# to Siouxie.

YouTube: Siouxsie And The Banshees - Kiss Them For Me (SiouxsieBansheesVEVO)

For some reason, I distinctly recall watching this video while lying on the shag pile carpet in my grandparents' art deco bungalow in Strathfield, but the album came out five years too late for this to be possible.

Oh, well. It's a nice memory. Memories don't have to be true.

Wow. Just got a message from work: The store's been shut down until it's officially declared safe. All shifts today and tomorrow cancelled. May need people tomorrow to help clean up.

The roof of the aging shopping mall leaks in a light shower. I wouldn't be surprised if bits of it have given way completely.
Yep, the roof appears to be pretty much borked:
At this point, the reader is reminded that after two months off due to injury, I was due to go back to work on Monday. Not sure if there will be a place to go back to.
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The universe is trying to tell you something #

Somebody had an eventful night last night. Round here we have to make our own entertainment. #

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That would make a lovely postcard if we even have them anymore

Sometimes academia feels like a roomful of people painting themselves into a corner. When they're all packed in as tightly as possible, with no more room to move, the person nearest the corner wins.

Went into town this afternoon for the first time in three months. Narrowly missed a bus, so was stuck there till 6:30pm. They've strung lights on the trees in the town square, and it's rather pretty. As you can see, it really pulls in the punters.

No, that's not pandemic lockdown. That's what # Harbour has always been like: public space untainted by the public. Come 5pm, the shutters crash down on those shops not permanently boarded up, and all the respectable suburban molluscs withdraw back into their cosy Colorbond™ shells.
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"respectable suburban molluscs withdraw back into their cosy Colorbond™ shells" - sums up so much of Australia

This is just evil:

I have an all-in-one that I only use for scanning because a) I can't afford toner and b) I've not seen a dedicated scanner for sale since the 1990s. When I need to print (about once a year), I go to the library.


I didn't rush to get my first # vaccination, as there were plenty of people more old and infirm than myself still in the queue (well, not that many, but some). It seemed rude to push in, despite being an "essential" (i.e. low-paid) worker, given that # hasn't had a single case of community transmission since the first half of 2020.

Today, with post-operative cabin fever driving me up the wall, I resolved to go wild and blow more money than would be prudent on a beer or two at the # Hotel. We've been out of lockdown for months, but hotspots like # have only just joined us this week. The upshot of this state of affairs is that reopening pubs across the whole of New South Wales has been conditional upon restricting entry to people who can provide proof of _full_ vaccination. So the lifting of restrictions elsewhere has imposed new restrictions here.

I don't get my second shot for another three weeks. Aargh! I'm not an anti-vaxxer! I love science! Carl Sagan was my childhood hero! I don't cherish the freedom to get sick and die! Why should I be barred for being courteous?

It's lucky all the pubs round here are such miserable places. If you see me in the park, swigging from the bottle, stop and say hello. I'm half-vaccinated, have barely left my flat in months, and I'll have a mask with me.
The vaccinations are very important. It is entirely appropriate to take measures to enforce sufficient vaccination protection for the population. It saves lives.
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Preaching to the choir.
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I feel your frustration. Young H who was recently 12 has found his age has taken him into a new realm of vaccination rules. So unless he gets vaccinated he is also excluded from stuff his 11yr old friends can enjoy. He has been quite obstinately against the idea. Unfortunately his Pa is trending toward the antivax camp and he is concerned about needles hurting. So, we had a bit of a talk about science, biology and misinformation. After a bit of thought he is now very keen to hurry up with this vaccination thing.

Current guilty pleasure is # millennial Medusa Cascade watching classic # for the first time. Nothing like seeing something you love make someone else go "squee!"

Watching a YouTube clip of documentary footage of the UK from the 1940s and 50s. Charming comment from someone whose profile pic is a Union Jack: "no asylum seekers back then".

Uh, I think you'll find there were quite a few. That war business. Hitler and so on. Ghastly mess. I understand quite a few people had to up sticks.
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Never read the comments... Isn't that the golden rule on the internet (says I in the comments)
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it's always the flag shaggers.

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Yes, I'm woefully nostalgic.
You and me both.

Washed some sheets today, and while waiting for them to dry I was sitting out in the # barbecue area with my laptop and a flagon of my patented # Sunset (a mixture of box wine and whatever else is close to hand that will mask the taste of box wine - fruit juice, garlic butter, moth balls…).

I suddenly felt a sharp impact in my big toe (I had bare feet), and found underneath the table our swimming pool attendant:

I don't know whether he'd mistaken my foot for rotting carrion (an understandable mistake given the state of my wizened feet), or was simply telling me to move along and get my own bloody swimming pool.
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Well it's still alive so your foot can't be too mouldy
In some cultures, that degree of intimate contact would require he do the decent thing and propose marriage. And frankly, I'm not getting any younger, and I've done worse.

Oh, my. Nearly hit 35℃ in # today. Not so bad while the wind was whipping though the wine cave, but now it's still and muggy. Had too much for dinner and feel hot and fat. #
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That sounds very unpleasant. I remember it well. I definitely prefer the climate here... you know what I'm going to say...

it's a dry heat

My god, I bet there are legions of subscribers glad that they shelled out their hard-earneds for this kind of in-depth long-form analysis of urgent social and political wotsits.

FWIW, I think Johnny Vegas has been passed over so often that he's due. "Me name's Bond. Gi's a fag; I'm gasping. Oof, sorry about that; leftover curry for breakfast."
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Future archeologists may well define the period and cultural baggage that was my entire lifetime with the question, "Who will play the next Bond" or preferably, "Mostly harmless".

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And I thought it was just me:

"In June 2021, Roy Morgan research found that the number of Australians consuming alcoholic drinks had increased significantly over the previous 12 months. This reversed a longer-term trend that had seen alcohol consumption declining."
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Love that site. Bung Fritz mentioned here: is incredibly popular here in Broken Hill.

Went out shopping today. Had a couple of beverages while listening to Alexei Sayle and Oh! Jeremy #:

A delight.

Seen here shortly afterwards storming into his wilderness years with co-op couture, municipal haircut, and orange leatherette notebook:

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Thanks for that, brilliant. Bicycles, canals, Alexei Sayle, what more is there!?

"Words ought to be a little wild--for they are the assault of thoughts upon the unthinking." # John Maynard Keynes

In need of comfort food, so have been # Fry and Laurie as Jeeves and Wooster.

"Well now Jeeves, do you think I ought to sing Minnie the Moocher to the Glossops this evening?"

"I shouldn't think it advisable, sir. I have not heard that Sir Roderick is musical."

"Ah no, but Lady Glossop is!"

"There is also that to be considered, sir."

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They're so young!

"Shops in Byron Bay have been stripped of healing crystals, dream catchers and astrology charts, just minutes after a seven-day lockdown was announced this afternoon. […] The panic buying means some residents could be without crystals for weeks, which experts warn will have absolutely no impact on their lives whatsoever."

Well, here I am doing one of those fund/awareness-raiser things for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). Disclaimer: I'm a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse. The PCFA have persuaded the Au Gov to fund nurses like me to support survivors of prostate cancer, they also do heaps of other incredible stuff -

I always struggle with motivation to run/ride or exercise when I have actually (stupidly) committed to something. I would much rather be riding my bike or running around for fun. So, now I have found myself 25km into a 100km run. I should be able to knock out 75km in the next couple of weeks surely?! I might have to crack out the bicycle to do this...

If you are one of the huge proportion of family members and friends who know a survivor of Prostate Cancer and you live in Australia please feel free to donate or share. I actually think the PCFA do a pretty good job to improve the lives of men who have to go through this stuff.

For those thinking I've been wasting my convalescence, this is how you play 2048.

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👏 👏 👏
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I'm so glad you've been productive 🙄😄

Health care is adversarial.
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It is. All the more so at the pointy ends. Working or Presenting to ED is a bit like arriving at the battlements during a never-ending siege. The battle is a little lopsided with half the combatants being already injured before they start.

Post surgery:

Today: Hey! I finally don't feel too bad. Maybe tomorrow I can...
Tomorrow: Nope.
get well soon. Xx

"‘High quality health services’ – the 3rd most important liveability attribute": "Residents of regional coastal, small town & rural and mining & remote areas cited the worst local area experiences."

Really? Quelle suprise!

"To increase community viewing of # Harbour City Council meetings, live streams of recent meetings will be made available the day after a meeting via a direct link on Council’s website homepage."

I'm not even going to begin to quibble over the word "stream", as the elephant in the room here is your definition of "live".

Lego Beach, #. This is how it ends. On the beach. Not with a bang but a nurdle.

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YouTube threw that link at me the other day, I ignored it. I didn't realise it was in Cornwall (of course sly old YouTube did). You are a much better algorithm @Matthew Davidson
Nothing like my faithful old # feeds for maximising clicks and user engagement. If you're prepared to waste enough time, FIFO is the only algorithm you need.

"Thousands of scientists publish a paper every five days" #

Got my first AZ jab today. Felt a bit queasy after, but that might have been dehydration from the walk in, along with the cloying warmth of the waiting room. Plus my hangover.
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Yep, a few contenders. Have a glass of water and maybe a paracetamol

During my recent incapacitation I've been retrogaming, thanks to the # and # ports of # and #:
A game I first played via mail-order shareware floppy in the early 90s. A hybrid of Galaga with the swooping, sweeping and swaying of Phoenix. Infuriatingly addictive. Cunningly avoid power-ups while destroying enemies by crashing into them. Hours of good wholesome swearing for the whole family.
Another shareware nostalgia trip. Sort of like Othello/Reversi, but sort of not, with cute animations and a customisable board.
I got so very good at this in the arcades on George Street. Great value for money.
I like my arcade games cute and Japanese, apparently.

Debian celebrates our 28th Anniversary today on #! This was only made possible with the support of our Contributors, Developers, and Users. Thank you! Let's all enjoy some Debian! # # (P.S. #) :)

Saw a lone firefly blinking away on my walk home this evening. Looks like an early spring. #
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Fireflies make me oddly sad. They remind me of Sawtell on summer evenings out walking with my boys when they where little. Also, Grave of the Fireflies which is the saddest and most lovely film I have ever seen.

Midway through series 2 of the Avengers (1962/63). As the credits rolled and I arrived at my considered opinion - 'What twaddle!" - I saw "Screenplay by Terrence Dicks and Malcolm Hulke". Two # legends! Sorry Mac and Uncle Terry, but it was twaddle.

Just your ordinary mid-winter 28℃ day here in #.

"Usually when you’re stuck at home, staring at a computer screen or aimlessly watching TV, you do it in the knowledge that more fun is being had elsewhere – parties are being thrown, plays put on, retirement dinners eaten, exhibitions launched, wines tasted. You might feel you’re missing out. But much weirder and lonelier is the bleak certainty that you’re not." # David Mitchell
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"all silent, except for sporadic pneumatic drilling. Not even lockdown stopped that", I would add leaf blowers to that.

After Dark in #:

No JavaScript, just some non-standard CSS extensions. Nice.
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That's pretty clever.

“It’s hard to do, but I think we have to become comfortable with coronavirus not going away.”

First alcohol free day in years. No shakes, no anxiety or dread. Rather pleased.
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raises a glass
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