I've taken to snacking during the day lately, which my explains why my belt has been getting tighter. So today I bought a bunch of celery on which to snack. Problem: my fridge, which comes with the flat, is barely larger than a hotel bar fridge. It is designed for ice, beer, and leftover takeaway, two out of three of which I can't afford.

My Scottish (possibly; what do I know?) soul recoils at the idea of paying the same amount for a small plastic wrapped bag of pre-cut celery sticks (which I might eat before it goes off) as for a whole bunch (which I probably won't).

So I've stuck the bunch in an ice cream container with a few millimetres of water, as if it were a bunch of flowers. Might work. #
Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson I do the same, celery just doesn't want to fit in a fridge. Mind you my partner doesn't approve of things like celery. 'For rabbits', she tells me as I dine on a few sticks of celery and carrots.