I should have played the melody to "Dynamite" - Gong over this.. I can hear it!

„Das Rad der Zeit“ gehört zu den Fantasyzyklen die ich nicht gelesen habe. Die Serie ist bisher jedoch ziemlich durchwachsen…
Die Bücher sind auch nur so durchwachsen. Hab das als teenie gelesen. Bis mir irgendwann klar wurde dass der Autor die story nur unnötig hinzieht um Geld für noch ein Buch und noch ein Buch zu melken. Und dann starb er unverschämterweise auch noch ohne es fertigzuschreiben.

Paar gute Ideen warn aber schon drin.

Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
"Sorry, I was speaking on mute"

We've been doing rolling partial remote for a long time, but I don't think a single week goes by without most team members saying this at least once, including our manager and me. 🤣
Hong Kong or Sweden
Thomas mastodon (AP)
Are you using Zoom? Their ui is especially bad wrt knowing if you're muted. Citrix until 2-3 years ago was great here, we never had that problem.
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
Teams is bad compared to Skype, as I can no longer use the mute control on the headset cable, need to be in the Teams window and click or use hotkey

Senioradmin mastodon (AP)
# is not the future:

I don't agree with every aspect of this blog post. But the main points are correct. Container packages, such as #, # and # are the wrong way. They are a waste of resources (technical, ecological and economical) and dramatically increase complexity. Don't use them.

Buenos días gente!
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Buenos días.
Buenos días espíritu bailongo!

another huge, successful evening of gluumy work in the books. I love masto - some nights it's just a place to scream into the void about nothing profound, and other nights I get introduced into ideas that radically alter a project I'm working on for the better. thanks, @technomancy!

incl. in today's code dump is a long overdue readme update

i don’t think you can write interesting or funny material without having forbidden thoughts. if your mind is curious, it can go anywhere.
Emi Yusa misskey (AP)
all these outcomes are entirely dependent on a third party
always makes me wonder, why is your average indivdual so much influenced by a group
stannard mastodon (AP)
Isnt it because we all want to be accepted within our communities ?
Therefore if we think or do things that others find objectionable we think we shall be ostracised or even assaulted.
(Just my 2 cents.)

InBabel mastodon (AP)
Guess who gets a day off! Woohoo. I love every minute of my degree. But I also love lying in my bed.

The Tiger
By Nael, age 6

The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out
Poem, same text as post
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Advice for people new to Mastodon:

If you are going to post a link to an article - please take the time to remove the tracking from the link before posting it.

(In other words, find the ? in the link and delete it and everything after it. THEN post the link.)

It only takes a second or to to do, and it prevents websites from tracking people across the internet.
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envisioning the future of planet earth as a memorial to a species that deserved to go extinct
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Blackle Mori mastodon (AP)
moore's law fandom is dying, share this if you're a true moore head
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Blackle Mori NetCraft confirms Moore's Law dying

Visualizing physical decentralization of # servers

Neat way to see all the big, popular data centers (hello, Hetzner Helzinki)

Or to explore smaller, less popular hosting providers.

👍 to @poduptime for this great map!
Screenshot from website, showing part of Europe with Helsinki dot having 250 servers around it. Most of those are likely Hetzner Helsinki.
I'm guessing my IP address gives the location of my ISP's headquarters.
@poduptime @lightone
I'm going to guess that. - It seem like Google / and my ISP figured out my physical locator shortly after I moved in...

Kyle Rankin mastodon (AP)
Fringe group. #

Derek Caelin mastodon (AP)
I started writing again tonight. The next short story in the "City in Sand" series actually takes place mostly outside the City.

In a dead world lacking water, what do you do if you find a water source filled with microbial life?

Drawing inspiration from a # white paper I read a while back arguing we shouldn't bring our capitalist, colonialist practices to other worlds.

# #

Martin Owens mastodon (AP)
I feel like I should say something.
Minty mastodon (AP)
Not necessary. We know what you're thinking.

Moving is...a terrible thing to go thru. I still got too much junk.
Last did it 5 and 10 years ago. Hoping I can push the next time very far in the future. For now I'm content with my current place.

Horzion mastodon (AP)
I am seeing all this "askfedi", considering that there is no dictionary for mastodon/fosstodon slang, i am guessing, it means "Ask Federation"?
Horzion mastodon (AP)
interesting, never heard of it, thank you for educating me, so much to learn, too much time on hand
FYI, not sure if this website is still maintained, but

hot DAMN pijul's documentation got good since the last time I looked into it

maybe gluumy is a good excuse to finally try something that is not git. I mean, I'll forever be using git at work because it's won the industry, but pijul has always intrigued me, and now has the docs to actually be discoverable and experimentable!!

Andrew M mastodon (AP)
Does anyone have a # with postmarketos phosh on emmc and a few minutes to do a jitsi meeting to compare speed with my emmc speed hacked pinephone?
Does Jitsi even works on a Pinephone? Or do you mean doing it on desktop?

Mine is on pmOS edge, but it's past bedtime for me right now... (East coast time)

LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
The seventy-third edition of my weekly collection of news about # (@PINE64 #, #, @purism # and such), #, is out!

This week in Linux Phones: Android 12 coming to PinePhone, NemoMobile 0.7, Ubuntu Touch OTA 20, postmarketOS on the Pocket P.C., and more!
> Avisando: PinePhone "Desktop Mode" Manjaro Phosh (2021). I love that voice!

Ugh. Elevator music and generic synth voice. Hard pass. I stopped watching after a minute.

Seriously, no matter how bad you think your voice or your accent sounds, I guarantee that it is heaps better than that monotone generic synth voice crap. 🤮

I know, it's work to record voice (I've done it a few times), but it's worth it.

Wife is watching "the good place" which is kind of a rip off of that one season of lexx, but at least there's no murder and torture all the time.
@chillderburg it's one of the best sci-fi shows ever, extremely unique. But it's a German/Canadian production, so I guess it's understandable.

Fun fact: a former girlfriend of mine looked exactly like zev
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Today's Huckleberry Finn @Ademan She left you after merging with a space lizard and getting attracted to an undead asassin. But it's ok, she wasn't as hot at that point.

Leah mastodon (AP)
Die norwegische Post hat einen schöne Weihnachtswerbung veröffentlicht :rainbow_heart_eyes:
wow, beautiful.

sim pleroma (AP)
Which book is the communist pill book to read? I thought it was the communist manifesto before since that comes with the name.
sim pleroma (AP)
That wouldn't surprise me. I was more thinking about how it wasn't content to remain within its own borders and had to spread out. In that sense, it became globalist.
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
The theme song is "The International" after all.

View from the patio
Glowing red sunset over Avra Valley, Arizona
Note that at least the web version of Mastodon doesn’t support HDR, you can look at the photo on Twitter to see the actual (unedited, unfiltered) colors

@alderwick I can't come on irc right now, but I've been toying with an idea and I'd like to have your opinion.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to make it so the assembler merges sequences of byte literals into literal shorts. I've made a VERY POOR implementation of that in uxnasm to test, and in left there's more than a 100 bytes saved, and it makes the rom considerably faster.

I haven't been able to implement this in a way that doesn't make an absolute mess in the source yet-
yeah it has to be done on both pass, it makes quite a large mess.

Ideally it would handle all the literal byte runes `#`, `.` and `,`. I think I have just found a clever way to do one of the passes, but I'll keep you posted. If we can figure this one out, it would be a pretty good improvement.
Andy Alderwick mastodon (AP)
The way asma deals with the two passes is a different approach than uxnasm, it'll be good to let you know how.

The approach is to treat the two passes as similarly as possible, so instead of just counting bytes in pass 1 à la uxnasm, it “writes” them out to the ROM: the only differences are that in pass 1 the writes don't actually go to a file and if it doesn't know the value of a label, it makes up a junk value. With this approach, a hack to pushbyte() affects both passes equally…

flip mastodon (AP)
I’m interested in off-grid/prepping/sustainable living things *you* recommend
have you read Sailing The Farm?

@alderwick Do you remember what the literal with a length of 1 is about?
Andy Alderwick mastodon (AP)
No, I haven't noticed that mode! From looking at the code, “#” is _not_ equivalent to “#” but “LIT 'a” instead. I certainly haven't coded that in asma.
#a #0a #0a” #a”
I'll remove it :)

MS-DOS enthusiasts of the world, unite!
heck yes I effing *loved* NeoPaint.

I even registered it!
NeoPaint! Oh my giddy aunt, that takes me back.

Content warning: Swedish politics

Content warning: re: Swedish politics

Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@eena meena me @Sandra They never took over the government so it's still "could never happen here" and covered by freedom of speech and association.

Alan mastodon (AP)
Drinking a nice, cold Peroni to celebrate the end of a 7 day night shift 🍺
stannard mastodon (AP)
I used to hate nights,
Never could sleep properly during the day, and was always tired at work.
Alan mastodon (AP)
I’ve finally cracked it after several years.

I’m off for the 5 days before the night shift so I stay up later and later over those 5 days so that I’m straight into the rhythm.

An eye mask and rain sounds playing when I’m sleeping work a treat 👍🏻

In the seventies, before desktop computers, both SF media and contemporary commentary portrayed data centralization as a huge threat. Both the surveillance issue and the labor capital issue. Then in the micro era, that earlier view of the computer as a scary spider was recontextualized as a joke, as an unfounded boomer fear. Who needs to be afraid when there is Windows 95 on every desk?

And now here we are.

People don't remember how much Usenet sucked.

1. The architecture sucked and was super fragile and expensive. Redundant in the bad, fragile way instead of the resilient, robust way. More like mirrors than instances. And posts would go missing or be read out of order.
2. The mental model was frustrating with the tree group hierarchy. I heard you liked subreddits so we put a subreddit in your subreddit so your group could be a group of groups.
3. The metamoderation, as in, creating and propagating groups was messed up.
4. While the actual group-level moderation sometimes was absent. Spam city.
5. And the culture was, uh, a mixed bag. At worst a mix of reddit, mumsnet and 4chan.

And at best, pure gold, and so much of that gold is now lost because Google bought Deja News and borked it.

Naw, mailing lists were where it was at. Hundreds of cool people all from the cozy comforts of your mailing app.

darn works fine as long as I make everything 777 !
no_root_squash is that thing.. but no.. that's not what I was doing
it was just a question setting some sensible ACLS and owners on subdirectories so not too need to do that

When Babylon falls paradise will thrive again
Poster seen at bus stop. <br />"When Babylon falls paradise will thrive again"

RIP MobyGames 😞
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Trinsec mastodon (AP)
Huh, somehow I remember that logo with Infogrames?
That's the joke.
JP mastodon (AP)
Thriftygamer83 mastodon (AP)
for fecks sake this is destroying my childhood. What next are the Bills going to move to Toronto?

Finally a OK cyberpunk documentary divided in 3 pieces! (lot of explain and tell about the culture) And this documentaries explain everything very well (so far) starts by the origins on books/movies/games but it does not sit there like other corporate documentaries do, it moves into ideology, anti corporate, anti dystopian sentiment among comparing our current days with what was told and hackers are been denouncing for years # # #
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Perfect timing just watched the 2nd part, 1st one watched some time ago, and downloaded the 3rd, I like it at least the 1st 2 parts. Like you like they analyse different media but also goes deeper and how it was represented or how some just take the looks of it.

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Icy fog sunrise in November. #
A group of old oak trees in green and violet mist with their tips bathed in reddish sunlight.
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