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How that anyone has ever cast a single vote for this vapid cockwomble will remain a mystery to me until the end of my days.
WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Maybe @dick_turpin can explain it to you.😂
dick_turpin mastodon (AP)
It's fortunate that you are both in a minority then although unless something brilliant happens between now and May 2024 I suspect we will have the likes of

🤣 🤣 🤣
WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Actually, more people voted for other parties than voted for the Tories, So technically you are on the minority.
Bozo has his own car crashes, in fact he admitted as much.
dick_turpin mastodon (AP)
Ahahaha. Keep telling yourself that. We shall see in 2024. Everything else is just carping.
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WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Be careful what you wish for.
dick_turpin mastodon (AP)
So as always with public schoolboys they've been bloody idiots yet again. But I wonder which is better. A cynical government or a totally incompetent one?

All the consent bitching is not going to change anything. If Boris goes he will only be replaced given the Tories have just over 2yrs left. Labour is not going to make the same mistake as last time and call for a vote of no confidence. As for the other so-called parties, they're a joke and not even worth thinking about.
stannard mastodon (AP)
The "other" parties , should consider a combined approach with some pragmatic policies.
Then we may get a choice.
Meanwhile we have
Public school boys with no knowledge of how the real world works on both sides of the house.
Right, thats me done with politics............for now.
dick_turpin mastodon (AP)
TBH, it was a disgrace the way David Cameron treated the Liberals. They would be the Tories natural ally. Now they will never trust the Tories ever again. The problem is, Labour has no interest in building bridges with other parties either mainly because they're scared of any political views they don't have control of. (You don't get off that easy. 🤣 )
[Prefaced with deep, follower-losing, bridge-burning sigh.] Very few people did vote for Alexander "Comedy Persona" de Pfeffel Johnson. It's just that the Labour establishment preferred to sabotage its' own candidate for knowingly and with malice aforethought wearing a beard and the occasional cardigan. Oh, and for not being totally on board with Tory/Labour policies, since the two parties have effectively been one since the latter days of the Callaghan government.

And, having purged the rogue element, they'll happily lose another election "led" by a suit and a haircut who makes Ed Milliband look like Clint Eastwood because from a policy perspective, what difference would it make if they won? Plus, it's easier being the permanent opposition. Who wants the grief of being blamed for mismanaging the country all for a lousy knighthood?