2020 Mixtape: Strings, Lockdown, Strong Women, and Whales
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Ruben friendica
2.2 gig. That should keep me entertained for the weekend. You're really on a roll, don't stop.
Ruben friendica
Love the commentary on the vids
Andy C pleroma (AP)
on 'Nightswimming'

'I could listen to it every day, and it would never fail to fascinate me'.

I'm not normally a one for shared playlists. After all, you like your music and I like mine. It really doesn't matter.

However, if you annotate each selection that makes it more interesting.

Considering something similar for my 'Funeral setlist'.
To the very limited extent that I listen to any new (or at least unfamiliar) music these days, I'm entirely dependent on bloggers whose feeds I follow, people in the fediverse, and randos scattered around other websites I occasionally visit posting links to YouTube (other content hosting options are available, but nobody uses them).

I wish I knew of a better way of finding interesting music. The music press outlets of my youth are either dead or in a Netscape-style corporate zombie state, "Rip. Mix. Burn." evolved into 99c per track, "free culture" got monetised into dinky little businesses selling CC-BY-NC license exemptions for cafe musak and corporate events, and John Peel is currently broadcasting from too far outside the five mile limit for my receiver.

I'd like to think that I've not yet heard most of the songs on my funeral setlist, but I very much fear that may not be the case, even if I live another fifty years.
Basil mastodon (AP)
I hereby coin: The funeral setlist coefficient.

A person's age when, unbeknownst to them, they have heard the majority of the songs that will make up their funeral setlist.
Andy C pleroma (AP)
Joking apart, I lost a long-standing school friend four years ago to leukaemia. He suffered a lot towards the end but asked us to nominate a song for his 'Memorial/Wake set list'.

I chose 'Eat Yerself Fitter' by The Mighty Fall. I wasn't trying to be clever of funny. When we were at school, we constantly obsessed about the band and delighted in 'Name this obscure Fall lyric' quizzes and I spent many happy hours round his house listening to all kinds of music. We both loved that song and he would often snarl the title if someone was eating some junk food.

I was in absolute pieces when I submitted my nomination. I didn't attend his funeral (racked by guilt for not seeing him when was actually alive) but his sister later told me - 'That was a fantastic choice and Mark would have just loved the irony'.

RIP mate.
WylieCoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Apparently Peter Sellers chose Glenn Miller's "In the mood" mainly because he knew Spike Milligan hated it. (possibly apocryphal)
I was tasked with this for my Father in law's funeral.
It was a humanist officiant. Music was "Nessen Dorma" and a reading of Rabbi Burns poem "Ay fond kiss".
Personally I would like some New Orleans jazz, but as I won't be there, it doesn't really matter to me.
Maybe "unrequited to the nth degree" by LWIII.
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
IIRC one of the most demanded songs, at least in UK, is "Always look at the bright side of life". @andyc @mjd @basil
WylieCoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
particularly like the lines.
"You're gonna be sorry that you treated me bad.
And if there's an afterlife I'll gloat and I'll be glad."
Ruben friendica
Nothing like planning ahead Andy. I'm thinking maybe a # would be more generally accessible.
Andy C pleroma (AP)
To be fair, I'm also planning a more uplifting, happy, 'Memorial, wake setlist' for when all the tears are spent and people adjourn to a dingy function room and exclaim 'Thank fuck that's over. Has he left enough money for a free bar ?'
Ruben friendica
That 1 Guy seems an unusual choice for you @Matthew Davidson he seems a little prog rock. What next Hawkwind? Pink Foyd? Alan Parsons Project?
@Ruben He used to be a lot more brief and to the point.

YouTube: That 1 Guy Mash (That1Guy)