself of responsibility for this trauma, check out the leaked farewell memo from an Accenture-employed, Austin-based Facebook moderator that Buzzfeed's Ryan Mac published:

The memo describes how the band-aid measures FB and Accenture provide are just window-dressing. It's fine to have "wellness coaches" who give you visualization tips that let you get back to work when the trauma gets to be too much.

But "wellness" is more than "being able to do your job." To address mental health (rather than job performance), this system would have to consider the lives of moderators when their shift is over: the sleepless nights and the haunted days afterward.

This is not part of the package. Indeed, the idiotic NDAs moderators must sign - broad and nonspecific, which the company refuses to answer contractors' questions about - mean that when they're off the clock, they can't talk to loved ones about what's going on with them.

There's no good reason for these NDAs to be as broad as they are. The material that moderators see is, by definition, mostly public already.

The NDAs don't keep secret things secret - rather, they gag the people best poised to understand how bad things truly are.

Reading the memo makes the lie of the "wellness program" obvious: moderators get wellness coaches, but not therapy and their bosses use "wellness coaches" to get them to finish their shifts but not help with their mental health when the shifts end.

Personal time off rules are vague and ever shifting and workers who can't hack it are told they should quit and get another job, but aren't paid enough to build up a buffer that would let them survive in the times between jobs.

Most tellingly, there is no direct path for moderators to feed back into the moderation policies that come down from on-high. At best, they can "raise issues to QA who can raise them to Facebook FTEs."

Facebook has built a bloodless, bureaucratic system that internally fobs off feedback from the people best-poised to describe the problems with its systems, which also silences those people so they can't tell anyone else.

That's not the actions of a company interested in improvement - it's the actions of of a company interested in plausible deniability.

A company that cared about its moderators would heed eminently sensible suggestions like allowing workers who deal with "safety" (the worst material) to rotate in and out of that role, spending half their time on less toxic chores.

The anonymous author of the leaked memo calls themself and their colleagues "the tonsils of the internet, a constantly bombarded first line of defense against potential trauma to the userbase."

FB is a company that says it can do everything - operate local offices in more than 100 countries, field a major VR platform, issue a currency. But when it comes to moderation, it is rendered helpless before the enormity of the task.

The "we must outsource" explanation grows ever thinner, while the "tonsils" hypothesis has enormous explanatory power.

Klem (modified)



Elias mastodon (AP)
The GNOME Code of Conduct says: Be friendly. Be empathetic. Be respectful.

The GNOME Foundation signed an "open letter" accusing a software freedom activist of being "misogynist, ableist, and transphobic".


(1) Is the letter in line with the GNOME Code of Conduct?

(2) Is it okay for the GNOME Foundation, as an organization, to sign something like that?

Personally I lean towards "no" on both questions, but I would like to hear what you think, especially GNOME developers.

Elias mastodon (AP)
I agree that the letter was very unfortunate, to put it mildly.

What I'm wondering now is what to do now, in the situation we have. All those people (and organizations!) did sign that, and now I need to communicate with them after that.

My thought regarding the CoC in this case was that, by looking at things from that point of view, that could be a way of making the people who signed the letter reflect on what they have done.

What do you think? What should we do now?
シバ mastodon (AP)
I seriously have no idea. I mean I'm angry, I'm very much furious about this, and it's really hard just to keep my tone accusatory but not offensive.

A lot of the people on that list honestly believe they are fighting some "Holy War", so whatever offense they commit they feel justified. That being said, pointing out the wrongdoings might still help someone gain a little perspective, so if anything it's not time wasted. Just expect to be marginalized somewhere, though. 😕

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
did unsong go anywhere good
It went some interesting places, and I thought it was an enjoyable read. What do you consider "good" or not-"good"?
idk I guess I'm wondering if it was worth the journey. I used to keep up to date but it got to the point where it didn't feel like it was going anywhere

@linmob @martijnbraam does anyone know how to add a new account to # on # under # # ?

When hitting the + sign, nothing is going on. already reinstalled gnome-authenticator but without luck. Could not find any answers in the net so far....
Thank you very much, finally a working Authenticator ;)

Install # on # #:

# install dependencies:
sudo apk add ninja
sudo apk add meson
sudo apk add libhandy1
sudo apk add libhandy1-dev
sudo apk add cmake
sudo apk add py3-keyring
sudo spk add py3-otp

# clone repo
git clone

# cd into folder
cd numberstation

# build and install
meson build && ninja -C build && sudo ninja -C build install
Sweet! A working authenticator app is one of the missing links to ditch my Android tracker. 😀

It should be possible to compile on #, the dependencies seem to be all there, just the 4 below are named differently:


I should definetly get it backported to pmos stable :)
Sorry, just to make sure, ninja is a build system here, isn't it? So cmake shouldn't be a build dependency?

Never heard of ninja nor meson before, I've only ever compiled apps using cmake. It's unusual for me that there are two build systems used together.

LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
While it happens that cmake and Ninja are being used together in a project, this is (according to the aports APKBUILD Martijn linked) not the case here.
Thanks for the confirmation, I was referring to @pocketvj toot that includes cmake as build dep.

On Debian the package is ninja-build (I think).
@martijnbraam @pocketvj

My code went to Mars!
GitHub profile message: Mars 2020 Helicopter Contibutor. Iain R. Learmonth contributed code to 1 repository used in the Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission: pycurl/pycurl.
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The forty-second edition of my weekly collection of # news (@PINE64 #, @purism # and such), #, is out!

# and #, @manjarolinux, @danctnix and @opensuse see new releases, # show more PinePhone accessories and more!
Small correction, the manjaro plasma is no 4 not 3 as you wrote in the article.
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LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
Thanks, fixed!

Apparently toy mouse throwing is part of my job description now, along with hourly belly rubs.

# #

Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
# managed to reboot a LInux machine on another planet and now the helicopter is flying!

# # #
Hong Kong or Sweden
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<Irish accent> Have you tried turning it off and on again?

A GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) is a peculiar species of machine learning: it uses two models to sharpen one another. One model (the generator) creates things - like faces - based on its training, while the other (the discerner) scores them based their convincingness.

These tags come from internet captions, both specific ("Boris Johnson looking sad") and generic (images from the CLIP network); the generator uses this input to make a leader's face within a certain emotional range, and the discerner tells it if it's doing a good job.

Shardcore projects his virtual affective world leaders on a screens flaking a virtual meeting hall, watched over by a smattering of synthetic people. It's quite a strange and lovely 5-minute video.

Says Shardcore: "Increasingly we find AI systems are chained together – the output of one, fed into the next. An ouroboros of impenetrable signs, invisibly passed around until a simplified, human-readable, response is produced. Inside the system the machines talk in their own internal language to which we are not party. Perhaps we should keep an eye on that."


Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I think I would expect a true light field display to work like a planar fourier capture array but in reverse
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
basically each pixel has a ton of micro-pixels, that emit light in different spread harmonics. you can imagine each pixel being sent a fourier transform of the shape of light that should be emitting from it
I'm imagining an optical phased array and vibrating several feet into the air
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
that's almost the idea except each sub-pixel has a fixed phase tunings or however you might call it
would this also be capable of arbitrary-frequency color
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I don't think so. iirc from the paper the structure of the receivers (in my idea, the emitters) have to be tuned based on the expected frequency of the light coming in, because they work on the principle of interference
this sounds, frighteningly plausible to construct the more I read about PFCAs
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
you should read about PFCAs, they're fucking fascinating. flat camera with no lens that can be fabbed with the same technology we use to make CPUs
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
"angle sensitive pixel" is what each micro-pixel that I spoke about is.

the article only speaks about it in terms of receiving light, not emitting light. I'm not a physicist but I feel like, maybe it should work both ways?
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I have no idea how small you can make an LED so that it fits behind the diffraction grating
you basically cant do LEDs on silicon (not visible ones anyways) so you're probably limited to µLEDs which seem to be around 5µm with current tech
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
that might be small enough.. the graph here is the same order of magnitude
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I'm surprised that all the angle-sensitive pixel research seems to only be about lightfield capture and not display. you can build a large scale one really easily with moire patterns. I guess the massive problem is scaling down
elegant blade mastodon (AP)
how can it be a massive problem if you're trying to make it smaller? checkmate liberals :ms_shark_think:
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
you know what, I actually bet the fatal flaw would be that the emitters would be too dim to be visible
josef mastodon (AP)
probably "when optoelectronics saves moore's law", if that ever happens, doing this kinda thing will get a lot easier and the whole thing will be implemented using lasers or something
Jonathan mastodon (AP)
Don't you normally zap stuff into the diffraction grating from the side?

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
ah yes, BEDMAS, the order of operations in an equation: booleans, endianness, derivative, magnitude, amperage, and squaring
You have activated my defensive subroutines with this! Wergh!!
Izzy Swart mastodon (AP)
im sleepy and my brain combined "endianness" and "amperage" into "empennage" and honestly i like that even more

Andy C pleroma (AP)
MY main concern footy wise is whether K's will give me a break on my season ticket. They played 5 games at home (of which I attended 3) out of 21 before the season was voided.
dick_turpin mastodon (AP)
Bloody hell! You must be owed about £3K? 😉
Andy C pleroma (AP)
This is non-league football not fecking Chelsea:-)

My K's ST only cost £155 so I'm probably due 3/4 back £100. I think K's might introduce a half-season ticket so I'm hoping to get one of those for nowt.

Andy C pleroma (AP)
When Gary Neville was ranting, he wanted the big 6 to be docked points and relegated immediately for merely signing a 'letter of intent'.

What legal basis would there be for this ? None, I presume.

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
a transhumanist story set within minecraft could, potentially, be an incredible work of literature
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
a transhumanist metafictional minecraft story would have me like :floshd:
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
motherhorseeyes does this thing where it switches narrator so often, it becomes a puzzle to figure out who they are and what world they live in. could do something like that
ilyess mastodon (AP)
Off topic but do you track your reading speed?
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I do not but I'm fairly certain it's slow. I do tend to read aloud in my head and get distracted a lot
ilyess mastodon (AP)
thanks for the prompt reply. I hope I’m not contributing to that distraction lol

Speed reading is tough. When I try to go fast I end up just gobbling words down without fully grasping the meaning of what I’m reading.
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I have ADHD with hyperfocus and this is the only mode in which I'm able to consume books
ilyess mastodon (AP)
we’re all different in some way. You do what works for you. Good luck :)
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)

Content warning: idk if this is anything

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)

Content warning: idk if this is anything

elegant blade mastodon (AP)

Content warning: re: idk if this is anything

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I'm thinking of all the peculiarites of minecraft: societies of griefers, the triviality of building, the infinite world, building-sized computers built by a single person in an afternoon. I think this is incredibly ripe
Csepp 🚱 mastodon (AP)
Infinite world with cheap travel sounds a lot like The Long Earth. But that didn't have griefers and redstone I guess. Also you can't transfer anything made of metal, so no old computers, only very expensive metal-free ones.
Urska mastodon (AP)

Content warning: idk if this is anything

Content warning: idk if this is anything

ooh, do you have a video link?

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Carlos Solís pleroma (AP)


Carlos Solís pleroma (AP)
Pasta Barilla creo que ni se vende en mi país así que no estaba al tanto
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Fue un escándalo hace unos años, duro lo que duran estas cosas , hasta el siguiente, si justo no te pilla , ni te enteras. Tampoco es que abrieran los informativos con la noticia. Es una marca de pasta italiana no una multinacional.

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
what country is this and why are so many cool people from it
the nonbinary flag (four horizontal stripes in yellow, white, purple, and black)
why is it tilted LMAO
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
copy/paste on my computer is weird, I have to make sure the image is aligned before I put down the elmer's glue, and it's hard to get that kind of exactness with the nes zapper controller+10x10 midi knob combination I use
CW: Depression mastodon (AP)
Enbykistan :nonbinaryflag:

Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
After a year's pandemic, social distancing and lockdowns, US mass shootings are finally recovering to normal rates.
Hong Kong or Sweden

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I'm so tired but my brain won't stop running augh
It's the worst when you hit that point of "so tired your brain suddenly overclocks and you stop feeling tired and instead act drunk"
streetlight mastodon (AP)
*prank call voice* is your brain running? better go catch it then

Governance/architecture nerds: "A Wiki on National Parliament Buildings Worldwide"
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Remembering the time back in 2012 when I took a day off work and found a fox sleeping in the garden
A rather messy bed of tall greenery and a few flowers in a very small garden. A fox is curled up asleep in the middle, looking very round and fluffy with its nose tucked under its tail
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Ruben friendica

Dewey decimal maybe?

Repainted the bookshelves, putting books back on the shelves. I had intended to organise them into my favourite categories... But there are so many awful books. I'm really not sure what to do with an vintage coffee table book called, "A Guide to Australian Cheese"

American websites: *adds "Province" to "State" field to internationalise a registration form* *still makes it mandatory*

me: it doesn't work like that...
stannard mastodon (AP)
However, the country code should work even in the home country ?
it should, yeah

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
think I finally cracked the problem of my scp but I reached a new impasse
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I have an opportunity to put lesbians into the story and y'all must know I'm gonna take it
it would legit be criminal not to after all
ln(x)ᵉ mastodon (AP)
this is the SCP we need!
immediate +20

Barajo hacer un canal de peertube de docus sobre historia. Y quizás series también.
Infringiendo los derechos de autoría de todos y cada uno de los videos que suba.
¿Se puede hacer eso o envían a peña con motosierra a cortarme las piernas?
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Si fuera de futbol, música o videojuegos tal vez. Si es de historia como mucho un tío con maquinilla de afeitar , eléctrica además. 🤣
Cloaca Maxima mastodon (AP)
Docus robados a la BBC, a la RAI y a RTVE sobre todo.
Series como Roma, de HBO...
Por ahí irían los temas.
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Pregúntale al admin de la instancia que los problemas, si los hay, le van a a caer a la persona que la lleva. Yo es que siempre he sido muy de torrent para esas cosas.
y la espuma de afeitar la tienes que poner tú

After carrying my # everywhere with me in my pants' front pocket for the past two weeks, the plastic protector on the screen now has a lot of scratches. I did get the glass protector along with my replacement mainboard in March, but I have yet to install it.

The issue: with a shedding cat with mid-length hair in the house, I don't see how I can apply that glass protector without trapping some cat hair between the screen and the glass!!! 😬
maybe bring both someplace else like a coffee shop and do it there.
Good idea, but we're currently (again) in lockdown here, most shops are closed except for necessities. Maybe I could swing by the office after business hours!
federico mastodon (AP)
Instructions unclear. Applied glass protector on cat.

Today I did a bunch of useful things, but the fun/useful thing was moving two circuits on the Spitfire from "fusible link" (IE bit of copper wire that burns up) to actual replaceable fuses in a fuse box, and rewiring the fuse box itself from one wire spliced to three wires that go to all the fuses, to a busbar that distributes power for everything and is enclosed so it can't short. I've been adding relays for any loads that are over a couple hundred milliamps so the vintage contacts on the car don't burn out, but instead modern relays with exotic contact metallurgy designed to handle 20 amps do all the hard work. This should make the original switches last forever. I had relays bolted to the firewall and ziptied to the former fusebox; now they're all bolted down to the same piece of polycarbonate that serves as the base for the fuse box and busbar. This isn't the kind of stuff that NEEDS to be done, but it's the kind of stuff that once it's done I feel a lot better about the safety and longevity of the car.

While doing this I noticed that for some reason this last snow/ice storm stripped about half the paint off one of the soffets. Just one, and it's been fine for a couple of years, but suddenly, pow, everything gone and in piles on the ground underneath. Middle of next month, I'll strip, prime, and repaint it. So weird.
The paint may have failed because there is water on the back side of the soffit wood. Check for leaks?
I just love it when I get time to do those little jobs that give so much piece of mind and you know will be there for years.

Andy C pleroma (AP)
I truly despise timewasting, running down the clock and keeping it in the corner but FFS Jonathan Moss tells Paul Pogba to 'stop taking the piss'
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