Had a good day today. Lots of music in my head. Drank too much last night, and dealt with it by carrying on this morning. Sat in the park opposite #, but unlike @Kat MCP(NT4) MCSE(Win2K) I completely failed to score. This park is defective! I batted my gorgeous eyelashes and everything!

A good, short, slightly tipsy shift at work laughing with/at my colleagues. Feeling positive for the first time in a long while.
what a stylish hat and waistcoat! ❤️
Thank you sweetie.

The hat is a $20 paper fedora. I always wanted a roll-up fedora like Peter Davison had in Doctor Who, but it turns out they cost around $400. It would be cool to be able to roll up your hat and casually slip it in your jacket pocket, but in a climate where it's barely cool enough to wear a jacket for about a fortnight in late July, this isn't a killer feature.

The waistcoat I bought when I was twenty years old. Within a year I was too fat and horrible to fit in it, though I kept it for sentimental reasons. Now finally it's a bit roomy, if anything.

The ensemble is undermined by the fact that everything else is three sizes too large, but I'm determined to wear my fat clothes down to rags before refreshing my wardrobe. The shirt hangs down to my knees. I'd tuck it in, but my trousers are fastened just below my armpits.

I'm making comical sexy. How I don't get propositioned in the park is a complete mystery.
Ruben friendica
looking very debonair and fancy free, keep it up