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@Ruben Careful! That place name is pushing it. People might twig.

On an unrelated note, yesterday I took my parents to visit scenic Jainman's Field, near the historic Werstjobbe lobster fishing wharf. Caught the ferry out to Middle Finger for morning tea at the cafe. I've never had such surly service. On the way back we stopped at the old Desokkonna Pub for the afternoon concert. Rubbish singer had the gall to ask "what do you think of it so far?"

All in all, absolute disaster. Probably should have taken them out to the vicarage at Dikkemmorri and the neighbouring Warnowtgags Cemetery, then on to take in the celebrated tour of the saxophone workshop at Beni Hill, but the stories about it being quite sexist up there, not to mention cruel to bald men, have always kept me away.

Anyway, this level of detail about everyday life in # should put to rest any of those silly conspiracy theories that it is an entirely fictional country. Ha, ha!
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