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Great style is timeless. The photo is from the 1930s, but this beach wear wouldn't look out of place in the present day. I particularly like the sunglasses.

It is presumably a staged photo, but conveys the feeling of a snapshot. Super!

BTW this is a *very* famous actress, from the golden age of Hollywood. Can you name her?

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A black & white photo showing a woman on a surf board. She is wearing a one-piece swimming costume, and sandals with a raised heel. Her wavy, shoulder length, blonde hair is tied back on her head, and she is wearing dark, circular sunglasses.
Norma Jeane Baker ?
I was almost obsessed with Marilyn Monroe (and the circumstances of her death) as a teenager. I had a massive poster of her looking surprised at the hot air blowing up from a grate stuck on my wall.
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I'm sure the teenage you was only interested in the photographic aesthetics.
Well yes. Obviously but there were traits there are were subsequently repeated later (for me)

Troubled childhood, misunderstood high profile genius, drug dependency, hangers-on coupled with a conspiracy theory.

Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis et al.

'They were so vulnerable. Why didn't we do anything ? If only we could have helped her/him !'
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It is the often discussed correlation between genius and an unstable personality. The creativity that comes from living on the edge, and often going beyond that point.
Yes. Totally agree re. 'tortured genius'.
...but it was a truly iconic image. To me at least.

Please remember on the same wall, I had a 3 page interview with Mark. E Smith pinned up with Blu-Tac.
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Sure was.

Not many people are instantly recognisable 65 years later.
My current desktop wallpaper, as it happens:

Scene from "The Seven-Year Itch". I took a (presumably fraudulent) sick day off school one day when that film was on the telly and oh, my! Apart from triggering adolescence in many a youngster, she was a brilliant comic actor who knew that to be funny you have to play it straight and truthful. Never given the respect she deserved.

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Yeah, I agree, she was a much more talented actress than she was given credit for.

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The right kind of era, but not Marilyn.
Back to the original quiz question - Fred Astaire's partner ?
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Ooh, she was a lot more than that.
Ok - so you have a 6 foot poster of Ginger Rogers on your wall. Fair enough :-)
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I wish I had. Actually, I'll need to see if such a thing is available.
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Clue: you might know her better as a dancer, even though she spent much more of her career time as an actress.
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"...backwards, and in high heels."
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Ginger Rogers
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Did you recognise her from the photo, or did my clue make it obvious?
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your clue. I know that quote well!