when a piece of software is described as "modern" it tells you nothing about the software, but it tells you something about the person doing the describing.
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ɗℯʃƕρʋ mastodon (AP)
The word "modern" generally has a very interesting usage. Like, we say we live in a modern world, but almost everything in it isn't modern. It's a kind of a wish about what should be.
yes, as someone pointed out it's similar to how "minimal" means "it's missing a ton of features but just features that other people want"
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LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
I managed to get Goguma (IRC client written in #, to run on my @PINE64 # (on @danctnix):
Goguma (Flutter IRC client) running on the PINE64 PinePhone Pro.
Wait so I can properly use Fluffychat now, awesome! I don't think I will find time for it this weekend but I have to try a lot of Matrix clients because that's definitely a reason to rewrite something :D
Chris mastodon (AP)
Yep! I swap between it and Nheko (I tendto like Nheko more personally).
I have to try Nheko again too, it was a bit hard to properly use last time but I really appreciate the effort to do it without mobile frameworks like Kirigami or Libhandy aka Libadwaita!
Chris mastodon (AP)
Depending on how long ago it was, I would recommdn retrying. It isn't perfect, but it is pretty mobile friendly now.
hamblingreen mastodon (AP)
# for the win! by changing a few options it makes a fantastic matrix client on screens of all sizes
Chris mastodon (AP)
do you have a link?
hamblingreen mastodon (AP)
sure, here ya go. make sure to read up on the docs and hide both side panels with "/toggle rooms" and "/toggle users" as well as enabling bare messages with "/toggle baremessages". Gomuks is a TUI matrix client written in Go.

Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: Daycare apps are insecure surveillance dumpster-fires; and more!

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A Black baby playing with alphabet blocks; the blocks have creepy staring eyes and XML tags on their faces.<br /><br />Image:<br />EFF<br /><br /><br />CC BY 3.0<br />
Monday's threads: The sex industry isn't technophilic; Schroedinger's streaming service just died; and more!

<br />Image:<br />Come As You Are Co-operative<br /><br /><br />CC BY 2.0:<br />
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jesse ++ mastodon (AP)
yo I had to unfollow you on here because you are just constantly reposting the same thing and filling up my feed with duplicate content. I’m interested in the new things you have to say, but I can’t find them through the noise anymore.
Feoh mastodon (AP)
Line Brother is amazing and also soul cruising to the point where i has to stop halfway through. So very painfully close to reality.

ˢᵗᵘˣ☕ mastodon (AP)
My hands are itching while my job applications are out..

Ive dropped the FOSS Pinterest idea and moved on a bit..

I really wanna help out in the FOSS community and I have an idea this maybe sounds like a good project?
Shorts / Loop / Vine / ShitTok FOSS Alternative<br /><br />- Short video<br />- Loop?<br />- Sound / GIF<br />- Federated / AP<br /><br />Stack:<br /><br />- Laravel?
ˢᵗᵘˣ☕ mastodon (AP)
If anyone knows a good name? :blobcatgiggle:
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sтυx💙💛 mastodon (AP)
Ukraine's biggest solar farm Тоkmak Solar Energy in Zaporizhia was and still is dismantled , packed up and moved to Russia
Stolen panels
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lamp mastodon (AP)

InBabel mastodon (AP)
I see the self described radicals at Verso books have managed to get all the transphobes barking at the moon again.
InBabel mastodon (AP)
The right wing outrage-O-tron is a perfect mirror image of the left wing outrage-O-tron. I think its how both sides keep their supporters coming back for more. I can't tell if Verso books have done it because they genuinely think they're being trans allies, or because they know outrage sells. No publicity is bad publicity etc.

Random Geek mastodon (AP)
Discord asking me to log in again.

Maybe later.

I don't like you, you know. You're just Slack with a skateboard, a backwards baseball cap, and a "MUSIC BAND" t-shirt.
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is YOUR child using the internet to search for and talk to others about "E"??
Watch for these signs in your child's messaging history:
-"I'm looking for the new E" = I'm looking for the new Evanescence
-"come do E with us later" = You're invited to my Evanescence listening party
-"U R M I" you are My Immortal
-"BMTLWMUISMCMNASMFTD" = bring me to life wake me up inside save me call my name and save me from the dark
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NiftyNeuro mastodon (AP)
# On a whim I searched for articles on "fever" and found this one! Fascinating argument about the role of particular tonsillitis in stuttering, and why stuttering isn't as common as it used to be. 🤔 "It is here proposed that infection with group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GAS) was a major underlying cause of stuttering until the mid-1900s when penicillin was introduced in 1943." Historical arguments show critical thinking at its finest! See if you agree...

glyn mastodon (AP)
Some software projects benefit from "eating their own dog food", to use an unappetising metaphor.

So if GitHub Copilot did so, presumably there's a good chance that it incorporated code with a copy left license such as the GPL. That could require Microsoft to release the Copilot source code under the same copy left license(s).

Just a thought....

brennen mastodon (AP)
just heard a very distinct train horn.

there are no active train tracks within miles of here.
There was someone who installed one on their bicycle. Probably can find it on youtube :)

Content warning: DallE-2 AI-generated art, illuminated manuscript with marginalia

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sтυx💙💛 mastodon (AP)

Content warning: "Hello #universe"

sтυx💙💛 mastodon (AP)
no no, it’s just a preparation on ‘internet in space’!

I was going with ‘world’ first but I changed my mind :alien_biem:
Toni 🐺 mastodon (AP)
ahh, ok ok, alright too.

tech companies be like "here are tools to monitor your child's private conversations, social media posts, bank accounts, diaries, browsing history, class attendance, GPS location, and deepest inner thoughts" with parents going "why child not trust me???? ?????"
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FediFollows mastodon (AP)

If you see "show older", click it to see more pages in that category.

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NOTE: This is a hand-picked list of good accounts about specific topics, to bring joy to your timeline.

For larger directories featuring general accounts with a much wider range of topics, visit Trunk at and at

(continued in thread)
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sтυx💙💛 mastodon (AP)
Dungeons and dating for life!
Good thing Zelda finally found the princess.<br /><br />(Two elderly doing cosplay!)
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Link and Zelda sure traveled pretty far into the future this time!
Hey, it's the bard that knows when to shut up and the princess that knows how to Queen! Good to see them together.

Suggesting agency workers at every strike suggests 1 of 2 possible statements 🤔

1) there is a reserve of fully trained labour in every occupation sitting at home awaiting the call to action 🤔

2) the chaos on P&O and uk airports was entirely predictable and will soon be duplicated in schools and rail 😹
Luke mastodon (AP)
also I believe a train driver needs to "learn" a route before they are allowed to work it.
Industrial reporting is so bad that you don't know that ASLEF, who are not on strike, represent train drivers. You can of course be forgiven for thinking this given how the strike has been reported.

It's actually RMT who are on strike.

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# hola soy nuevo en esta red social, pinta bien, vamos a ver que tal es 😯🤪

Se aceptan consejos para empezar en esta red social 🤗
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ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Nah, es broma, como te han dicho lo mejor es rellenar la bio, ponerte un avatar y sin prisa poco a poco iras encontrando gente y ellos te encontrarán a ti y te irás haciendo tu pequeño grupo en el fediverso. Es más lento que otras redes como TW pero seguramente más satisfactorio. Hasta el fondo y a pasarlo bien.
Axelito mastodon (AP)
siii eso estoy haciendo, muchas gracias por la buena onda y consejos 🙆‍♂️🌻 mastodon (AP)
Violate one license and you’re a criminal. Violate every license and you’re an AI.

# #
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Box art of the day: #
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Trinsec mastodon (AP)
Oh wow, that's nicely done.
hah, that's neat. Is that on the VGA remake?

@calutron just noticed the error in noodle you were explaining last time, that after saving the red save-state icon wasn't changing. Just fixed it, sorry about that.

Nation.Cymru mastodon (AP)
The budget for the school in Abergavenny has increased from £43 million following changes to the design, site constraints and inflationary costs

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I love extensibility. :revblobfoxcute:
Why can't I quit watching this?

When my EFF colleague Alexis Hancock signed her baby up for daycare, she was told that she had to download a childcare management app - to monitor and specify "feedings, diaper changes, pictures, activities, and which guardian picked-up/dropped-off the child."

A line of kindergartners horsing around in a toddler-sized institutional bathroom, looking into the mirror. Out of the mirror is the glaring eye of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The kids' reflection is color-inverted, and their reflected, inverted faces are traced with facial recognition geometry lines.<br /><br /><br />Image:<br />Cryteria (modified)<br /><br /><br />CC BY 3.0<br /><br /><br />German Federal Archives (modified)<br />,_Grethen,_Waschraum_im_Kindergarten.jpg<br /><br />CC BY-SA German 3.0<br />
One intriguing way out of this mess is by forcing the mobile platforms to fully support Web Apps, or at least to get out of the way developers who want to offer mobile tools to users to make Web Apps fully functional:

A Web App is just what it sounds like: an app that is delivered into your browser, and runs inside of it.

The Web App experience *could* be (but isn't) pretty much identical to installing app store apps: choose your app, click install, grant or refuse permissions, get an icon on your home screen:

But because Web Apps run in browsers, they can be modified by browser plugins - like ad- and tracker-blockers.

And because Web Apps are defined by open standards - not by corporate fiat handed down by monopolists whose own products compete with app developers - anyone can make a Web App development toolkit:

Regular software can spy on users and steal their data, too, of course. But turning "programs" into "apps" didn't solve this problem - it just limited users' ability to defend themselves, making them reliant on two companies to decide what protections they deserve.

Makes me think about how Firefox on Android is pretty much the only mobile browser that allows extensions.

Wim 🈂️ mastodon (AP)
Hi folks,

A colleague of mine is running a survey on Sustainability in Software Practices.

The aim is to learn about people's thoughts on sustainability in their practice.

Some context: as you probably know, I care a lot about sustainable or "frugal" computing.I had some discussions with my colleague where I explained my views on the need for sustainable computing, and he said that we should know what people in the industry currently think about this. That will help us in working out how to make software practices more sustainable.

So he put together a small team and they are doing focus groups in companies and this survey.

If you are a "software practitioner", it would be great if you could complete it.

Thanks, and boosts welcome!
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sтυx💙💛 mastodon (AP)
Huh lol! I just discovered # also has a JSON 'stats' page! :sidekiq:

For admins, just add /stats behind it like:

sтυx💙💛 mastodon (AP)
Only when you have admin rights :blobcatgiggle:
sтυx💙💛 mastodon (AP)
sidekiq	<br />processed	1738802944<br />failed	81193186<br />busy	18<br />processes	6<br />enqueued	0<br />scheduled	146<br />retries	5311<br />dead	9999<br />default_latency	0<br />redis	<br />redis_version	"4.0.9"<br />uptime_in_days	"10"<br />connected_clients	"1308"<br />used_memory_human	"1.26G"<br />used_memory_peak_human	"1.79G"<br />server_utc_time	"16:09:10 UTC"

Swigridova Kletba [Swigrid's Curse] (Agawa/JRC Interactive, 1996) #

Why does no-one seem to have conversations with their phone to their ear any more?
Luke mastodon (AP)
it makes the video call a bit rubbish if you do that! :)

n0toose mastodon (AP)
I tested GitHub's # with a complicated, fairly original project of mine. It basically never helped me do the things I wanted it to do properly, but I stopped using it as soon as I started deleting parts of my program, only to have what I just deleted and wrote by myself recommend it *back* to me again.
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I'm actively looking forward to finding out which social changes are going to lead to my kids whispering "don't mind my dad, he's a little conservative". Bring on the future!
Martin Owens mastodon (AP)
Grand child is not taught how to read and write, parent broadly supports this.

ccohanlon hometown (AP)
There are named winds all over the world but in the Mediterranean, every wind has a name. The names are similar (with some linguistic differences) in every Mediterranean country and are used more commonly than compass points. They don't just indicate direction but also express, poetically, characteristics.
An old mosaic marble floor indicating the basic wind names (and relative compass points) in Italian seas: from Tramontana (N) clockwise by 45º to Grecale (NE) Levante (E) Scirroco (SE) Mezzogiorno (S) Libeccio (SW) Ponente (W) and Maestrale (NW).
R E K hometown (AP)
the only local word for sudden strong winds I’ve heard here is Qualicum, or Xwkwa’luxwum in Pentlatch language. Only for a very specific region though.
Does the image you shared list all the names? I wish I could load it :).
ccohanlon hometown (AP)
Only the principal ones. In the Adriatic, there are names for local winds that have distinct properties — e.g. the Croatians have the 'bura' (which the northern Adriatic Italians call the 'bora') and the 'jugo', while the Greeks call the often violent north wind of the Aegean the meltemi. For the Egyptians, a hot Saharan south or south-easterly is the khamsin (called the ghibli in Tunisia and eastern Libya, and the ostro or scirocco in the Italian southern Adriatic).

Josh Justice mastodon (AP)
Just found a fun typo that inverts the meaning:

- “I couldn’t agree with you any more” vs
- “I couldn’t agree with you anymore”
Josh Justice mastodon (AP)
It’s a great title, I loved it when I saw it in passing 😃

A few other title ideas, not nearly as good, but something:

- If I ever do something about JS in general I want to call it “Just JavaScript with Josh Justice”
- I thought about doing some kind of ECMAScript resource with a Mega Man theme and titling it “ES20XX”
Devon mastodon (AP)
Those are great. I'd be a little scared to name anything "ES20XX" for fear it might imply it would always be current with the latest standard. 😅

Nation.Cymru mastodon (AP)
The independent producer, broadcaster and writer will step into her new role in August

Robert W. Gehl mastodon (AP)

Content warning: uspol, guns

It's nice to see a new journal addition to the Neon Kiosk.

Hail the king and queen of rock'n'roll. Absolutely unparalleled.

I'm pleased to announce:

Libre X230 has also reduced in price by £40, *temporarily*. I've recently acquired a large bulk of these machines, for a lower price than usual.

Coreboot and Debian Linux pre-installed. Secure, private. Freedom!

The distro of coreboot is osboot, which I maintain myself. Sales fund development.

Get it here:
thanks for your input. My preferred keyboard layout is the German one and if I wanted to learn another one, it'd be the default US one. With that in mind, I'd have to get a replacement keyboard with the desired layout either way. I could send you the UK one I don't need once it's been replaced, just to annoy you a little bit ;)
LINux on MOBile mastodon (AP)
UK is ISO and therefore IMHO easier to learn than US (ANSI), as keys have the same layout (I always have issues with Enter when on an US layout, as it breaks muscle memory). If generally don't have to look for keys, UK works fine for typing DE QWERTZ.

Nation.Cymru mastodon (AP)
Having her car ‘kicked in’, faeces ‘rubbed into the house’ and a delivery of dead flowers are just some of the ordeals one councillor has endured
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