In a recent toot I posted my # 3D model of my old (but still functional) Lulzbot AO-100 3D printer with mods I plan on doing.

The model actually links most of the parts from 75 external files. I was wondering whether the TechDraw workbench could generate views from it.

Apparently it can 😄 but it is extremely slow! It's no doubt partly due to extruder's herringbone gears (such complex surfaces are murder to compute), but the used HLR algo from OCC is also not very efficient.

A technical drawing page showing a front view and an isometric view of a personal 3D printer.
A technical drawing page showing a front view and a perspective view of a personal 3D printer.
now i remember why that design seemed familiar
I'm not current on memes nor manga... But I can tell you it would have been better had I modeled the GT2 belts so she would be tightrope walking on it (it's supposed to run right under her feat!) 😉

* # 0.19 official release is approaching, after 23 months of development
* Ubuntu daily PPA is soon to get updated OCCT libraries (from 7.3.0 to 7.5.1) which should prevent some crashes, a benefit from a FreeCAD contributor who patched the OCCT source code. The packages are already uploaded, last night's builds of FreeCAD failed because of unmet dependencies with netgen, a separate issue. Up to now netgen support had been disabled...

I learned vi when I got sick of trying to echo my scripts into files without any typos and then having to add an eof and start over when I did have a typo. eventually vi felt less painful.
I learned vi when I got tired of having to install nano every time I got on to a new machine with a lightweight os

Hey @pukkamustard , the "Read More" link to from has a certificate problem and a 401 problem
Hong Kong or Sweden
@pukkamustard Now it works! Thank you for fixing it or thank you universe for self-healing. =)

First drawing of the year for the #. For this one it's based on the inktober's theme : Fresh.
R E K mastodon (AP)
Me too :>. That is such a comforting image.
I'm glad you find it relaxing. It was inspired by the manga Yuru Camp which is very calm et beautiful to read / watch.

Danny O'B mastodon (AP)
so my own opinion is that there should be as many genders as there were early to mid-80s microcomputer brands

possibly more
Danny O'B mastodon (AP)
a connected thought: if i was young now i'd probably be doing much less flirtation with Z80 assembler

Nate Cull mastodon (AP)
The core objects in a Forth machine:

* data stack (lit, drop, dup, swap)
* return stack (call, jump, ccall, cjump, return, push, pop, halt)
* integers (+, -, *, /mod, and, or, xor, not,shift,eq)
* memory (fetch, store)
* io (out)

It's mostly memory that I want to gate away (maybe push/pop too). That seems to require the concepts of 'current object' and 'owner of object' which seems to require something like 'class function'.

But I want objects to be much simpler than they normally are.
Nate Cull mastodon (AP)
Mostly because I am very, very dumb and it is very hard for me to hold complicated ideas in my very small head.

The smaller the idea the less it makes my head hurt, generally.

insert gif of Keanu Reeves as Johnny Wick Mnemonic Silverhand discovering that he's put too much information into his brain even WITH using DoubleSpace (tm).

Who else is old enough to remember DoubleSpace? If you are, you are Too Old.
@Nate Cull Old enough to remember that DoubleSpace was a rip-off of Stacker after Microsoft considered acquiring Stac but satisfied themselves with just reading the source code and then pulling out of the deal.

Danny O'B mastodon (AP)
i am 64 comments deep into this bug tracker and I know *just* how to fix the problem, but I don't know how to insert line breaks here therefore i'm a crazy wired-up street kid who needs to SLOW DOWN

Oh, n-gate. Especially the Paul Graham fellatio-fest over his second abandoned Lisp-like.
@Digital Mark ☕ 🍎 ed(1) "In an attempt to enhance the efficiency of passenger flights, United Airlines implements a scatter-gather approach to a distributed landing algorithm." is my favorite in this edition of n-gate. :-D

R E K mastodon (AP)
Made another batch of Indian-style carrot pickles. Just 1 kg of carrots this time, but I'll likely start another jar this week.

lacto-fermentation of carrots in a jar with a spring top, in the background sits a jar of sauerkraut.
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f3r mastodon (AP)
ooohhh looks amazing. they are fermented, right? I'm thinking in trying beetroots, heard they are really good and easy to prepare, but I'm not a fan of them...
R E K mastodon (AP)
Well they will be fermented in a few weeks ^^!
Beets are good, but the fermentation can be a bit messy. Just be sure to put a plate under the jar :P.

David Emerson mastodon (AP)
I kept thinking about @neauoire 's post on "longtermism", so I organized my own thoughts on optimization for sustainability: gemini://
Interesting response, I wonder if I should make a response here, or on the wiki.

I should make it clearer on the original article that the point of the article is more about longtermism and resilience than environmental consciousness.

The idea I was trying to get across(failed apparently) is that I want simpler systems that can be easily repaired without a team of scientists.

But who knows, maybe a day comes when a fusion reactor fits in a backpack and can be fixed with a ilan key.
David Emerson mastodon (AP)
the resilience point came across, but I guess I see that as part of the effective banking of energy. Consumption reduced by lower input (during consumption) or by longer life (after consumption) may net out similarly. And I think a future which finds us evolved and educated to use less and/or build more durably is essentially the same as a future in which we simply have unlimited energy resources. Neither will be easy, both are good aspirations.

huertanix mastodon (AP)
Living the sailor life vicariously through @rek and @neauoire’s Busy Doing Nothing.
Photo of my Tolino e-reader displaying the title page for Rekka Bellum and Devine Lu Linwega’s Busy Doing Nothing.
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enjoy :D

afk mastodon (AP)
Just finished watching it yesterday again!

have you seen the new shortfilm by Nick Cross ?
No! I'll check it tomorrow over lunch :)

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Jake :sabakan: pleroma (AP)
cc @rek @neauoire This is a very enjoyable book.
R E K mastodon (AP)
😭 🤩
I hope you enjoy the book : )

inscript mastodon (AP)
Any good examples of people posting their online reading notes (quotes, annotations, etc.)? Looking more for grad-level academic examples than self-help/capitalist-oriented material.
I have a bit over my site, but I don't add page numbers or anything like that.
inscript mastodon (AP)

Algún buen emulador de GameBoy para Linux? Más específicamente para openSUSE?
lo bonito del flatpak de gnome-games es que ya viene con los emuladores instalados. Corres gnome-games, le dices dónde están tus roms, y solito te los muestra para jugar. Lo tengo con un control de xbox y no tuve que configurar nada.
suena genial, lo voy a buscar ahora en los repositorios (espero que no haya problema en KDE que es lo que uso)

The Concerning Violence screening went well. Most students never knew that most of Africa was partitioned into colonies up until the mid-20th century. At one moment, we see footage of Portuguese soldiers killing livestock during the war against FRELIMO in Mozambique & a couple students go, "Why would they do that?" I said, "They're trying to starve the population." Their eyes opened wide.

They read an excerpt from Fanon this weekend. Be interesting to see how it goes.

on second thought, fuck x86 and big computers. small simple and stupid is all i want to deal with anymore
eris mastodon (AP)
generally, the address bus for a 8 bit computer isn't 8 bits. this makes programming it annoying
the famicom(6502) has some 16 addressing for PPU and APU
Uxn is 8bit stack machine, but ops can operate on shorts as well, it gives me access to 64k of memory.
eris mastodon (AP)
yea, you need ops for different sized words with an address disparity :/
SUBLEQ networking

GrooveStomp mastodon (AP)
I do "cloud programming" for work - native Linux development leveraging Docker and POSIX tools.

For some reason, almost every company I've seen in this space exclusively uses Apple products for development.

My main issue with this is that it's not the same. I'm spending so much time shaving yaks completely unrelated to any business problem; but entirely related to developing on a Mac.
About 15 years ago it was 'chic' for linux geeks to afford mac lappies. I don't know why.
@Kermode 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇨🇦 @GrooveStomp 18 years ago I bought an iBook because it was the most affordable 12" computer. At the time, Macs got cheaper as they got smaller and PC laptops got more expensive as they got smaller.

The meme at the time was that hey, what we really wanted was a Unix, and this is a Unix with a nice GUI. It was also fun to be a bit different and play with macports and fink.

After a few years I got tired of the file system and the disk cache in OSX working so badly and switched to Ubuntu on the machine, which worked pretty well by then.

jabo via mastobikes group mastodon (AP)
I finally ordered a shirt made of merino wool and tancel for cycling. Therefore its fully compostable and less chemicals are used in production. Pretty excited about wearing comfort! (ordered from

@bicycling @mastobikes

Memzy mastodon (AP)
C'est genial!

Changed in version 3.7: The UTC offset is not restricted to a whole number of minutes.

Please reassure me that there is no place out there that uses fractions of a minute for their official time zone.
Hong Kong or Sweden
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Mans R mastodon (AP)
Well, there are places like Mount Athos monastery that use Byzantine time.
@Mans R Wow, they don't even synchronize on noon, they synchronize on sunrise. This is amazing.

I have decided that the Python feature requirement came from hackers belonging to an ancient order of monks and I will not fact-check this.

Wooo, # got an upgrade:

The new version is the first to drop support of the original Jolla phone, which is a bit sad, but hey - it is a 7-year-old device that had full support and upgrades all this time. Hats off to Jolla.
And if only Sailfish was open source, the community could keep those devices alive even longer as they do with Android devices 🤔
@Seachaint :verified: @Rysiekúr Memesson How well does Mer run on the Jolla? Blobs required for key functionality, or is the Sailfish part nice-to-have?

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Content warning: US Pol, Dominion, My Pillow

Basil mastodon (AP)

This might be the most brutal murder strip I've ever seen. It's the bus that did it for me.
Eric Buijs mastodon (AP)
A sad state of affairs. It seems to me that the political right is making gains all over the globe and with it they'll destroy the earth.

The right has always been stronger here than in Montréal. I don't know if it's because it's the seat of the provincial legislature, with much of the provincial government employees here. To be honest, as someone who has a few government employees in my close family, I can understand the animosity towards wasteful public spending. It doesn't help that most of them are disconnected from the people's reality, and always complain about their working conditions. 🙄

Life as a Peertube admin: I have registrations open, but 0 upload quota, simply so people can create an account to interact/comment. So my instance has a small handful of accounts now, and someone signs up specifically to write 3 derogatory comments on a silly livestream test video that's posted. You know, it's important to sign up to services to let people know they're trash at something.
When I used to post quick soundless videos on YT, for the main purpose of accompanying replies on the FreeCAD forum, I would get comments on YT about the video not having sound. Yes, as it's already mentioned in the description, if you had bothered to read it. 🤦‍♂️

Today's threads (a thread).

Inside: What Democrats need to do; Automated functional drone manufacture; Privacy Without Monopoly Pt 2; and more!

Archived at:


Yesterday's threads: K-shaped recovery vs wealth taxes; Facebook vs Australia; The Paltrow-Industrial Complex; and more!

My latest novel is Attack Surface, a sequel to my bestselling Little Brother books. @washingtonpost called it "a political cyberthriller, vigorous, bold and savvy about the limits of revolution and resistance."

Get signed books from @darkdel:

My 2020 book "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" is a critique of Big Tech connecting conspiratorial thinking to the rise of tech monopolies and proposing a way to deal with both:

Now, it's available in paperback!

Signed copies here:

My ebooks and audiobooks (from @torbooks, @HoZ_Books, @mcsweeneys, and others) are for sale all over the net, but I sell 'em too, and when you buy 'em from me, I earn twice as much and you get books with no DRM and no license "agreements."

Upcoming appearances:

* Mellon Sawyer Seminar on Contemporary Political Struggle: Social Movements, Social Surveillance, Social Media (with Zeynep Tufekci), Feb 24,

* World Ethical Data Forum keynote, Mar 17-19,

* Launching "The Future You" with Brian David Johnson, Mar 19,

* Balancing Worldbuilding and Narrative (with Karen Osborne and Kali Wallace), Mar 24,

Recent appearances:

* Technology, Self-Determination, and the Future of the Future (CERIAS)

* Talking "Permanent Record Young Readers' Edition" with Edward Snowden

* Talking "Agency" with William Gibson

* Software Freedom is Essential to Human Freedom ( keynote)

My first picture book is out! It's called Poesy the Monster Slayer and it's an epic tale of bedtime-refusal, toy-hacking and monster-hunting, illustrated by Matt Rockefeller. It's the monster book I dreamt of reading to my own daughter.

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Today's top sources: Hackaday (, Naked Capitalism (

Victor Venema mastodon (AP)
Cory, I understand that you would like to promote your work, but would it be possible to add the standard posts at a lower frequency?

While I love your original posts, they already are a large part of my time line, with the long list of ads it is really a lot of scrolling to get to posts by others.
I post a roundup thread - with a colophon - every day. recommend using keyword muting if you don't want to see them.
Victor Venema mastodon (AP)
Which keyword would I have to use?
Just mute phrases from any of the recurring tweets you don't want to see.
Victor Venema mastodon (AP)
Okay, added four filters. I always think that when a reasonable person voices a problem there are likely more people who have it.

It was a substantial undertaking, but I finally made my own Field Roast sausages from scratch. Will try them tomorrow!

Vegan sausages
R E K mastodon (AP)
Wow. Legit. What flavor are these? I've only ever tried the apple and sage ones from this company. Amazing that you made your own :>.
grey mastodon (AP)
Thanks! I really like their stuff, which is part of my motivation to make my own. These feature potato, artichoke hearts, fresh dill, onion, garlic, and proper dose of dried herbs - and a splash of wine oddly. There's some liquid smoke, smoked paprika, and pepper flakes so they have a little bit of smoky heat.

FediFollows mastodon (AP)

Content warning: Instance admin just lost their job, might need help

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Lizbeth mastodon (AP)
Recently got some fake skin to practice on, it's really tough and doesn't feel anything like real skin but it's a lot of fun to practice shading and the hand speed/voltage relationship :3
R E K mastodon (AP)
Your shading and line work are crazy good!
Fake skin has the advantage of being flat, why oh why do humans have so many rounded or protruded edges and bones? :P.
Lizbeth mastodon (AP)
thank you so much! :3 The edges and bones don't make it easier for sure but I also find it fun to come up with designs that fit the muscle and bone shapes, 've been playing around just drawing on myself with a sharpie for that

Joey mastodon (AP)
A very good overview of Tech Ad duopoly and the implications of the Australia fight by @pluralistic
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@whtrbt the Park Imminent link on your website leads to a 404
whtrbt mastodon (AP)
thanks, it's a bug in the 'recent' generation. I'm going to rewrite the generator back into C, so I'll fix it when I do that.

Lieu is now aggregating 12k pages from the webring!
_/๐ŸŒฑ\_ mastodon (AP)

Hey @cblgh will lieu be able to aggregate non-html files?
do you mean like.. SVGs?
_/๐ŸŒฑ\_ mastodon (AP)
.text and .md files
dunno, .gmi was something that came to mind but i haven't really seen a lot of top-notch sites there

never obsolete mastodon (AP)
Doom 3 (2004)

Anreoh Benkect mastodon (AP)
playing with creating a GAN made tarot deck
sorry, its true, most of the time

Mouais, intéressant, mais le premier téléphone que j'essaie, j'obtiens «The product: /e/-GS290 is not allowed for your country».

Just started an order for a randonneur handlebar bag and small handlebar bag from Waxwing Bag Co. Should be dark green waxed canvas with honey leather trim. Exciting! # # @mastobikes @bicycling
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