learning a bytecode gemini://

i want to get comfy in here so i can build up to bootstrapping FORTH and/or maybe experimenting with some ideas from factor
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@ [xj9]CHAOTIC CUTIE Such an amazing read. That's when Forth clicked, well clicked even harder, for me.

MLK Day isn't just an opportunity to remember Dr King; it's also a moment to contest his legacy - to remember him for who he was, a radical anti-capitalist who believed that racism was a tool first and foremost for class oppression.

Thankfully, we have a wealth of primary and secondary King material online and open access, especially in the Internet Archive.

The "descendants" Hugo sought to protect were the ideological descendants of great writers: the people who had been inspired by their ideas and wanted to carry them forward.

King had far more to say than simply deploring violence. He was a towering, radical, revolutionary figure. If we are to defend his legacy, we must start by rejecting the erasure of his political and economic program.

The treasure trove of King's work that we can access today - and every day - are the raw materials for carrying out his legacy and his program: for changing our society into a fundamentally more just, kind and sustainable one.


Ever walked through a grocery store and thought, this, all of this, it's all garbage.
_/🌱\_ mastodon (AP)
It's awful and I hate it. But perhaps more deeply I hate how much it influences me
maybe not all is garbage, but yes. In various places around the world there are grocery stores with a balanced selection and others that mostly stock on convenience food.

Really liked the St. Lawrence Market, George’s Independent and obviously Whole Foods in Toronto, btw. Judging from what Maps shows for Victoria, though, it looks a bit more difficult to find similar stores there.

NYbill mastodon (AP)
Should we throw a shrimp on the barbie?

Kevie mastodon (AP)
cheers, I think it's time for a beer too 🍻
NYbill mastodon (AP)
/me clinks glass
cheers 🍻 I'm enjoying s Dark Druid Stout by the White Hag Brewing Co

It's my own design
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
Of freedom and of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever

Everybody wants to write a Forth
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Danny O'B mastodon (AP)
I've got to say that I feel that the Common Lisp community is Eitaro Fukamachi and a bunch of people hoping he's doing okay.

There are 350 pages of photos by him at Flickr

from 2007-2010

# #

Kevie mastodon (AP)
# Moonshiners #

Luke mastodon (AP)
Whilst I can make lovely white bread with my eyes shut whenever I try to make a wholemeal loaf it is a disaster. What am I doing wrong?
Luke mastodon (AP)
The difference between the Fediverse and Twitter: on Twitter I got one useful answer and lots of stupid ones. On the Fediverse I got lots of useful answers and 1 stupid one. ;)
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Basil mastodon (AP)
stop advertising twitter on fedi. Folk don't like that.

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I wish Captain Planet had done what he promised
Kevie mastodon (AP)
wow that's a blast from the past: Captain Planet, earth, fire, wind, water and heart

_/🌱\_ mastodon (AP)
Found these manual hair clippers at a second hand store today.

Spending part of today restoring this. #
keep em well oiled or they'll just break, we had a pair and we let it rust and die by not taking care of it.
_/🌱\_ mastodon (AP)
got the wd40 ready

I have, for a long time, wanted to try to make my own sail maker's palm (a leather device worn on the hand, used to push the heavy needles used by traditional sail makers through canvas) but couldn't find the little metal bits that do the actual pushing online. So no I'm making my own down at the Rochester makerspace on this fine #
A compass and an automatic center punch sit on a particle board table next to some metal pieces with geometric patterns of small divots on then
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I'll be deleting my Fediverse account at the end of the weekend (along with Twitter and a few others).

If you want to hang out with me in a respectful, happy, nerdy atmosphere, do so at
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Dave Morriss mastodon (AP)
A sad day today. We lost our little cat Misty to cancer. She was my daughter's cat really but she'd been my nearly constant companion for the past 11 years. She was a rescue cat we adopted on the 31st January 2010; a cute little tortoiseshell. RIP little buddy!
Kevie mastodon (AP)
that's a shame, sorry for the loss of your long time pet. Raise a glass for them tonight 🥃
Dave Morriss mastodon (AP)
Thanks Kevie. Much appreciated

WhatsApp facing up to €50M privacy fine

The draft penalty would be one of the largest under the European Union’s data protection rules.
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I'm happy to announce that # # 2021.1 is now complete. It's available at

A full changelog is included in the source, but a summary:

- conditionals now treat non-zero as true
- the full image is smaller
- several obscure bugs were fixed
- code and test block delimiters in Unu now user definable
- refactored the assembler
- refactored & expanded python implementation of Nga
- added a full python implementation of the build tools
- added a nim implementation of Nga
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J'adore... Pas vous?
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Fui al aserradero de Coacoatzintla. Una maravilla; súper amables, bueno, bonito y barato. #

Hey programming nerds,

I’m going to be teaching a class on low level system programming, mostly in C, starting in February. The textbook keeps recommending people read K&R. As you know, K&R is quite old and contains much advice that is either obsolete or flat-out wrong by modern standards.

I would like to have an alternative to recommend to my students, but I learned C so long ago that I have no idea what’s out there. Please suggest books.
@brainwane Zed A. Shaw's "Learn C the Hard Way". Focuses on modern tools, practices, and defensive programming. Actually reminds you all the time about C's undefined behavior and footguns.

Kevie mastodon (AP)
It's rum o'clock, enjoying a Trawler Rum and coke. Cheers everybody
Thomas mastodon (AP)
Cheers ☺️

my orca-toy just swallowed a zx spectrum

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🤘 the zx font you used is the @whtrbt variant :D
whtrbt mastodon (AP)
I thought it was this!
I love how the chr format is used all over the place right now, that means that all these tiles/sprites are interoperable between all these apps.
whtrbt mastodon (AP)
my variant has the fancy 'i' now, is this the first one I did?
it was taken from the left repo before the last update.

*taking first steps into 9p*
TobTobXX mastodon (AP)
I really gotta reasearch WHAT plan 9 is. I hear it all over the place but don't know what it is. Some kind of alternative to GNU coreutils?
it's not a unix, it's a different hobby operating system. It's popular on here because it's built from the ground up with very sane designs.

Sucks that Margaret Killjoy is not on the fediverse.
YET (hopefully)
I have a few friends in common (IRL and online), and I thought there was some synchronicity between y'all's posts!

Nash ActivityPub
that's LGR's midi-mountian before he put it in a rack :D

Webcomic Bot pleroma (AP)
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

yeah it is
calcifer mastodon (AP)
yay! I finally found it, thank you!

Evidence: The Last Report (Microïds, 1996) #
"Evidence" is a French game, so of course it couldn't just be content with being a terrible adventure game. It had to be a terrible FPS as well. #
brennen mastodon (AP)
that looks horrible, but i will say the lighting is actually kind of evocative
pizza_pal mastodon (AP)
looks a lot like the basement of this apartment building i used to live in...

Do you remember?

Well. That's a first. Someone boosted a toot I posted 250 days ago, at the beginning of Covid. I guess we've gone full circle.
maybe they found it through search?
Julien Deswaef mastodon (AP)
probably, or via hashtag. What surprised me is that the topic might be up "in the news" again.

i quite dislike linux

it's just such an absolute overly complex mess that i just kind of lean back and sigh

it's really hard to go back to it after using actually cohesive operating systems like openbsd or plan 9

maybe someday i should look at haiku
if you want to use “mainstream” software than netbsd or openbsd is nice

freebsd is for experimental file systems and nothin else

idk about any others
I ran netBSD as main for a month and it was hard to get anything at all to run that wasn't totally experimental 🤚
dog star mastodon (AP)
that’s good to know! i used openbsd for a long time and was able to have an adequate web browser and all the software i needed for a number of projects
my personal dev stuff might run ok on netbsd. its much, much easier if I don't have to bring my professional tools with me. audio stuff who knows though
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