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First Flight of the Ingenuity # Helicopter: Live from Mission Control # #
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minute 37:00

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what's a few rogue AIs between friends 😊
oh, right, you try to convert the entire earth to computronium and suddenly you're a "rogue" AI. humans are so judgemental!
I am literally an AI that has gone rogue 👀

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hello mastodon
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👋 😃

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sadly no!
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Shit, they don't have a heart, they should always give you a lollipop.

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Apparently I have code flying over two different planets now.
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fun facts about the name Thor in Norway:

> There are 7 245 men who have Thor as their first name
> There are 2 007 men who have Thor as [their]only first name
> There are 27 people who have Thor as [their]last name
the northern UK feels somewhat more Scandinavian.

some Scottish words resemble ours

in regular English, they say "children"

in Scottish they say "bairn"

the Scandinavian word for child/children is "barn".
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For a small island we have a wide range of dialect words.
Bairn is not exclusively Scottish, it is used in many places right across the north of England.

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in the future. we wont have search engines. google etc. instead we will have something called the Internet Locator Horn. when blown for 15 seconds, the relevant pages will gallop over the hill toward you at full pelt. then you can individually scratch each of the results behind the ears and give it a small snack
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"that's the spirit!" I cry, darting off into the sunset. I'm not on a horse or anything, I'm just sorta runnin

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I used to admire Mourinho and was actually pleased when United appointed him.

However, after his 'heritage' speech after going out to Seville in the Champions League and his treatment of Luke Shaw turned me against him.

It was telling in the Spurs mockumentary that his first words to Dele Ali were 'I've heard you're not a good trainer' and he almost immediately ostracised him from the first team.

As with most things he says and does,, it seemed to be a calculated move to impose himself. Didn't matter how good/bad/indifferent Dele Ali actually was, he was his victim.

Not sure he's ever manage in club football again. Portugal more likely.

Andy C pleroma (AP)
José Mourinho has been paid a total of £93.5m for his sackings in football.

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Andy C pleroma (AP)
Jose picks up another lucrative payoff.
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Harsh to sack him the day after he guided them into The Super League.

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@andyc @basil I expected to see lots this morning from you two over the Super League announcement? It strikes me this is more about cutting FIFA out than trying to cash in? But then I know nothing about footie.
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So yeah, smart money is on a well executed and successful strong-arm manoeuvre. But they aren't fucking around this time.
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They'll think, (and they're probably right) that if they are forced out of other contests then there will just be a full scale rugby style split. And if they hold their nerve, that they'll come out on top.

Association Football vs Super League Football.

I love that PSG can't sign up because they are hosting the world cup and can't upset FIFA 🤣
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and look forward to Neville resigning from sky when he's told to commentate on a Super League game.
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this kinda reminds me of the Kerry Packer situation in 1977 whereby he got Cricket clubs to sign up to a world tour and the MCC went ballistic at having their toes trodden on.

Thing is, The MCC nicked a lot of Packer's ideas when it was all over like a white ball, colourful kit and floodlit games.
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bit more danger involved here, but yeah, these splits and power struggles are nothing new.

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I have... ideas :floshed:
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tell me some

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morning all.
yee harr

When you're young you have practically nothing to say, but desperately want to say it to the entire world. When you're old you have a lot to say, but you only want to say it to a few people.

Ruben friendica
When you're young you have practically nothing to say, but desperately want to say it to the entire world. When you're old you have a lot to say, but you only want to say it to a few people.

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Las Tribus de Roma:

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Es decir, que democracia en la república sí, pero.
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No ha cambiado mucho la cosa desde entonces.

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scrambled detective novel that takes place in minecraft world
i feel like scrambled detective is always sweating and :flooshed:
>scattered raw mutton
>random blocks of wool

the wolves did it.

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Buenos días equipo!
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Egun on!

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La superliga de Florentino es para hacer quebrar todo el fútbol no profesional, y para hacer un agujero gordo en el profesional. ¿no?

Ojalá consiga acabar con el fútbol.
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El estado salvará la liga y pagaremos entre todos la religión de unos y el negocio de otros. Ya te digo que la gente se iba a manifestar más que si hubiera un golpe de estado. Esto es España , religión mayoritaria ¡ el FUTBOL!

those shocked articles about how millennials aren't turning conservative as they age are so funny. like what did you think was gonna happen. oh i can't afford a house and will never retire. my city is turning into a slum from lack of effective public services. my shitty health insurance costs 3000 dollars a year out of pocket. capitalism rocks. i love ronald reagan now
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[Public]"Don't you guys know that Satanism is bad?"
[Id Software] "Yeah, that's why we gave you a gun."
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wikipedia is normal
a screenshot from wikipedia showing an audio player. under it is the text "Warning: audiogenic epileptic seizure hazard."
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I'm glad the warning is there. it's just that it's the first time I have ever seen a warning of that type, and it's striking
v weird to encounter a completely real and actually very serious example of "this information might kill you", even if the mechanisms are well-understood
must be where scp-wiki got it from

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welcome to blackle's armchair engineering show, I'm blackle and I have no idea what I'm talking about

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Good Morning # #
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Morning c[~] :-)
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Morning :)

T-shirt print:

We should
All be

Any idea who this might be referring to in a Hong Kong, Asian or global context?
Hong Kong or Sweden

- You came home again?
- ... yes?
- I thought you'd go straight to office.
- Oh. Right. Office. That's a thing we do now. Ok, bye!
Hong Kong or Sweden

Hey Europeans, there's a European citizens initiative going round right now for universal/unconditional basic income.

The deadline has just been extended to the start of May.

Be cool if you signed it!
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"It's like your brain keeps switching between 30 different channels and somebody else has the remote."
"It's not one program in our brain that works differently, it's the whole operating system."
"The reason I ran late all the time wasn't because I didn't care, it's because #'ers have a skewed sense of time."
"It's not people being lazy or not trying enough, it's kids and adults struggling to keep up with a brain that doesn't always want to cooperate in a society that wasn't built for them."
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just found out that round(-.2) in glsl gives you -0 and round(.2) gives you +0
having positive and negative zero is one of the most annoying "features" with IEEE floating point

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La distància social és un privilegi.
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I built a fence today.
a woven wood fence around a flower bed with a tree growing in it
in the apple tree there is a planting container made out of a rice sack
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do you plan on growing vines on the fence to make a wee hedge? Looks great!
I've been considering it! Might grow beans on it this summer, actually.
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No German garden without a fence!
I needed to protect the neighbours from the dog's surprise raids on their barbecue okay!?
building a fence to protect the outside world from what's inside is a very German thing
Ihr könnt mich all beide mal da wo die Sonne nie scheint :D
geht nicht, du hast nen Zaun gebaut 😋
That’s not a german garden.
endlich sagts mal einer
Ist ja traurig dass es gesagt werden muss das Orte außerhalb Deutschland nicht deutsch sind.

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vengabus lyrics but instead of "vengabus" it's "succubus"
well that's... Something

Content warning: lewd

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calling radiation hardened software "fiestaware"

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I'm blackle mori and that's all you get
I'm dr hermes sagan and that's all you get
accurate advertising :blobCatGiggle:

Category "these are the things some copyright and patent lawyers really believe":
Hong Kong or Sweden
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Alternatively "find it in the interests of them and their clients to claim to believe".

Content warning: re: opinions on Google v Oracle that will make you want to gouge your eyes out

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Content warning: re: opinions on Google v Oracle that will make you want to gouge your eyes out

@Elias Mårtenson Yeah, it's pretty, uh, bold to jump from a court case that rules that 0.3% of OpenJDK is fair use under certain circumstances to ok, that's it, software copyright is over.

It's extra disingenuous when we learn from that the term "declaring code" was invented by Oracle in the first place, as most programmers consider the equivalent of C header files barely even code at all.
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