Stumbled across a lovely HD copy of Local Hero on The Platform That Shall Not be Named: I've been drinking all afternoon, so hell yes, it's time for the annual #. You know you want to.
"Thank you for calling. Knox Oil and Ga-as."
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thanks, too many years without watching it and right now is what I need.
"Whose baby?"

[Awkward silence]
Peter Capaldi. Absolute natural. Punk/goth musician and stand-up comic who'd never acted in his life before.

"The North Atlantic drift comes in here. That's warmish water from the Caribbean. That's why it's special here. There's stuff fetching up here all the way from the Bahamas."

"Oh that's a long way."

"Do you swim?"

"Not that far."
"We've been invaded by America. We're all going to be rich."


"We won't have anywhere to call home, but we'll be stinking rich."
"Four generations have worked on that farm. Digging and draining and planting. Years and years, and it comes to this."

"Aye, strange times, Archie. What was it Gordon Urquhart offered you?"

"One and a half million in cash, plus two percent of the relocation fund, and a share in the oilfield revenues."

"Aye, strange times. Strange times."
"It's their place, Mac. They have a right to make what they can of it. You can't eat scenery. Cheers."
Best, most raw, honest and revealing "making of" ever:

Long live Melvyn Bragg.

Jesus: he's nearly a year older than my dad. My parents have been insisting they're not long for this world for over twenty years. Whenever I listen to In Our Time, I still see the same cuddly mop-topped bloke from the 80s.