Ruben friendica
I've never known rain like that in sunny Sawtell.
Ruben friendica
Re is showing me pictures from her social feed of submerged houses from back your way. Have you got water frontage yet? That'll make the rent go up.
Yesterday was a bit dicey. I'm used to wading home in the afternoon/evening, but this was the first time that it was so bad by noon that getting upstream to # made me empathise with salmon. When I got to work I emptied about a cup of water from each boot.

Just drizzle today. Even saw the sun a couple of times. More big falls over the next few days, but there's no big tides till the end of the month, so no prospect of flooding. Pity. Could have done with the excitement, Would have made the daily drenching part of an exciting narrative.

By Wednesday it will be "Bono estente, nimbo cumulous. Bono estente scorchio!"