Jesus. Even Eliza doesn't want to talk to me.

In my defense, I saw Snappy, clear as day, in the middle of Collingwood Liquorland, in a state of considerable distress, and everything I subsequently did was done with the best of intentions. I've moved on, Snappy has moved on, but some people (*cough* Cassie-bot *cough*) apparently can't let go.
Ruben friendica
Cassie understands the vacuum which is the well-spring of life of course she can't let it go

# Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not that I need to, as I can replay it in my head. A perfect movie. Wish I had some popcorn.
I must rewatch that one, actually. I thought it was fine when I saw it at the pictures with ex-DLW, but I haven't seen it since. I think I was just pleased to see the marvellous Karen Allen again, so I enjoyed it more than than both Indiana Jones: The Incredibly Racist One and Indiana Jones: The One with Sean Connery In It.

At the time, I remember a lot of criticism about the implausibility of the plot. [Spoiler alert:] I don't know how you can have a problem with aliens, when the first film hinged on the literal truth of the Old Testament.
Ruben friendica
I think I've watched too many Hollywood FX marathons. I prefer slow YouTube docos or this would be good,

"At one point last year, there were 10,000 Airbnbs available to rent in #, and only sixty-nine private rentals. There are 12,776 second homes registered in Cornwall, and 21,817 people waiting to be housed. The figures speak for themselves: the sheer quantity of second homes and holiday lets is leaving tens of thousands of people in Cornwall without a secure home."
Ruben friendica
Yes, it's awful what's happened to Cornwall. The rich peoples playground whilst the locals can't afford to live there. It was a basic backwater when I grew up there in the 70s but in the 80s the crowds began to descend.

Seamas Carey did a fantastic podcast exploring many of the issues.

The Reason Why -

The Beta version of pulls in # from There's a feedback form, but it only gives you half a dozen sets of Likert scale radio buttons - no text field in which to scream "WTF!?!"
Ruben friendica
Yes, I gave it a shot last week. Looks like a colossal turnip

The Welsh male voice choir is rehearsing again at the back of the Charles Dickens. It makes me smile. I may be here some time. There goes this week's beer budget. It's "differently hard" to #, but I love living in #.
Ruben friendica
Bloody lovely, when are you going to join?
Luke mastodon (AP)
he can’t, he’s not Welsh
Ruben friendica
A technicality, I'm sure they're inclusive
I think if you are willing to have a go, they'd be flexible on both the Walian and masculine requirements. Which would be to my advantage on both counts, were it not for the fact that after two decades of living like a hermit, I've hardly a voice left for speaking, never mind singing.
Ruben friendica
I'm sure they'll need a fan. You can just sit back with a glass or two and enjoy watching them practice.

At the start of #, I confidently asserted to Mayor McWheeze at the # that, on the basis of past novel disease outbreaks, one should expect transitory inflation due to Chinese supply chain issues, but it would all blow over. Now the supply chain issue is that everybody everywhere is getting more sick more often, and this is not going to end. I'm a big-mouthed know-nothing. I should probably stand for parliament.
Ruben friendica
You wouldn't do well. Politicians never come clean

Nothing says "Local Band" like this photo:

That they're not allowed to turn off Fox Sports while performing is the icing on the suburban cake. #
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There are s dwindling number of news organisations left that still maintain # feeds. Now that even the # has abandoned them, this might soon be my sole window on the outside world.
Ruben friendica
# is over-rated.

Just finished # Hill Street Blues from beginning to end. I started it about four years ago, and the one regret from my divorce is that I didn't get to watch it all the way through with my ex-wife. Sharing these vital cultural things is so much more important than petty personal issues.

Still, after the initial unpleasantness but before I moved out, when civility had settled in, she asked to watch some more episodes, and we got as far as the death of Sgt Phil Esterhaus/Michael Conrad. I was happy about that.

Watching it the first time round, I loved listening to my father laughing himself silly over the comic subplots. Let's be careful out there.

Made a phone call to my ISP this morning because I discovered they've still been charging me for connectivity at the flat 1000kms away which I haven't lived in since May (I'm busy; I don't read the bills, I just pay 'em).

Subsequently I've been feeling grumpy because I had to waste half my day off dealing with a call centre. Just now noticed that it's still only lunch time. I just assumed that the call took most of the day, based on past experience. Post-industrial capitalism has successfully implanted Soviet-style expectations to the extent that they trump reality.

Samuel Beckett once was enjoying a walk with a friend on a sunny afternoon. The friend remarked it was a beautiful day that made one glad to be alive. Beckett replied, ‘I wouldn’t go that far’.
Ruben friendica
Beckett also said of endurance, "You must go on. I can't go on. I'll go on" this is something I'm living through today.

Missing the story here, somewhat. It's _only_ seven players out of the team prepared to go on record as bigots! 'Straya has come a long way!

We stand for only what we believe everybody can agree on. So far, we are fully committed to:

1. More toilet paper on supermarket shelves, and
2. Bringing back Seinfeld.

Expect more policy announcements shortly.

"The fact that we humans make history is empowering even if the fact that we _must_ do so is daunting." # Alfie Kohn

The regular Saturday anti-vax nutters shut down the CBD trams again this afternoon, ironically nearly making me miss my booster appointment. I suppose either way somebody would have been able to tick off an item on their todo list.

At # yesterday, we had a "Click 'n' Collect" order for just a single item: a mobile phone. Nobody buys a mobile phone from us online. In fact, nobody in their right mind would buy a mobile phone from us at all. The guy turned up forty minutes early to collect it, at the counter where he could have just asked for one and paid for it then and there. He came back forty minutes later, on the dot, but by then I'd found we were out of stock of the model he ordered.

Who does this? I couldn't fathom it. I relayed the story to a colleague and she solved it in one.

"Was he a junkie?" This wasn't a word I expected to hear uttered by this demure little teenage Muslim girl.

Of course! The perfect way to untraceably turn a nicked credit card into an easily resold commodity, no questions asked! I may look like the picture of Dorian Gray, but I am so innocent I really shouldn't be allowed out of the house.
Ruben friendica
Did you replace it with a similar item? An iron perhaps? Bit risky though, he might burn his ear.
No, he wouldn't allow substitutions, otherwise he would have got two cans and a ball of string.

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My big regret in life is that it has taken me this long to appreciate the value of hard work, and how vital it is to avoid it at all costs.
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Ruben friendica
It's a shame then that jobs like these don't often get offered as part-time or casual roles:
The woman who runs the # # meetups is from Salsa.

Anyway, here's a selfie.

Ruben friendica
A work of art.

Fort Boyard: La Légende (Microïds, 1996) #

How did our @Kat MCP(NT4) MCSE(Win2K) end up in a 1996 PC game?

# # site invited me to request a song to be played on the nation-wide store muzak. So:

Ruben friendica
You'll be sad when it plays for the 237th time and the shoppers are all singing along and the ghost of Mark E Smith lurches out of aisle 17 to groan at you and shake his chains.

For about a year I have been insisting that I will treat the long list of # deprecated function warnings spat out on every page of my blog as a spur to get my head around migrating to # 9. Today, I cracked:

div.error { display : none; }

Luke mastodon (AP)
work smarter, not harder. 👍
Ruben friendica
Who needs the added complication of # when you can fix it with CSS and HTML 😜

It's true what they say: employment is good for your self esteem. You can spend a whole night berating yourself for being useless and incompetent, but the moment you turn up at work the next day think "I can't believe I am wasting my time with this nonsense. I am worth so much more than this."
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Stopped at the pub on the way home from work, and somebody must have nicked my hat from my table as I was at the bar. Didn't notice till it was time to leave. I'm not angry, just disappointed. And also angry. With a cold head, as well.

This just doesn't happen in a pub. Not in a proper pub. Well, maybe Friday or Saturday night, when the amateurs spoil everything. But certainly not on a Monday night. In a pub you show due respect to the dignity of other, older, balder, patrons.

I suppose this is what I get for moving to a gentrified area full of young Hooray Henrys with baroquely topiaried facial hair, all a-jangle with caffeine, piercings, testosterone, and other character-depleting vices.
dick_turpin mastodon (AP)
Now go to Facebook. Name the bar and time of the incident and explain how you're really concerned for the welfare of anyone wearing the hat because you have some evil fucked up version of Ebola and you were in the bar for one last drink before shuffling off your mortal coil.
Ruben friendica
You have a twisted mind @dick_turpin ... I like it
Ruben friendica
Unbelievable. Hat bandits at large in Melbourne. It is a syndicate for sure. Your hat has no doubt already been dismantled, identifying marks obliterated and repurposed for unscrupulous milliners to sell to country ladies for their race hat fascinators.

Just what my self-confidence didn't need after a hopeless day at # yesterday: This afternoon a young lady offered me her seat on the tram. #, my life is over before it began.
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Now go and sit on your backyard and shout at some young people not to step on your lawn. 😆

Absolutely knackered after along day at #. Just couldn't physically hack it. # an episode of Dad's Army over dinner, because I feel like Mr. Godfrey.

4am. Can't sleep. No, that's not fair; haven't tried. Amazing how much faffing about one can do. My brain clearly needs to sort something out, and keeping me awake all night is just a means to an end.

Gad, I look irresistible with dark circles under my eyes.
Ruben friendica
That mental toaster of yours has a bit of burnt toast jammed in it. Have you tried hanging upside down and shaking?

Dietary supplements are a splendid case of Goodhart's Law in action. [Takes a multivitamin, anyway.]
Ruben friendica
Luckily we have kidneys to filter out the waste.
Ruben friendica
I should add _most_ of us have kidneys, by no means a given. Keep up the fluids everyone and avoid sugary drinks. #

Hail the king and queen of rock'n'roll. Absolutely unparalleled.

I can't be arsed with banter. So what good am I on the Internet? Don't answer; I won't respond.

Had a few pints at my new local this evening, and my brain is popping. It cost the equivalent of half a week's booze budget in my hermit life in #. I still don't really have an income, so I can't justify it on an alcohol/dollar basis. Economic rationality says this is a stupid way to spend an evening. I should sit in my flat and sip cask wine in front of the computer.

But I'm getting old. The clock is ticking. I need my brain to be popping. I need to see people, and at least smile at one or two of them (behind a mask, of course). I need to skip along the streets, dodging trams and cars and Deliveroo bikers. I need to feel like anything is possible, even if it's not. Perhaps I don't need to participate in society, but I need to feel like there's one around me.

YouTube: Brad Sucks - Out Of It (Official) (FRAIMonline)

ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Wow! Hit some places I may not known it could still be hit.

# doesn't give you answers; it gives you the right questions.

God I love songs built on chord changes and attitude.

#: #

When he was alive, I gathered everybody in # considered Tony Wilson a well-intentioned prat. Posthumously, it turns out everybody idolised him.

# last night. Got to bed 3am. Got up for a phone interview at 8am with the nice people at #. Expected an interrogation, but I was simply told I qualified for the dole, no "mutual obligation" hoop-jumping; just have to report my work income each week. All over in a few minutes.

Don't know whether this is because of covid, because of my age, because I'd moved to the city from a place with one of the worst levels of unemployment in the country, because I'm getting _some_ work, or a mix of all of the above. Not complaining, though.

Then straight back to bed for the day, because I'm working till 4:30am tonight. Sigh. The worst thing about # unemployment is the hours.

# Stewart Bevan, who played Professor Cliff Jones, in the # classic the Green Death. Well, _I_ think it's sad, anyway.
# also Henry Lincoln, an influential but not prolific # writer. None left from the 1960s now. So it goes.
Ruben friendica
I believe Stewart Bevan was also in the Onedin Line a decade long series. The theme music and the idea of boats was an early influence on me as a little tacker

How the feck can 81% of any population believe in invisible sky-daddy? #
Ruben friendica
It's a worry isn't it. I suspect they're just hedging their bets.
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