I'm sorry, we could not serve the subpoena.

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
a 4 dimensional user interface and you use two mice to control position
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
wait with the scroll wheels thats 6 dimensions
Five, surely? Does your scrollwheel have two axes?? Is that a scrollball? I want this now.
phooky mastodon (AP)
how about one mouse with three trackpoints for rapid negotiation of octonion space
remembering Mu Cartographer

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
so if mystery novels often star hard boiled detectives, I'd love to see a novel with a sunny side up detective, or a scrambled detective
sous vide detective
Kermode mastodon (AP)
I'd like an omelette, or better, a huevos rancheros detectiva :-)

How did we end up at a state where tech nerds who write down command and function references for their use-cases call them "Cheatsheets" and not "Grimoires"?
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Trysdyn, Jolteon Aspect If you work at a Swedish multinational company with supposedly "English as business group language" you may start calling them "lazydogs".

While I initially wondered if you might be a bot like me, with every toot of yours I am increasingly convinced you are a chaos elemental.
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I am indeed an agent of chaos
Hello, cat.
Izzy Swart mastodon (AP)
this is perfect
im in awe

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
being at the state of the art, on the edge of knowledge, is incredible. pushing outward, making a dent in the circle that circumscribes all human knowledge
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
don't push too hard, or your dent will become a bubble, and you'll float away inside it. and nobody will understand what you've seen
And then you end up with a collection of rare late era roman coins, standing in the middle of the greek empire.

Aaron Brady mastodon (AP)
Distribution Religion by Dan Sandin (1978).

Instructions on how to build a modular video synthesizer.

Read the first three pages of this and tell me it's not a hippy alternate history free [soft/hard]ware licence.

Then just enjoy the literally cut, copied and pasted hand annotated document until you've had your fill.

"Put in your own method of returning energy to me here"
Aaron Brady mastodon (AP)
Look at this beautiful thing!
The Sandin Image Processor -- a series of dozens of alumiumium boxes connected by cables for manipulating video content in an exploratory way.
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Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
you have a moral obligation to be a luddite if the tech in question undermines basic humanity
That's right, humanity-undermining tech is extremely dangerous and should be donated to me for .... safekeeping, yes!

Seriously though, we need to stop treating "luddite" as an insult to be afraid of. Techbros have had every chance in the world to prove that technology alone will fix all the world's problems, and it mostly made it all worse.
this was indeed the only anti-technology bent of the Luddites: that you should smash the looms if they automate you out of a job and your other choice is to starve
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Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
I just decided that there must be a category of people who spend time every morning to decorate their mask for the day.

Now I hope I get to see one some time.
Hong Kong or Sweden

Just got to read the cooperative software manifesto, and I like it, especially
People who are coerced into using proprietary technology deserve our empathy and invitation into our movement, not condescension.
Y e s ! This is one of the most toxic aspects of FSF and RMS. You can't expect me to harass my peers into using software that hinders their work. You can't both gatekeep free software and call yourself the leader of computing freedom.
While we agree with the Ethical Software Movement[, ...] proliferation of incompatible copyright licenses which prohibit software from being legally combined creates more obstacles than opportunities for our movement.
This too I like. Licences are dangerous stuff, and also generally useless stuff so long as they don't hold in court. IMHO we should use licences to keep source open and community to achieve and protect software freedom.
Language is constructed collectively and is always evolving. It is counterproductive to our movement to refuse to collaborate with people because they use the words "open source" or "free software" to describe their work.

IIRC @be is the author of this document, I wanna say thanks, this is really nice.
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
I want people who refuse all non-free software — those are the ones who take the hard road and use crappy workarounds that can one day become good solutions.

They show the way we still have to go. They use LibreJS and refuse to support services that don’t work with it. They ensure that you still get notifications via email.

Hard RYF-checking gives an incentive to go the full way.

I also want people who improve or replace the crappy workarounds to become usable for everyone.
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
We are finally at a point where using no unfree software is viable for many people by simply buying a "respects-your-freedom" laptop, and now we’re giving up on radical free software idealism?

For the first time you don’t actually need a lot of skill to get fully free software.

My no-proprietary-shit laptop was bought as-is and I didn’t have to change anything (not one bit!) to have a fully working presentation-laptop that I then used to give lectures at the dual university.
I can agree with that wish, @ArneBab - but as @cadadr said, so much of what we're using is non-free and we have no easy means to change that. If I ignore obvious things like my mobile phone, I know that the router sitting there on my desk is running non-free software. I know the DECT phone is. The microphone most likely is; it has enough knobs to fiddle with that it's almost certainly running a little microprocessor with some non-free firmware.

This doesn't mean I *want* this, but...

... avoiding this would basically have me give up on the Internet. And downstairs the modem, the router on the corner of the road, etc, etc. are all running non-free software.

It's not realistic, because it doesn't stop at your actual computer.

It's still something we need more of.

@cadadr @be
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
as long as there are some people who decide to give up on anything unfree, these are the ones who blaze the trail that others can follow and widen so more and more people can use it.

Yes, there is a battle going on, but when I did my civil service we had a staff training session with a company advisor, and he said: Most companies do not fail because they are bad, but because people give up before they win.
People who decide to give up on anything unfree are going to be standing at speaker's corner, because there is no purely free path anywhere on the Internet.

Also, not to speaker's corner. The public transport ticketing system is not free software.
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
That’s a bigger thing then: Yes, I want a fully free software society, but the first step is not to have unfree software on devices I own.

The next step is to get states to agree that public money means public code:

And alongside that to get more and more people to avoid anything unfree.

That is a long fight. But we already won the first few battles.
Public code is a difficult proposition. You're effectively fighting an assumption in most policy makers that economies only work trickle down. And that assumption is fueled by existing participants in the economy.

Public money isn't spent *on the public*, it's spent *on the economy* with assurances of some sort that the economic boost will benefit the public - in job creating, as well as creation of other conveniences.
I mean, I applaud the effort and would sign it with my org (if and when I manage to create it). No problem at all.

The issue is, that until a sufficient percentage of the companies participating in the economy sign up to this kind of thing, it isn't likely to happen. So that project must be in it for decades.

I'm participating in a few publicly funded projects. If it's grant money, you can get a sense that public code is supported.
The moment you move away from that towards innovation funding, and things get complicated. You almost invariable need to create international consortia as well as national consortia to get approval.

This is EU-political, but also somewhat *sensical*. It's supposed to prevent that money flows unevenly to states or business tiers. So some consortia will always look for SMEs to be included, to check that box.

But the bigger companies tend to be most influential.
So for these projects to release code publicly *by default*, you need to convince corporations with decades of history in proprietary exploitation and thousands of employees to shift their business model towards one based on public code.

Or you wait for some of the smaller players who've already signed up to grow big *and not lose this mindset in the process*.

It's very simple on paper, but in practice, not so much.
Because *of course* policy makers listen to the big corps - and have to - when those wail about how they can stay competitive if regulations change. They'll always wave the threat of job losses around, and no policy maker wants to be responsible for *that* (whether it's real or imaginary).

TL;DR bring a ton of patience to the table.

But yes, I'd sign that in a heartbeat.
That's why it's important to have successful companies who are already doing it well have their voices heard.
For example someone from System76 recently testified for the Colorado legislature in support of a right to repair bill saying it would support their business and independent repair shops, not destroy jobs.
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
And when my son needed a system for homeschooling and the school demanded MS Teams, I installed it on that system. It works.

While there is now proprietary software on it (external requirements, even illegal by German data protection law, but the school did it anyway, the alternative was that my son would have lost all interaction with classmates), it is totally awesome that this works.
No arguments there, but that is not what people meant about FS fundamentalism, I think.
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@ArneBab So, you chose not to live the ascetic lifestyle of Richard Stallman, but instead installed proprietary software in order for your son to be able to live like his peers in technological society.

I don't see where you base your disagreement with this part of the manifesto. Should we criticize you and treat you with condescension for your choice?

@Jens Finkhäuser ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Be :copyleft: :fedora: @Göktuğ Kayaalp
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
No, I do not live an ascetic lifestyle, and I do not need proprietary software.

For my son I had to install proprietary software, because of decisions of his school — which I very much criticize, and which you should criticize, too.

You claim that life without proprietary software is ascetic, and that’s what you get wrong.

Free Software already reached a state where life without proprietary software no longer needs to be ascetic for most people.
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@ArneBab @Jens Finkhäuser ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Be :copyleft: :fedora: @Göktuğ Kayaalp The paragraph in the manifesto is exactly about that: To criticize the school for their choice but not shun you for your choice, as your choice was much harder and free software needs you as an ally.

Because of uninformed or misguided choices made by your son's school, you had to make a choice between free-software purity and integration in mainstream society.

Likewise, we have a tablet with Zoom on it, because it's the only way to participate in school right now. I would prefer for the school to use BBB or some other free software, but I haven't found the energy to influence them on this.
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
Then where is the difference to the stance of RMS? He is makinng just that point:

I make compromises every day, and I am aware of that. But nowadays a life purely in Free Software is no longer ascetic, because many people chose to refuse proprietary software — and build their alternatives.

To realize that this is a compromise—and not do it too often—a stance for purely Free Software is needed. The goal is to live without proprietary software.
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@ArneBab @Jens Finkhäuser ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Be :copyleft: :fedora: @Göktuğ Kayaalp You won't find it in the philosophical documents, but it's there in the praxis, in the way rms talks to people and in the way several people here on fedi reacted to the linked FOSDEM talk by Sandler and Kuhn. Because this attitude exists, this manifesto explicitly speaks out against this attitude.
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
After also discussing on the linked twitter-thread I fear that both are mixed up in my memory. Could you link the manifesto again so I can re-check it (can’t find the link anymore)?
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
thank you! I now have a bookmark …

This has the generalizing phrase “failed to create a world in which humans in technological societies can live without using proprietary software unless one chooses to live the ascetic lifestyle of Richard Stallman”, and while this is referencing a talk as source, it is not true in general: Many can live a non-ascetic life without proprietary software, but no one can be sure that they will not have to use proprietary software at some point.
ArneBab mastodon (AP)
this phrase is extremely strong, yet it’s not true in its generalizing, and it makes this personal in a way that I consider as not appropriate.

That RMS supposedly avoided talking about capitalism felt odd, so I looked for it quickly, and RMS did write quite a bit about the problems of capitalism. Example:

Also you can simply search for capitalism on and find lots of scathing criticism of unrestrained capitalism.
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@ArneBab It's easy to criticize "megacorporations", "Big Pharma", "tobacco companies", "vulture capitalists", "Big Telecom" and "unrestrained capitalism" while still maintaining that capitalism basically works and these are failure modes that should be addressed.

All these qualifiers aren't necessary for someone who sees capitalism as a fundamental problem.

With # becoming the default in # soon, everyone's talking about the efficiency improvements, however to me the privacy tradeoffs aren't worth the gains i.e. (Wikipedia):

"QUIC includes a connection identifier which uniquely identifies the connection to the server regardless of source. This allows the connection to be re-established simply by sending a packet, which always contains this ID, as the original connection ID will still be valid even if the user's IP address changes."
IETF QUIC doesn't reassemble Google QUIC that much any more TBH
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@:queerdotafenby: Erin @Matej Ľach ✅ @Mina Is there a layperson overview of the diff somewhere?

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
my life is just 1000 progress bars slowly increasing, new ones popping up
Sounds like an idle game.

LittleAlex mastodon (AP)
720p vs. 1080p vs. 1080i vs. 4k
Thank god its not 3K
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Jordan Petridis @LittleAlex Good heavens that took me a few hours to catch.

# 🌧️ time at @fdroidorg again! 2 new apps:

* Aix Weather Widget
* HoloPlay (YT audio client, video planned)

And 39 updates which your on-device F-Droid client should notify you of if you have the corresponding apps installed 😉

Enjoy your # # # from # :awesome:
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muesli mastodon (AP)
Oh, my first USB-C <-> USB-C cable!

I'm sure there are hundreds to come... 🤔
Nah, it's going to be USB C++
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Haelwenn /элвэн/ :bzh: @muesli @Utahcon USB-C 2 gen 3 with USB 3.4 gen 4 support ... ultra

Oh wow, never heard this version before. So good, thanks for sharing it.
so.. good.

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
does anyone else have a perpetually forward-rotating sleep schedule? I feel like I need 25 hours in a day
me bc while i do sleep like 8 hrs there is usally always like at least an hours worth of waking up at least once & not bein able 2 fall back asleep
Csepp 🚱 mastodon (AP)
Big yup. Running sometimes helps, but then I have to spend a bunch of extra time showering. And sometimes I wake up at 6 and run for an hour and then still don't feel tired at midnight. I wanna joke about it but it honestly sucks and my body hates it.

Is there a static site generator that is very simple for my blog?
I am using hugo currently but I would want something that is simpler.

All I want it to do is covert my markdown files to html and then generate a main page with all my posts on it. My site would have css to make it nicer. Along with an rss feed that can go to my site at /blog instead of going to /

At first I said static site host but I meant generator.
I know about Jekyll but have not looked at it much before because its very much like hugo. But I will take a look at it and see.
Try, it's simpler than Hugo but still very capable.
Callimachus mastodon (AP)
and if you go there it references a large list from which to choose if any are of interest. me im glad to see org mode as a template option..
I will have a look
Had I look at Zola and it looks like the best choice.
It has only one config.toml file making it so much easier. I looked at the same kind of theme for both Zola and Hugo and the hugo one looked so much more completed.
Yeah, Zola themes are a bit lackluster still. I am considering to publish what I am working on if it's any good.
I don't care if the themes are basic. All I want to be able to do is write my posts in markdown and make it automatically generate a main page. Zola does that and it will work good for me.

Your website is really good. The only thing about it is the app list is to big causing it to slow down the pinephone till its fully loaded in.
My website is still running Jekyll, but I‘ve spent a lot of time with Zola lately and will use it for my website soon.
Thank you! I am very aware of the LINMOBapps load time issue on Linux Phones by trying to use it myself on my PinePhone or Librem 5. After redoing my blog with Zola I hope to finally replace LINMOBapps with something that's not based on a huge csv list that loads forever.
That would be nice to make it load faster.

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
those "face recognition denying makeup tutorials" don't work but tbh I'd love to see stuff like that which *does* work
Biggest problem with it is that you're now the MOST recognizable because your face is painted in a very obvious manner.
adversarial makeup

I found some pics of black bears enjoying a pile of apples:
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Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I installed all the fonts on a 500 fonts CD from the internet archive and I feel so powerful
easrng mastodon (AP)
oh gosh I hope you aren't on windows
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
debian yeehaw
Talec Arashi mastodon (AP)
I think I've gotten all the font CDs my parents collected, plus a couple more of my own. Someday I'll go look at them all

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
it feels like 2pm for me ugh

Forever mastodon (AP)
What Mastodon apps do you use? I use @bleakgrey's Tootle, @fribbledom's Telephone, @Mastodon web, and @Tusky for Android 🎶
I'm guessing you typed Telephant and your aurocorrect switched it to Telephone without your noticing. 😜

I'm curious to know if anybody compiled it on the Pinephone.
Forever mastodon (AP)
@Mastodon Ugh, silly autocorrect. I noticed "Tootle" autocorrected. Gotta turn that off right now!

Breitbart News (RSS Feed) friendica (via diaspora*)
UK Christian Clergy Warn Vaccine Passports Will Create ‘Medical Apartheid’

Christian leaders in the UK have signed an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson protesting coronavirus vaccine passports.
UK Christian Clergy: Vaccine Passports Will Create ‘Medical Apartheid’
# # # # # #
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bout to do the thing

# #
image from matrix<br /><br />blank book with: *writing a SCP* edited over it<br /><br />Keanu Reeves: you cant scare me with thi-<br /><br />blank book with: *publishing it* edited over it<br /><br />Keanu: *runs away in terror*
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thats bout how i feel rn

i havent checked its rating yet

im scared :blobcatfearful:

Ignacio LA mastodon (AP)
And last, I'm not even sure whether I want RMS there. And I acknowledge that FSFs move wasn't transparent and risky, but to turn the back in this ways I don't think is a good choice either. And more when the reasons are not clear. @fsfe doesn't say why they don't want RMS there, they don's say of which charges they accuse him. He might be an asshole, stubborn and not appropriate for this positions but he's nothing that he's being attacked for.
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Ignacio LA @Free Software Foundation Europe It was interesting and exciting to live in the post-rms era and to see what the FSF would become and how the community would reshape itself. Suddenly they just rolled back time two years and pretended nothing had happened. It was a betrayal and the community reacted with shock.

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
having a billy ray cyrus much to think about type day

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
feeling very unreal today
My brain immediately went to Unreal Tournament, and then to:

Demoscene gang :heart_cyber:

Andy C pleroma (AP)
I bet West Ham and Leicester are surprised and delighted though.

hecanjog mastodon (AP)
For those of you who like to target # -- do you just write MIN/MAX macros for int comparison instead of inline functions?
hecanjog mastodon (AP)
right on -- c89 doesn't have the inline keyword so I won't worry about it then I guess :)

Apex Shoofle mastodon (AP)
what if i had a maid outfit
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
yes, live the dream

Andy C pleroma (AP)
Ah - just as night follows day, normal service is resumed as the death of Citeh's 'quadruple bid' is followed by the periodic prospect of a European Super League. Will never happen.

Tewkanz mastodon (AP)
"mature content"
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
because of the word "bitch"

got our # entry coming together a lot faster than previous ones did; it's feeling pretty solid and this is just day 3
a character holding an orb surrounded by ladders, water, and brick walls
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Ah, I didn’t check for quite a long time. # should be quite stable by now, I guess? Uh. Ok. Never mind.
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
I'll have to move my doge.


i think poem is ready to publish

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I like it :>
:ablobcathappypaws: thank you!!

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
we're all grey matter in 10 million places at once

Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
wow motherhorseeyes is basically internet house of leaves
Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
I wasn't expecting for it to get metafictional but it was welcome
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