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Did you know you can follow PeerTube channels, accounts and pages through RSS?

1. Go to the account, channel or page you want to subscribe to on PeerTube

2. Click on the "subscribe" button on the page you want

3. Select "RSS"

4. Alternatively, click on the RSS logo and select the format you want (RSS, atom, json).

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Screenshot of a PeerTube account page with the RSS option highlighted in the subscription drop downmenu
Screenshot of a PeerTube channel page with the RSS subscription option highlighted
Screenshot of a PeerTube local videos page with its RSS subscription option highlighted, allowing subscription to all new local videos for that instance

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Interview with Intern James this week's video. sorry to all, I've been a bit sick so wasn't able to make this more robust.

More to come later, there are more people I want to talk to!

Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
Capitalism causes some problems and makes many problems worse, but that doesn't mean "just remove capitalism and things'll sort themselves out" is an automatic solution.

Kind of subpost but not really, it's not the first time, just the latest example.

What will be put it its place? Not even "communism" or "anarchism" answers the question, because that's just the meta structure.
Hong Kong or Sweden
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@Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 Intriguing thread, this one. I'm probably leaning towards the "consider desired directions and frameworks, support those who change things for the better and make changes yourself, when you can" camp.

I'm not that enthusiastic about revolutions (or civil wars) as the best form of transition from one system to another - they often seem to incite counter-revolutions, to alienate people and to leave scars for generations. Maybe there's something about the idea that one system completely replaces another through a sudden event that doesn't quite sit well with me:
- each system addresses some unique aspects, neither system addresses every single one of them
- the existing system arrived at its current state through any number of changes
- has the new system been tried in a similar context? Has it been adapted to experience? Has it had its inevitable omissions addressed?
- proponents of the new system can still abuse the power they have gotten through the revolution
- being on the winning side exposes people to the illusion of being right while potentially harming others
@Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 Having said that, though...

At least one European country has moved from dictatorship to democracy through a revolution, and has since stayed a functioning democracy for more than 40 years: Portugal.

I will not pretend I know how that came to be, but my impression is there was a deliberate, honest direction towards a country for every citizen. If so, maybe that left fewer inhibiting scars and tensions, and kept the country from falling straight into chaos. (I'm sure there was enough hardship along the road.)

Content warning: rant on machine translations

oh god a question I always had about the implications of science fiction “universal translator” concepts is coming true

In that, if everyone is always immersed in automated translations, why would anyone even have the ability to learn a language in common with anyone else?
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@fluffy 💜 ✪▾̫✪ @Kielitaiteilija ja -tieteilijä Not even just why, but if you decided to learn, how would you do it if the universal translator keeps tricking you into hearing your own language? Mostly thinking of those implants here rather than some handheld device.

I guess you'd really want to have a way to turn the translator off, also for other reasons than wanting to learn the language. Sometimes not having to know everything a person is saying can be bliss. :-D

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Just added a page to my website describing my approach to learning Japanese through self-study, along with some of the resources I've found to be particularly helpful.
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Okay, thanks to @neauoire, this looks really better! you can try a temporary Flora instance at

# #
It's working now :) Looks great!
Thank you!!

With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mouse?
Where is my mouse?
Where is my mouse?
Way out in the backpack
See it hiding
photography people are all wondering loudly, hey camera makers, how come phones have excellent security, tracking built in, find my phone assists up the wazoo, but we get nothing?

it feels like most devices probably could or should have a buzz mode, a ping mode. where are you?! show yourself?! power down into low energy, enough to leave a couple days of periodic wake ups, listening to see if they should alert, & either go back to sleep or buzz.

Finally figured out why one host on my network (the most important one) was unreachable from WireGuard clients, and it's because Docker keeps allocating a /20 for a container's bridge network, which covers the WG client subnet as well.

Every up/down seems to allocate addresses at random, sometimes in 172.x.0.0/16, other times in 192.168.x/20. So every restart is a crapshoot.

The setting to control this is completely undocumented.
Docker is the worst

Chronicles of the Sword (Synthetic Dimensions/Psygnosis, 1996) #

Seems like I've made a ceasefire agreement with the workers at the construction site that used to be the nicest place in the neighbourhood before they began tearing it up. They're leaving a hole in the fence so that my dog and I can pass through there, and in return I'm not making any more holes.
carrying that pair of wire cutters is really paying off this years, isn't it
As does being able to kick very hard

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A Japanese-style room in a van.
💀 mastodon (AP)
The table is such a nice idea
R E K mastodon (AP)
It is! Also sleeping on a futon on a tatami floor makes a ton of sense in a small space (i imagin it's what they're doing).

Today I learned:

1. That there is a Canadian Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve.

2. That this Strategic Resource was robbed in what is known as the Great Maple Syrup Heist.

3. That Canucks are using that Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve to keep on supplying the rest of the world with syrupy goodness.

I want the world to be run by the Canadians and the Scandinavians. The Dutch can take care of the bicycle paths, but that's the only exception.
It's funny, listening to CBC radio this week, and the economy reporter first talked about some of the USA's strategic oil reserve used to lower prices of oil. And next he mentioned the Canadian strategic maple syrup reserve, saying they would dip into it this year because they had a low production run last year.

Clearly, in Canada, we have our priorities straight.
Canadian vehicles and powerplants run on maple syrup.
Now, I want someone to design a kick-ass T-shirt with a logo that reads: "Canada Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve" in big bold letters on the front and "Staff" on the back.

Or, even better: "I *Robbed* the Canada Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve".

Come on, Mastodon! Let's do this thing!

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One nuance that keeps catching me in # is the addressing of the different memory locations and devices. There are two stacks you have access to: the main stack and the return stack. Directives refer to the former by default but appending an `r` to any directive makes it operate on the return stack. Additionally, memory before address `0x0100` is dedicated as the "zero page" and can be referenced with a one-byte address.
Andrew mastodon (AP)
TIL! Does that mean the compiler peaks ahead and if it's an LDA it prepends a `#00` the the address?
No, no.

The zero-page is at 0000-00ff, so a byte is enough to access it with LDZ, but it's still present in memory, so you can use the full absolute address if you like.
sometimes I keep strings in the zero-page like paths or whatever, I have fast routines to modify that text, but I use generic string printing routines that expect a short, so I use a short even if it's in the zero-page.
Andrew mastodon (AP)
Ah, I forgot about zero-page addressing with `.` and missed the difference in your example. That makes sense now

Now I'm looking up what topped the charts in the 80s. There's a lot of songs in there that I thought were made in the 70s. I guess I do like 80s music, just not the chart toppers though. There is a 90s band that I like as well, The Traveling Wilburys.
It's funny how the 80s seem to be all the craze now. Back at the end of the 90s and the early aughts, the 80s had a really bad rep.
It's funny you mentioned that. I have the same thought. I still have a negative opinion on the 80s though (although I didn't live during that period). Yes, the 90s weren't that great either. That transition from disco to beige, oof. So much beige.
I spent my teens in the 80s. Hearing 80s music during my indoors stationary bike sessions (AKA spinning) played by 20 and 30-year old trainers is kind of funny to me. For them it's "vintage", for me it was just yesterday!

I have good memories of 90s music, but I have a big soft spot for the 70s.
The 80s weren't all A Flock of Seagulls. It was also the age of "post-punk", which became "indy", which was labelled "alternative" and "grunge" in the 90s by the industry when it tried to colonise it, and then around the turn of the century it became "post-punk revival".

I'd like to know where all the cool kids hang out now, because in the age of 99c per track, I don't see any cool kids.

lol, all of those classifications are confusing. To me they sound the same except for grunge.

I am sure I can tell who's got the covid and who hasn't from the sound of the cough!
they also trained dogs (or something) to do that in airports :blobFoxLikeTrue:


A snapped application to make installation of appimages easier. Quick, someone make an appimage of flatpak, to complete the set! #
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well you already have Flatpaks (and likely snaps) packages of Electron apps, that thing that is suppoded to be cross platform.
Someday someone will make an Electron app, inside a flatpak that is inside a spap which is inside docker containers.
'cause, why not...

Working on my game in # and I found this kind of neat: you can see the fifth element on the stack tracking the Y coordinate of the missile when in debug mode :)
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I would really want to have something like Pidgin but for the current generation of IM.

That is, a multi-protocol IM that supports Briar, Signal, Wire, Threema, (and some others I don't care about).

A single client to rule them all.

We used to have it with Pidgin for Jabber, ICQ, etc. Why can't we have nice things now?
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current design conventions are in the sense that multiprotocols is not good.

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Southampton, like Leeds, know how to ship goals.

Figured out how to make the GTK boxes with rounded corners :)
João Azevedo mastodon (AP)
Any plans to support FedEx and DHL?
Martijn Braam mastodon (AP)
i don't usually get FedEx shipments. I'll add DHL on my next DHL package :p
João Azevedo mastodon (AP)
For the Lulz of it, I packged it as DEB. It was quite simple to do.
Martijn Braam mastodon (AP)
DEB packaging simple? interesting
João Azevedo mastodon (AP)
took like 30 min. It helped that your app does not have many dependencies and it was easy to find them.
There are several tools to automomate deb packaging. And to automagically create boilerplate templates that you just need to adjust.
Martijn Braam mastodon (AP)
I always try to keep the dependencies minimal, since I'll also have to package it for Alpine.
João Azevedo mastodon (AP)
And kudos on the round corners

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@neauoire you may have mentioned this already, but I was wondering about your games/apps that were previously available on iPhone etc. Did you have any intention of making them available again, if there was someone willing to put up with Apple's shit (me) ?
they're open source and MIT licensed you could put them up if you like

Who's doing Advent Of Code this year? Which language?

Marcin Koziej mastodon (AP)
Thinking about Dart actually. It seems to be a good language to make apps for both web and mobile, and without having to deal with JS+React
Geert mastodon (AP)
After fooling around for a few days, I realize I have to sharpen my uxntal axe a bit more before attempting an aoc :-)
So.. probably clojure (although kotlin is still nagging me). I got enough kotlin during my day job, so might as well go for a breath of fresh air in a lisp.

Classic Spanish PC platformer "Risky Woods" has been added to GOG's catalog:

Hong Kong or Sweden
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
@sim I'll let you know if they're worth listening to. =)
sim pleroma (AP)
Oh! Thank you. That would be good to know.

Went swimming today.. got about 1.25+ km in.. about 50 min..

I lost count of how many lengths at about 30.. so did some extra ones.. about 60+ in total

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I'm still looking for the other 6 members of the band that are hidden somewhere. ;-)
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Hehe. I think she was the first solo with looping artist I saw. (Not live, on tv)

I'm in a bar and it's is full of people being openly straight.

It's nice they feel comfortable with their sexuality.. but do they need to be so open about it?

They have even got babies with with them.. look.. we know what you get up too.. I've seen videos n stuff .. do do you really need to flaunt it

I didn't feel like death today!

Hey Fedi,

I tried making a webpage with answers to some questions people could have about Mastodon.
What do you think about it?
Are there things I should add or improve?
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No os quiero enamorar, pero... (II)
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A mi el tofu a palo seco no me emociona. 🤣

One of the cool things I learned researching things for the novella I'm working on is that during Japan's Kamakura period, mothers and fathers not only held property independently of each other, they transmitted it individually down separate lines of descent.

Married couples could choose separate heirs! Some women adopted heirs to continue their line; heirs could be female.

Here's a link to the rest of my notes into different inheritance systems, if you're curious:

Did you draw this?
If not, do you know who did?
wow, NFTs are old

Would you like to do a PhD with me in # and/or # ?

A number of PhD scholarships are available in my dept, Glasgow Univ Computing Science. Please contact me if interested. Deadline: 31 January 2022

more sites need to be just plain html

Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
I miss that Adventure Time RPG within the episode that they went and made a real mobile game. I don't even remember the name now.
Hong Kong or Sweden
Claes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
The name of the Magic-like card game in Adventure Time episode was, you guessed it now, # .
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