Paul Philippov mastodon (AP)
cats and flat usb cables don't mix well.
When he was younger, to get me to pay attention to him, my cat would go under my desk and nibble at the computer cables. Most of them still have tiny tooth marks. 😄
I once had a cat who loved gnawing on cables. Fortunately there was something about 240V power cables that was just not appetising, but ethernet cables and anything thinner were irresistible.

He died of cancer at a criminally young age. For about a decade afterward I kept a pair of old PC speakers, despite needing to drape the cables just so in order to maintain a circuit because they were partially gnawed through.
Had to put mine down two weeks ago, two months short of 17 years old. He had renal disease, and most probably cancer (the vet found a big mass in his abdomen, he was no longer feeding). Damn that was hard, he was my first animal companion. I'm much better now. I tried to give him the best life I could. 🙂
Just lost three to kidney failure in the space of about five years, the last about six months ago. It's lovely having several cats who grow up together, but that inevitably means you're going to be brutally hit by grief at the other end of the feline lifespan.

Do I want wealth, sex, romance, worldwide recognition of my extraordinary genius? Yes, a bit. But mostly I want a cat. Or two…
Paul Philippov mastodon (AP)
same here. but while regular cables can withstand tooth attacks, that tiny flat usb cable gave up too fast. i had to replace it with one in a braided nylon jacket, those are practically indestructable.