Ruben friendica
My new bicycle arrived last week, today we became acquainted. First let me say I have been riding bicycles as my favourite form of transport since I was six and yet I am relatively new to SPD pedals. I bravely decided to order my new bike with some new fangled clip-your-shoes-on-pedals. I mean what could go wrong?

On today's bicycle trip I fell off everytime I hit a lump while pedalling up a hill. I had not realised how often I usually put my foot out for balance. There was six of those lumpy hills, I have the bruises and grazes to match. Falling whilst struggling to free my feet from the cleats results in the most ludicrous looking crashes.

The first crash whilst going up the track off Gossan Street toward the back of the football stadium was particularly excellent. I crunked up against a rock, came to an abrupt stop and keeled over. With increasing intensity as I fell, I tried unsuccessfully to lift my locked in feet off the pedals. I hit the ground and made an exasperated gasp as my momentum rolled me onto my back. With my feet still attached my new bicycle rode majestically into the air before coming to rest. I must have looked like a beleaguered beetle riding a bicycle... upside down. I turned my head as I lay there and saw a couple out for a morning walk. They had stopped with twin open mouths to watch my entertaining stunts.