I was reading a heated and annoying discussion that there is no point to link to, and it didn't even come up with an answer anyway. But here was the point:

What does RISC-V offer over the other unrestricted (?) and royalty-free (?) ISA specifications mips, sparc and power?

I'm guessing the answer has something to do with complexity, orthogonality, extensibility and modularity?

Maybe also the network effect of the hype, that it's good because people think it is good, and therefore there is an up-to-date ecosystem of software and hardware?

Is there a patent situation around the others? I remember hearing that the Loongson implementation of MIPS skipped an instruction or two due to that, or some addressing mode. I think I also remember reading that those patents have now expired. Has something really happened on the MIPS ISA front this side of the millennium?
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Mips lost to arm and really died a while back, it'll die completely when router silicon stop using it. The other ones like openrisc have the same problem, arm ate their lunch. It means they are not a convincing negotiation tactic against, or competitor to, arm.

Riscv hasn't lost to arm and has companies and money behind it.

For normal devs it's all meaningless, they can't fab silicon and so long as clang and gcc are there, it's just another arch they can support perfectly well.
@degenerating degenerate I appreciate your answer, and it's the impression i have as well, but frankly it's a bit of a non-answer answer that just leads to repeating the question:

What is the advantage for someone implementing a RISC-V CPU compared to a MIPS CPU? It's a new CPU either way, it doesn't matter that people prefer some specific ARM implementation over some specific MIPS implementation. Is there something inherent in these other ISAs that make them more expensive to produce or more expensive to run?
Basically, what does it mean for an ISA to die? RISC-V has people promoting it, is that the difference?
... that make their implementations* more expensive ...
i have a hard time getting excited about new hardware. its nice, i guess, that there's an ISA that's patent free and stuff. doesn't really help with the massive pile of "trash" hardware that keeps building up.

personally, i care more about making sure we don't forget how to do useful things with the old stuff. idk what a good balance is either. not being so enthusiastic about every new thing is a good first step i think.

making faces is pointless, you must press the blue button

The cockpit drain of our boat runs by the engine room and under the floor to a thru-hull(red), we wondering why it doesn't go straight out over the waterline?

Any idea # fedi?
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interesting... on mine, the through-hull is in about the same place but the drains are directly above them. i would have thought that you'd want the hoses as short as possible: easier to clean out if they get blocked up
Because a wave slamming into the stern overhang could force water up the drain and make a nice fountain shooting into the cockpit.

Had this happen on our heads sink once (wave slammed into the side just right). Result was water dripping from the ceiling. Unpleasant.

shmeh i sort of feel like continuing that tutorial on Common LISP web backend coding, but the code is on my laptop and i kind of cbf getting it off it and onto my terminal

Ubuntu keeps booting into emergency mode and won't even tell me why aaargh.

Maybe that's the opportunity to switch to GuixSD.
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Ok, it was home drive fsck, excuse for distro hopping averted.
The magic incantation was:

journalctl -xe
that is a powerful spell
@ߋߡۺ৩֎ Actually journalctl would have done it too.

I guess it says something to a modern Linux system's credit that after several years I still haven't been forced to really learn how journalctl is called.
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i've switched distros for less justification.
@Jason_Dodd I need this computer for work and it has a manual xorg.conf addition for a touch screen, so I'll hold off. =)

# is only an ISA and the physical implementation can take any form as long as they respond to the same instructions the same way

Linux currently supports the G extension (which assumes MAFD: Math, Atomic, Floating point, and Double floating point extensions on top of the Integer extension required by all) in 64bit

Which means it would also help to have a hardware standard like Mini-ITX or PC/104 to go along with it. Even better if an existing outfit, like Pine64, switches to a RISC-V CPU
Coming very soon. Right now the only real game in town is SiFive, but I expect Alibaba Group and Expressif (a la ESP32) to come up with their own variants at very low prices soon

Espressif already has a 32bit version with bluetooth and WiFi, since they're mostly targeting the MCU and microcontroller market, but it can't run Linux

Sending .patch file over matrix attachments isn't the way to do software development.

Flatpak is in fact quite horrible to work with. So horrible I'm building yet another layer of abstraction around it

Sigrid has a /now page :D

> choco
> nuget
why does windows get candies as package managers
UEFI should, generally speaking, not exist. Neither should Secure Boot, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

playing with my new computer...
detail photo of a paper sheet printed with cells. the cells are numbered and there is some text inside them. black beans and lentils are positioned over the cells.
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I have a reverse Dr. Jill Biden situation. My home electronics store calls me Dr. Claes Wallin and I cannot find where to change it.
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Why would your electronics store refer to you by name?
@Elias Mårtenson Because I have a membership and because they print names on receipts and ship things to my home.

💐 Flore des serres et des jardins de l'Europe
A Gand: chez Louis van Houtte, eÌditeur, 1845-1880.
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Hey, my name is Kevin. I am new to Mastodon and haven't used social media in a while. I am looking forward to getting more comfortable participating in the public parts of the internet. I write software for mainframes for a living. In my free time I do a bit more programming, mess around with Linux/self hosting, and play video games. #
Yeah, sometimes a tiny program written in assembly is the easiest way to do a low level task. Mainframe assembler is pretty different than x86 and other assembly languages since it is backwards compatible to the programs written in the late 50's You can do things like switch back to 24 bit addressability modes despite modern mainframes being 64 bit. There are hundreds of instructions and a lot of them very high level.
@Kevin Ok, so is it assembly-assembly to the actual CPU, or is it like with the AS/400, that you code to a virtual machine and that code gets compiled again to the native platform?

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Thanks for the tip.
Reading the accompanying essay,

By "economics", he means the capitalist profession by that name. I used the word recently to mean something completely opposite and got "what?" questions, and I guess should stop using it because that's what people will think I mean....

What's a good replacement that means "provisioning all human and ecological needs"?
@bhaugen What is the opposite of the academic study of national scale movement of value?
@bhaugen > What's a good replacement that means "provisioning all human and ecological needs"?

Nation-scale resource stewardship, perhaps?
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Resource stewardship needs to be part of it. The required scale depends on the resource stewardship problem. Some problems, like climate change and pandemics, are international; some (like many ecological problems) are bioregional; some are even more local.
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Graeber is against what he calls "mainstream economics" and is not so much against what he calls "heterodox economics". So I'd be more heterodox than the heterodoxen.

So if you assume "value" is exchange value, measured in money, the opposite of "the opposite of the academic study of national scale movement of value" might by "the non-academic implementation (not study) of bioregional (not national) systems for provisioning human and ecological needs without national currencies".
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Gaah, typo much? Trying again.

"the opposite of the academic study of national scale movement of value" might be "the non-academic implementation (not study) of bioregional (not national) systems for provisioning human and ecological needs without national currencies".

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Also, I'm currently vibing to this:

Snoopy's Game Club (Accolade, 1992) #
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