e. hashman mastodon (AP)
We are calling for RMS to be removed from all leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the FSF and GNU, and for the FSF board to resign. Join us.
adb mastodon (AP)
sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you? worrying about RMS and shit and having a letter in # a privative service, what kind of joke is this?

it is like: "lets meet in a butcher shop to sign a letter against the leader of that vegan organization"

no one doing it have any moral to call RMS a "dangerous force in the free software community"

just my opinion 🙂
Jacob mastodon (AP)
What’s wrong with using GitHub to promote ideas in the FOSS community? You may not like it, and I will admit that it’s not exactly ideal that it’s owned by Microsoft, but it’s an integral part of the FOSS community nonetheless.

Also, I don’t see why doing something imperfectly removes someone’s right to complain about someone else in a position of much greater power doing something far worse.
@Jacob @e. hashman @adb Github Pages isn't a unique service and the site is one Markdown file. It could be hosted on Codeberg Pages, Gitlab Pages or even Openshift without much fuss. Or on the infrastructure of one of the free software and open source projects that have signed on.

I get how pragmatic open source projects solving specific domain problems wouldn't mind much hanging around Github, but moral criticism of a free software project really should be coming from higher ground.
e. hashman mastodon (AP)
we tried GitLab pages first and literally couldn't get them working 🙃
@e. hashman @Jacob That's funny, but it's more embarrassing than funny. My boomer dad's church homepage runs on Gitlab Pages since years without a hitch.
I dunno man, I'm getting a strong vibe off of this.
@varx - social alt @adb The difference is that participating in society without using a smartphone built on extractive labor practices is difficult, time-consuming and/or expensive, but publishing one markdown file without involving a proprietary service that tries to monopolize open source attention is easy and free of charge.
Houkime mastodon (AP)
People are complex.
People are different.
People are irreducable.
Unknowable, even.

This letter is manipulative.
It reduces a person to a set of labels and calls for action.

Even worse, it implies that differing opinions alone are a valid cause to intrude into his life and to separate a person from his life's work.

And not only him, but other people as well.

@Houkime @e. hashman The letter points out why one person's actions make his presence at this point more harmful than helpful.

If he loves his life's work and understands the problem, he should voluntarily stay away. But he doesn't understand the problem, and neither does the board that let him back.

The best people to provide moral guidance to the board are no longer on it, they've given up and distanced themselves from the sinking ship.
Ruben friendica
I just don't know what to think about this. I'm too far removed from it all. However I think it's just a bit sad from all sides.
Ruben friendica
Well actually (after a drink or two), RMS has been a tad insensitive, not enough to damn him though. The 'newly enraged' picking over all his misdemeanors and idiosyncrasies going back to the 80s seems to be over the top. It's personal character assassination. Unfortunately they have now fucked him and the FSF. He may as well step aside, he will keep triggering them. Out with the old in with the new.... #

I'll just put down my mug of cheap wine and step away from the keyboard...
e. hashman mastodon (AP)
Over 2500 individual signatures, nearly 50 organizational co-signers, and a dozen translations. 😳