Jamie pleroma (AP)
Good news. I’ve been cycling more since lockdown. Just home local councils implement some of it before people go back their old habits.
Basil mastodon (AP)
they have done some of the temporary stuff on Tyneside. There are some angry people on Facebook, let me tell you.
Basil mastodon (AP)
but here's a telling post.

After yesterday (when it began) there were tailbacks because of how drastically the council had closed lanes and redirected traffic.

A facebook post on the local group asking if the should take the motorway bypass.

So the A1 clips the south of gateshead and the north of newcastle.

Yet everyday people drive right through the middle of both when they could just as well go around. Probably takes the same time given traffic lights etc.
Basil mastodon (AP)
took a lot of self control to reply to the post telling people that they should always take the bypass if they aren't actually going to the towns they are driving through.
Basil mastodon (AP)
The proposed rule changes will ensure that “those road users who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to other road users”

Preach 🙏

“The objective of the Hierarchy of Road Users is not to give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders in every situation, but rather to ensure a more mutually respectful and considerate culture of safe and effective road use that benefits all users”
Basil mastodon (AP)
First Against the Wall. Cyclists that blast through crossing pedestrians because they spot a gap to thread through. Get in the bin, dickheads.

Basil mastodon (AP)
Love this from the first edition of the highway code.

Remember that all persons—pedestrians, cyclists, persons leading, riding or driving animals and the drivers of motor or horse-drawn vehicles—have the right to use the highway and an obligation to respect the rights of others. Good manners and consideration for others are as desirable and are as much appreciated on the road as elsewhere. Bear in mind the difficulties of others and try not to add to them.
Paladin mastodon (AP)
Nice code!
Ruben friendica
Some good intentions there, fingers crossed they implement some of it. I still remember doing my Cycling Proficiency Test before being allowed to ride to school unaccompanied. I think I was 9.
Basil mastodon (AP)
same. First time I looked over my shoulder I steered into the instructor and fell off.