Day off. Pubcrawling entirely unexplored West Melbourne. Heading up Spencer St to the more familiar North Melbourne. The Spencer is nice. Backpacker place, unclear distinction between staff and regulars.
Oh, yeah. On a tram. This is too easy and too good. What's the catch?
Ruben friendica
We had a tram on my street here in Broken Hill once. It was about a hundred years ago and ran on steam.

Spent the afternoon with #. Made good progress on some clever stuff. Then I just had to go and investigate this one trivial little detail that wasn't quite as I would like. Now I am in such a rage that I don't think I'll sleep a wink all night.
It's like you've just built the most glorious cathedral, perfect in every way. Then you notice one loose thread in a carpet and give it a little tug. A few hours later, you're standing in the middle of a barren plain of rubble and dust. #
Ruben friendica
and you ask yourself, "Why couldn't I just leave that little thread?! Why? Why did I have to destroy all that I built?! I could have been somebody...

As I am sure you remember Percy Shelley wrote about the first # developer, a chap called Ozy,

"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

# doesn't need to import violent neo-fascist bigots. We have more than enough of our own. #

I just bought a new PC monitor to replace the one that has been on the way out for months. Also wanted to use the opportunity to check out a place in North Richmond as a potential source of a new desktop system. As I told @Ruben recently, I'd prefer to buy from a bunch of knowledgeable socially-awkward nerds than from a chain store. "Aw, how sweet!" he said, "You do know that places like that don't exist any more."

Ye of little faith, I thought as I entered this morning. Cluster of twenty-something bros behind the counter, pockets bristling with biros. Shelves full of monster gaming rigs with transparent cases, gaudy neon lighting to show off the GPUs, and cooling fans that could propel a hovercraft.

After explaining my computer use pattern and being duly directed to the cheapest monitor they stock, I mentioned that I'd also be looking for a new PC to go with it shortly.

"One wrinkle," I said, "I'd prefer components that don't require non-free drivers, 'cos I'm running #

"What's that?"

Ruben friendica
I hate to say I told you so. My ever optimistic side immediately suggests we start a computer shop catering to intelligent freedom loving individuals but then...
With the benefit of hindsight, foolhardy business ventures are not our strong suit. I can't even manage a decent foolhardy hobby these days.

So I didn't configure cron properly, so my # 'workerqueue' InnoDB table has been quietly growing. I find the associated file is 20GB in size, which is too many GB.

Fixed the cron config, so the number of db rows is now sane, but it appears that to actually shrink an InnoDB file, you need to `OPTIMIZE TABLE`.

Any # gurus out there able to tell me whether this is dangerous on a server with only a couple of GB to spare (because of this one humungous file)?

Our eldest son Paul Co owns Beatdown Records, an independent record shop in Newcastle, and confirms these albums have remained popular throughout the decades.

Ruben friendica
Oh No! We're missing the Kenny and Dolly Tribute. The Hashbrown Cheeseburger Lunch Specials though are the same in every town in Australia.

Really enjoyed the 2022 # talk by @Danny O'B.

Not only because I need no explanation of any classic # reference. Not only because "It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for," is a phrase that has been metaphorically ringing through my life like a Tardis cloister bell since 1980. Not only because I'm now aware that @bidmead 🇺🇦 is in the #. Not only because I got into tech mainly so that I could understand the jokes in #. Not only because I was racking my brains recently trying to recall the name of the Franklin Street Statement (US presidents don't naturally spring to mind in much of the world). But also…

Actually the rest of it eludes me for the moment, but I do recall that I came away feeling inspired and — ahem — regenerated. Thanks, Danny!

2022 was a hard year. Mind you, so was 2021. And don't even talk to me about 2020. For that matter 2019 was no picnic. I think I see a pattern emerging.
Ruben friendica
...but _this_ time it'll be different...

Another year of Alan Bennett's Diary! I'm saving this for when I'm tucked up in bed this evening.

# John Bird. Very view of the satire boomers left now. So it goes.

For me, he will always be Ernie Hemmingway, Vice-Chancellor of Lowlands University, in A Very Peculiar Practice:

I've a lot of time for old George Monbiot. Doesn't look like he's joined the # yet, but at least he's making the point that he's still in the #. #

This is not the # I came to # to enjoy.

Ruben friendica
It's hot everywhere in Au ATM.
The hospital aircon is actually struggling today #

A beautiful chap riding his # was chased by a racist in a red ute. Despite this he begged leniency for her actions, “I don’t know if it is appropriate for me to say this,” Abdi says, “but in Australia they are obsessed with punishment. Crime and punishment”. For this alone and FWIW, he should be nominated for one of those Order of Australia Day things so the racist's can hear about him too.

It's interesting that the mainstream Australian Nine News (just for eaxmple) makes no mention of Abdi's country of origin. I know would if he had been the perpetrator.

It seems asinine but obvious that Australia's love of law & punishment is a result of the brutal colonial history. I'm glad Abdi has been noticed in a postive light by the Graunid at least. He deserves our respect, what a legend.

# # # #

Check the record, check the record, check the guy's track record.

Assembling my festive mixtape for 2022.

My friend PaulVC and I saw Billy, Cara, and Wiggy at the State Theatre either the night before or after (I can't remember) this went to air on channel 9 in Sydney.


Whether you are following from # at, # at a link like (or its RSS feed:, or # at, you should see the same thing. Read more

# about spoons. Now I know a) what people mean when they say they have no more spoons, and b) why I feel how I feel when I have no more spoons.

Could I get the hair growing on my ears transplanted to the top of my head? I know that nobody would notice the difference, but it's the principle of the thing, damn it!
Ruben friendica
ear hair is the crowning glory for middle age

Finally gotten around to migrating some content from my old # blog to the new. I've been copy-and-pasting feeds from my old # aggregator so that I can weed out the dead URLs. Of the first lot of 50, I've found 11 still live (and for some I had to scratch around to find a new URL). Some of the 39 missing are just dead blogs or projects past EOL, but the vast majority are revamped websites which replaced their feeds with a row of icons linking to proprietary platforms, including several government departments and public policy orgs who really ought to know better. #

When I was young and reasonably well-paid, # used to frustrate me because it was a waste of my time and somebody else's money. Now that I am old, I am perfectly happy to waste somebody else's money.

@Ruben This is on in Melbourne 14th - 16th March:

And this person is playing in Melbourne 15th - 17th March:

Just saying…
Huh. Okay, I obviously don't understand how far one is expected to plan ahead these days. Who on earth knows what they will be doing in four months time? Next week is a mystery, and tomorrow's pretty shaky. Maybe that's just me.
Ruben friendica
I suspect ticket touts plan ahead

Belgium is one step closer to secure users' right to deploy personal routers/modems. Regulatory proposal on telecommunications law ticks all boxes ✅ to allow #.

This is the result of advocacy & community building.

In EN, NL #
A phone socket and a router show where the network termination point can be set. The network termination point should be the passive physical point. Socket, passive point. <br /><br />Text: Public communication network. Domain of the ISP. ISP owns  the equipment. Router. <br /><br />Text: Private network of the end-user. Domain of the end user. End-user owns the equipment
Ruben friendica
If this was the case here could I run wi-fi and ethernet for my neighbours and share an internet conn?

Despite what free-market gurus tell us, government deficits are not inflationary. In the US, they have no connection to inflation ... at all.


Just been to the # # 10 release party. Man I suck at mingling, small-talk, elevator pitches, etc. Fortunately if I ever got good at those things I'd be mortified.

Entrepreneuerially awkward, and proud of it.

Even if he hadn’t written three of the most-loved # stories, Chris Boucher would be a legend for just this line:

"You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views, which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."

RIP Chris 💙💙
Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as the Doctor and Leela in “The Robots of Death”

Crossing Smith St to # at 6am. A week or so ago.

# #
Ruben friendica
Ballooning to work these days?
Afraid the wind was going in the wrong direction. Could have been Richmond night fill going home, though. Typical: they get company balloons; all we get is day-old donuts.

when I do an apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade, I still get a little shiver of awe at the contributions of so many people to a common good #
# #debian

# to the White Album. It really blows away the cobwebs. #

The # tells me that my second post on #, back in 2008, began with the whine "I am so pissed off with the pain of Drupal 6…" Looking forward to the release of # 10 in just over a week. #

Woken just past midnight by a text from a path lab telling me I don't have covid. Woken again six hours later by a text from work asking if I can come in ASAP, rather than at 11am. Still feel ill, though. But day off tomorrow. Not leaving the flat. # day all day! Woo-hoo!
Ruben friendica
It makes no sense, covid has made all other ailments invalid. I hope you feel better soon

Had to go out today. Dutch Vinyl in Abbotsford are selling a used copy of Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) for $100. Thing is, it's not from the original pressing which included (the ahem, somewhat derivative) "Desmond", nor from later editions that had "24 Hour Party People" as a replacement, but from the same intermediate vintage of my copy which contains neither.

I can't believe there's prestige to be had in owning a version of an album which contains not one song nor t'other, but there you go: I have it. If you have a time machine to take you to the 1980s, you too can have it for considerably less than $100.


Can't remember if I mentioned it at the time, so just in case, # Bernard Cribbins, now wombling free.
Peter friendica (via ActivityPub)
Wilfred Mott was one of my favourite characters from Doctor Who <3
And not Bernard's first trip in a TARDIS, though that one was invented by a human called "Dr. Who".

Ruben friendica
I remember my sister and brothers and I watching this on BBC 2. I kept waiting for the Doctor to come and save the plot.
Ruben friendica
Dear old Bernard Cribbins I always loved his bumbling ways

"In a very short period of time, a bunch of us accepted that a) the existence of that blue check is good, b) it’s gone—whatever happens with #, we’re never going to be able to fully trust it—and c) a realization that we in journalism had just outsourced that whole process, that whole decision-making, to whoever happened to work at Twitter. As a profession, we didn’t think, or at least I wasn’t part of any larger conversations, about the verification process. We just trusted that there was some office at Twitter that was making the right calls."

I had a dream last night that I had a # who could talk. Quite limited vocabulary; nothing remarkable.

@Ruben My friend Jack from # Speakers' Corner wants to know if you know anybody in # called Clement. Dave (the Socrates of Speakers' Corner) texted me last night with the enquiry. No context was given, so I can't say whether you should seek out or avoid Clement, but I can't imagine there are many Clements in the #.
Ruben friendica
As it happens I do. But then this is the Yabba. Although it's her surname not fir
Ruben friendica
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