Happy 20th birthday to #, and congratulations on reaching such a significant milestone. Drupal is a GPL'd web site revision system we use extensively at the FSF. Most recently, # registration!

Well, I think that's close to a record. # today grew from my rostered three hours to eleven. There's money to be made in having no life. High availability has always been my major selling point.

Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson
'Girlfriend in a Korma' takes it to a new level :D

For reasons of # neighbours I excused myself from home and hearth this evening and, after a jug of wine at the Bowlo, had the wobbly boot on for the first time in many a year. Thus inspired, it occurs to me that "Fuck the stewards, a trip to Lourdes would give the old fuckers the power of sight,' is the best couplet in lyrical history. #
Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson
My Mum has regularly volunteered to assist passengers in the 'Jumbulance' to Lourdes every year. She tells me she has witnessed no cures, yet.


Second day off in a row. That's when I usually sink into a drunken funk (Drunken Funk would be an awesome name for a rock band) and mindlessly play old computer games, so I went for a solo picnic at Bogan Bay instead. Low tide.

Watched some kids fail to catch yabbies. A couple taking their dog for a swim: let it of the leash whereupon it gaily splashed off with no apparent intention of ever returning. The man followed up to waist deep, while his wife waded up and down the periphery like a football coach with a bunch of skirt in one hand.

Some things are looking up, though:

I don't think I even know fifty people, much less a hundred. Certainly not in #, and not well enough to invite to a picnic. I've never been moved to incite a mass picnic, but in these uncertain times it's nice to know the spare capacity is there, should I need it.
Luke mastodon (AP)
sounds like a lovely day. What’s a yabby?
As it happens, I'm far too middle class to be able to answer that. (Consults Internet).

Right, now then: So it seems that as soon as his offspring are ambulatory, the Australian male will typically lead them out onto a creek bed at low tide with a bucket and a device that looks like a tyre pump.

This yabby pump will be applied to the creek bed, and the handle drawn up to extract a quantity of estuarine silt (loved their eponymous first album, but felt that "Silted Up" suffered from second album syndrome, and subsequently lost interest). This is then coughed up onto the ground and scrutinised by all present and anything judged interesting is put into the bucket.

Now watching this process, in my innocence, I assumed that the contents of a successful expedition's bucket was triumphantly taken home, possibly cooked, and consumed with lashings of tomato sauce, spongy white bread and canary-yellow margarine as the family bonded over a bit of light racist banter.

The truth, it turns out, is far worse. What you catch with a yabby pump is the young of the species ("nippers"), which you then use as (preferably live) bait on the end of a fishing line.

I don't get it. Whole industries exist to keep our carnivorous hands lily-white and untainted by blood and guts. Why take your kids out a full day of vertical-food-chain death and sunburn?

Oh, it's all too awful. I'm going to have a Morrissey moment. La da-di, da-dum, la-deedle-eedle dum. Sigh. That's better.

This is priceless. My wife Ashley's pumping and ready to pop, so get out there and give it a go:

The # is hot and sleepy today. My todo list can go hang.

Just finished watching series 2 of #. Holy cow, that was good. #
Luke mastodon (AP)
Great TV


I don't need a printer; I need a "Print to PO Box" driver. I print things about as often as I receive snail-mail (i.e. rarely), and it's never anything urgent, so why not double the utility of the thing that costs $150 a year?

Just pipe PostScript through an SSH connection to a server at Australia Post which counts pages then and bills for excess over my monthly allotment. No-brainer.

Had a good payday today, what with the two public holidays last week. Suddenly life doesn't seems so pointless. I am a shallow, shallow individual.
Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson
Here you go, this will get you back on track

I remember when I was a kid my mother singing a bit of this. As a consequence, I have never forgotten the date of the introduction of # decimal currency, either.

Note also the authentic Aussie accents. Nobody speaking in an official capacity, including cartoon characters, could be permitted to shatter the pretense that we were still part of the mother country until the 80s. Even satirical theatre luvvies couldn't whip out a long vowel or a soft consonent until Barry Humphries went to London to be granted Peter Cook's consent.

Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson I wonder which came first Slim Dusty or Rolf Harris before his downfall? my money's on Slim.

So new year's eve started auspiciously at the #. Last night there were some new year's eve eve festivities which descended into shrieking abuse, but that's pretty much par for the course.

Breaking Bad was going round this morning apologising for the noise. Breaking Bad, a youngish man with a shaved head and brand names across all his clothing, moved in a few months ago and is obviously a drug dealer. He spends most of his time sitting outside his flat, smoking and frowning at the ground between his feet. Young men with backwards baseball caps and ridiculously large, brightly-coloured trainers regularly pop by to see him. (Accented words like "cliché" have not yet made it this far north of Sydney.)

This evening I get home from work to the sound of more shrieking abuse coming from the pool area out back. Knowing better than to investigate, I get up to my flat and lock the screen door. From my window I was surprised to see it wasn't any of my neighbours, but a young woman going berserk, smashing up plant pots, and screaming at someone in the house over the back Colorbond fence.

Long story short, I witnessed my first Aloha drugs bust. By which I mean the young woman, who it turned out was carrying some ice, temazepam, and a stolen wallet, was quickly surrounded by more police than I've seen in one place since my days as a moderate radical and protest-goer. Breaking Bad, who turned up halfway through proceedings, and attracted renewed shrieking from the woman, received some polite questioning.

The woman, being indigenous, was bundled into a van, unlike Breaking Bad — who is merely walking around surrounded by big neon arrows labelled "drug dealer" pointing at him. Another case wrapped up, thanks to predictive policing.

New year's eve is young. Roll on #2021, the year I get out of this godawful town.

# #
"Spot the drug dealer" is one of my favourite games!

In my housing block young men, similarly attired as yours, gather, then a car turns up, and everyone goes into Flat 50.. 1/2 hour later they all exit, enveloped by the aroma of skunk and set off in their respective directions.
Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson
I thought I heard some trepidation in your voice when I spoke to you earlier. Admit it, you're going to miss Sunny Sawtell. Anything else would be so dull.

Buono estente,

This evening, I a' been mostly #:

Get it out before it's roughly taken down. Ooh! Suit you, sir.

I'll get me coat.

# #
Getting a video on # is rather like making love to a beautiful woman. First you have to create a false identity. Only then can you surreptitiously slip it in. Then it's all over in a few minutes, and it's just a matter of getting the word out.

Hangin' with my neighbours by the pool.

# #
Ruben friendica
A beauty. I'd rather share with a water-dragon than my oaf of a dog

I may be an atheist, but I'm eating while not at all hungry. If that's not Christmas, I don't know what is.

I suck at blogging. Here's something I mostly wrote a few years ago before some major life changes: # #

As somebody who bought every bootleg he could find in the 80s, and later torrented and listened to the whole 90-odd hours of Nagra reel recordings from the Get Back sessions, I'm so looking forward to this.

No amount of # punishment is too much.

Arranged to visit Auntie Chez today. She wasn't home, so as I was a bit hungover I went to the # RSL Club. Had a plate of cold soggy chip bits that made me wonder what I had done to so grievously offend the staff. Also a bottle of rosé that was quite confronting. On closer examination, the gold medallion on the label read "Kills 99% of all household germs."

You can stop anybody in Sawtell and ask "Have you seen Cheryl today?" and they'll know who you're enquiring after. She's that kind of person. Nobody in the club had, but eventually she turned up, and we had a lovely chat.

Now my head is spinning, because I'm not accustomed to socialising or full-strength wine. Think I'll do some washing up to buffer the comedown.

I'd really like to knock off # tomorrow before the off-license closes. The situation's getting a bit desperate here in the wine cave.

# Jeremy Bulloch. There was the Boba Fett thing later, but to millions he'll always be Hal the Archer from #.

Two questions: 1. Why have the number of serial killings in the US declined? 2. Why is a post about this illustrated with a photo of me menacingly peering over my glasses?

Oh, God. # to Tom Baker read his autobiography, helpless with laughter. #

I'm bored. Is it too late to join the # party?
Not at all. A 'Johnny Come Lately' aka 'Late Adopter' is always welcome. Plus you would immediately ascend to No. 1 in the 'Drupal Blogs' category.
Hey, less of that # dissing! It's a fantastic platform for the casual blogger who feels they may also shortly need to administer a major multinational scientific research establishment.

If #2020 had taught us anything, it's that we need to be ready for whatever comes our way. And I will be, after I've caught up on the many agonising upgrades I've been putting off since, ah, 2014.
# #Drupal
Hey, I love Drupal. I even used it for a while !
Ruben friendica
Billy the Pig's... I am intrigued.

And the rain just keeps coming. About 100mm from 9am to 6pm. There's a metre-long water dragon sitting by the # pool looking quite aggrieved. Not a lot of bugs around. Bad news if bugs are your diet. # #

Got soaked to the skin on the way home from # today. Not the worst soaking I've had; shoes full of water, but I didn't have to wade through any knee-height torrents. Most of the time I'm delighted I don't have to worry about owning a car. Once or twice a year, it can be a right bastard.

It would be nice if # council was in the business of providing footpaths and drainage. Saw one storm water drain cover which had been popped out of its socket by a geyser at some point, and a drainage ditch with the current running for its life in a westerly direction _away_ from the sea. At least another solid week of rain to come.

Of course I wouldn't get sodden socks and trousers if I wasn't such an effete Sydney type, and I just manned up and wore shorts and thongs, as nature intended.

Just got a call from my mum asking about the flooding in #. Wait. What?

Got a call at # yesterday afternoon from somebody in # asking if they could get their click and collect order bumped up a day, as they expected to be cut off today. But if three people in Bellingen flush their lavatories simultaneously the town's isolated for a day, so I thought nothing of it.

Come to think of it, it has been rather wild weather, but as the wine cave sits atop a tarmacced-over sand dune, it would require Old Testament divine intervention before I was immediately troubled by rising water. I briefly considered taking a wander down to the low-lying areas of the village for a stickybeak, but it does look rather damp and horrible out there, and I am so warm and dry in here.

# lives just metres away from Chinamans' Creek; maybe I should text her. Nah. No point poking a sleeping bear with a stick. Auntie Chez will call me if things get really exciting.
Ruben mastodon (AP)
Rain... I remember that stuff. We even had some a couple of times. Wettish as a remember, dried up quickly after

Slept in till lunchtime. Have not done that for many a year.
Oof. Not nurse's back is it? I hope you were just clambering around on your roof or doing one of the hundred or so other silly things you do.
Ruben mastodon (AP)
I just had a whole week off the floor, instead I was sat at a computer. I think that's what stuffed it. That and boulder running on Thursday morning with the dog.

Should be doing something productive on my day off, but sod it, I'm playing old computer games all day.
The angry hornets of lawn maintenance have descended on the grounds about the wine cave, in their distinctive bright yellow livery and floppy hats. We've only a few postage-stamp sized patches of lawn, but they spend hours gnawing away at it, buzzing furiously. Trying to ignore it. Not going anywhere in this heat. The sunshine is _everywhere_ around # today. No wonder we're attracting pests.

Hi-ho. Off to # in 30℃. Don't like summer.
It's not very hot, but it's a wet heat.
Ruben friendica
<shudder> clammy heat is the worst. Much happier in the air crisper that is #

Quite enjoyed # this:

Little new in it, as pretty much everybody involved is now dead. If, every few years, there's a "new" # documentary that's a mashup of old Beatles documentaries, who am I to complain?

The chap in the apartment block next door who spent hours last night laughing very loudly turns out this morning to also be a very loud vomiter. Poor fellow. #

My ex forwarded a PDF file to me this morning. I am now officially a divorced person! Woo-hoo!
Ruben friendica
A PDF seems appropriate, such a melancholy and soul-sapping medium.

"It's a barrel full of rainwater." Genius.

YouTube: Nightingales s02e04 All at Sea (tozmusictv)

Day off. Got tired of moping around so I went to Bogan Bay see if the bridge across the creek was still closed. It's not, and the tide is going out tomorrow afternoon, so if I'm feeling brave I may walk into # via the beach.

Picked some lantana flowers on my way back around the headland, and stuck them in a licensed Bill the Cat mug. Such a loss to the world of flower arranging.

There, that's brightened the place up a bit, hasn't it grandad? Are you ready for your custard? Y'like your custard, don't you?

Ruben friendica
Crikey, I don't know where your posts go. Maybe they take longer to get to Broken Hill. Sorry to hear about your lobster feet. Very impressed you did that walk, it's a long flat, long... flat beach. Serious flaneur training, though. Just think of the excitement when you do a similar walk along a pavement.
A very stimulating walk it is, too. I passed two fishermen and their four wheel drive. Exchanged nods with one of them.

Surprised they haven't upgraded the lavatories. No hand sanitiser. Still no plumbing, in fact. Sticking with the little shrubby trees theme, apparently.

# Des O'Connor.

Ruben mastodon (AP)
Crikey, not Des

I've come to sit in the park by mistake. Didn't occur to me that it's Sunday; not quite as peaceful as anticipated. Cars coming and going, and some sort of sporting carnival on at the surf club, with muzakal accompaniment in between announcements and starters' horns. And a woman two picnic tables down enjoying a long phone call on speaker. The phone's on the table in front of her but, in a voice like a squeegee across a car windscreen, she's shouting as though hailing somebody across the street. #
Ruben friendica
Continuing with the holiday in Bellingen. We are eating like Chihirios parents,
I keep dreaming about being homeless in the outback with my bicycle, some bread and a tin of sardines.
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