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Irregular reminder that advertising is wrong and must die.

Well known cornflakes packaging featuring a cartoon tiger giving a thumbs up over a bowl of milky maize flakes. His read scarf reads "Tony" and the usual brand text has been replaced with "Advertising" "Shits in your head".

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I wish I'd thought of starting this business,

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Reminding myself about tldr -

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I found this in an old email. @Matthew Davidson back in his acting days
That is, as improbable as it seems, far less embarrassing than the film itself.

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When I was 13 and just starting to explore my sexuality I read a book called "Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask."

For the most part it was the usual 1960s-1970s era sex-ed book but the chapter on homosexuality was ... criminal.

It was *incredibly* homophobic. No hope, everything was terrible. It said things like queers will molest anyone they can, spend their lives masturbating in the back of porn theaters, etc etc etc.

Based on that description I *knew* that couldn't possibly be me so I must not have been gay, right?

It set me back *years* in acceptance of who I am. It wasn't like I had any counter-examples. This was the late 1970s and we had no good role models.

This is one of the reasons I'm out now, so kids can see someone who is successful and not living the way that book says. Being a counter example is very important to me.

When the book was reprinted in the early 2000s, they updated everything else but left that chapter pretty much intact.

*If* you share this book with a younger or questioning person, make damn sure you discuss the reality Vs what that book says. Better yet, don't share the book with anyone else.

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To do: before sailing

I am starting this To-do list of preparations for a sailing trip. It's really just a form of procrastination as I'm not yet convinced I will ever achieve this.

Replies will count as potential list items. Please feel free to contribute.
Michael mastodon (AP)
Item 1: Learn to swim.
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Bit of excitement in our little outback town. Miramax has booked out all the accommodation for filming the next Mad Max movie. Which could explain why all the kids are sporting increasingly outlandish mullets lately.

I wonder if I could encourage them to use bicycles and permaculture in the next installment instead of fighting over petro-chemicals and water.
Michael mastodon (AP)
If the world of mad max had actually switched sustainable means, then in theory the post apocalyptic setting wouldn't exist?
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Exactly and I suppose the movie would lack the Hollywood drama. Bicycles don't often explode in fire and dust and sprouting a jar of mung beans does not lend itself to screaming crowds disemboweling each other. Well, at least not in my experience.

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'Faaarr...out brussel sprout' has to be one of my favourites. I just wish I remembered to use it. #
Martin Owens mastodon (AP)
I thought it was

"Far out, brussels out!"

A Brexit sloggen from the heady days of 2016. ;-)
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Ha! I'd not heard that one. Ironically they are probably short on brussel sprouts now that they had their wish granted.

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The household is watching a tv show about zombies and red-necks who seem to make consistently poor decisions. It's awful. I'm hiding in the kitchen with the turtle. If only we had a bath or maybe I should go to bed early...

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@Matthew Davidson mobile-home sans wheels:
Looks idyllic, right up to the photograph of the bathroom facilities, at which point I turn deathly pale, clutch my pearls, and gasp "Oh, no. That simply will not do."

I'm just a perfumed dandy, too accustomed to my creature comforts here at the #.

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Michael Rennie was ill the day the earth stood still
But he told us where we stand
And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear
Claude Rains was the invisible man
Then something went wrong for Faye Wray and King Kong
They got caught in a celluloid jam
Then at a deadly pace it came from outer space
And this is how the message ran...
🔊🎵 #

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# ... what's the tag I'm supposed to use? I don't know.

Well my # phone is perfectly decent at recording audio whilst I ride my bicycle. Not only that but it can take photos and play, "Talking to the Taxman about Poetry" as I ride into the wind on the way home. Not forgetting the phone-calls, text and data...

Thanks to all you awesome technical people for such an amazing body of work resulting in this excellent portable computer.

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"The measure of the truly damned is their inability to question themselves."

Love this quote. It encapsulates how self defeating confirmation bias is.

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Just found out about @poduptime

Does what it sounds like, monitors the uptime for fedi nodes. Looks like a great companion to and when picking a home on fedi.

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"Most of what you read online today is pointless. It’s not important to living a good life. It’s not going to help you make better decisions. It’s not going to help you understand the world. It’s not dense with information. It’s not going to help you develop deep and meaningful connections with the people around you."

I didn't know! thanks for sharing. x

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Well, here I am doing one of those fund/awareness-raiser things for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). Disclaimer: I'm a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse. The PCFA have persuaded the Au Gov to fund nurses like me to support survivors of prostate cancer, they also do heaps of other incredible stuff -

I always struggle with motivation to run/ride or exercise when I have actually (stupidly) committed to something. I would much rather be riding my bike or running around for fun. So, now I have found myself 25km into a 100km run. I should be able to knock out 75km in the next couple of weeks surely?! I might have to crack out the bicycle to do this...

If you are one of the huge proportion of family members and friends who know a survivor of Prostate Cancer and you live in Australia please feel free to donate or share. I actually think the PCFA do a pretty good job to improve the lives of men who have to go through this stuff.
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Might try out a new avatar, just to confuse people. I am not, nor have I ever been Magnum PI.

This is pretty much how I look for most of my working day.
Basil mastodon (AP)
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List Of Ethical Code Hostings by 3rd-Parties


1) PrivacyToolsIO

2) Disroot

3) Libregit

4) Codeberg



7) OpenDev


8) Notabug (Gogs)

9) Framasoft (GitLab)

10) Sourcehut (Sourcehut)

# #

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The surveillance is coming from inside the prison...but it won't be staying there.

Prison phone companies are voice printing inmates, and they have a plan to collect biometric data from family and friends, too.

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In a world... where a vast social network looms over the population. People spend hours peering into little black rectangles and also bigger black rectangles mounted on desks. They scroll for hours and hours hoping to get a hit of endorphins from a notification going off...

Is that a distant friend, or is it an app plugged into another app that's plugged into this one that you forgot to turn off? It wasn't Jerry from Middle School liking your latest meme about gay dolphins eating Doritos. It was just a reminder that Gem Hustlers II has a new quiz for you to take about what your brother's dog's star sign is.

Immerse yourself! In a network that's 5% actual stuff coming from people you care about, that you never actually talk to, and 95% advertisements and clickbait served up hand over fist to your pathetic insect-brain by an algorithm. But you keep telling yourself, "this is the absolute best way to stay in touch with people, and maybe advertise that book I'll never actually finish writing, all while raising awareness about global warming and the New Apartheid in Honduras."

Starring you, your whole family, your grandparents, random people you worked with, everyone that attended high school with you, and the absolute cesspools making up your local news comment a race against time to keep you on the site for as long as possible, it's a war between cute videos of animals from questionable pages and unwinnable bad-faith arguments that endlessly fizzle out and die... what will hold your attention today?

This is...


They log on, but they don't log off!

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"correlation does not equal causation. Otherwise, one could interpret graveyards as places where giant stones fall from the sky and kill unsuspecting, mostly elderly, people"

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Oh this is interesting. Tools to support following the C4 development protocol:

They were made in the course of supporting a fork of Mastodon specifically made for the purpose of following the C4 protocol:

/by @David Sterry


# #

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IME there are different stages during treatment. Fighting is a good analogy when it's a struggle to attend to treatment which is saving or extending your life. But there is often a point where it becomes tiresome and cruel to tell someone to keep fighting when the time is running out. Acceptance and love becomes far more important. I think if it was me personally I'd avoid the fighting analogy entirely but everyone has their own way of dealing.
stannard mastodon (AP)
I attend a small local prostate cancer support group here in the UK.
There was a discussion on how to rephrase "fight" cancer.

It didnt seem to get anywhere, but the word itself makes it sound as if it is your fault if you lose.
Lost the fight with cancer is an expression we hear a lot and it makes me angry, but I havent thought of a better one.

I am really grateful to people like you who give their time to fund raise .
Thank you.
Ruben friendica
Thanks. I actually get sick of all the fundraising but it's necessary to keep the wheels turning. I think awareness, talking and sharing ideas about surviving cancer (and innumerable other health problems) are as important as research.
Andy C pleroma (AP)
I also despise the phrase 'lost their brave battle'. Not sure what is better depending on the severity of diagnosis but I got so utterly fed up of the godamned C word, that once I was settled in the survivors lounge, I tended to use 'minor health issue' to people who were aware and others blissfully unaware.

I no longer use that as it may be viewed as hurtful and offensive to people diagnosed, suffering or those who have lost loved ones to the horrible disease.

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My take:

This wasn't a fuckup on the part of the U.S.

It was a successful, 20-year money laundering scheme.

Trillions of dollars' worth of Gen X's adulthood and Millennials' childhood were funneled out of American society, through Afghanistan

And into the pockets of defense contractors -- who are largely Republicans.

All those cushy, well-paying DC jobs in the past two decades -- these reports and videos are the price.

The Taliban aren't mystical superheroes who defeated the best armed forces on earth. They were the premise and the excuse for this multi-decade scam.

This wasn't a failure of the US military, either. Common soldiers were fooled and used.

And it's not Biden's fault -- or even Trump's really (though Trump made it worse because that's his shtick).

It's Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rove, and earlier Republicans who made this happen.

"Never forget."

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Say hello to bookworm: FTPMasters have created the next testing distribution, codename bookworm, as a copy of bullseye. It will get its first updates from the unstable suite in a few days time when the release cycle begins all over again #

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Hey Joe - Patti Smith

Patti Smith's intro is still raw and uncomfortable. As it should be.

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The whole of NSW is 'locking down' as Delta goes mental. Here in BH the streets have been seething with crowds of blow-ins coming out bush to escape. Unfortunately they have bought the virus with them. Late last night it was found in the sewerage. So there goes my week off. #
Guess I left it a bit late to make a vaccine appointment.
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You and the rest of Australia
Called in to work tomorrow already. Big lockdown week ahead for essential workers. I miss being well paid and utterly superfluous.

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I like a quote from Lord Byron's speech on the matter:

> But the police, however useless, were by no means idle: several notorious delinquents had been detected; men liable to conviction, on the clearest evidence, of the capital crime of poverty; men, who had been nefariously guilty of lawfully begetting several children, whom, thanks to the times! —they were unable to maintain.

There's also this commentary and its relationship with unionism:

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I mistakenly thought I was suffering from ennui but my sensible shoes indicate it could actually be # -

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(With respect and apologies to the late, great Jimmie Rodgers)

I had a friend named Developer Jess
Who used to code for iOS
He thought he was the smartest guy in town
But I found out last Monday
His app got locked out Sunday
Compete with Apple and they'll take you down

He has to jailbreak now, he has to jailbreak now
I told him once or twice
That those app store rules aren't fair or nice
He has to jailbreak now

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I was able to step back in time and shoot some bad guy after reading Edward Snowden's piece on the Insecurity Industry. Thanks to Doom on Windows96,

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Good News. Hank is alive. Reports of eagle attacks were erroneous. He turned up skinny and wild-eyed like the lost messiah of turtledom after 9 days. Life is now good again. No Greek tragedies occurred in Broken Hill last week

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Thank you for contacting us!
We are currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of enquiries and we require additional time to get back to you.

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Seven crazy 12yr old boys around tonight burning off energy. Currently out on their # for some night-riding. They are having so much fun. We're following in the car so as not to cramp their style. Like a pair of weirdy creepers.
So you're a self-propelled torch, basically.
Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson
Yes, that's basically it. We also get to watch them weaving around the road like erratic kids
Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson
We're home now. They're playing Autotuned thumpy music on the telly, lots of energy and laughing.
@Ruben Enjoy it while it lasts before they turn sullen, sarcastic, world-weary, and well… you know the drill.
Ruben friendica
@Matthew Davidson
It's 1am and they are all still talking, laughing like ninnies and saying Ssh! to each other. Some quiet emo's would be nice right about now.

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Yes this is a subtoot and an unsourced unmarked partial quote of what it's subtooting and that is just the kind of bullshit and vague context you can expect around here.

If you see this post a month or two from now there will be no way for you to find the post it is referring to. Permanence and ephemerality in one.

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Saturday was spent assembling flat pack kitchen units and attaching them to walls. Sort of like giant Lego. Renovating is really quite time consuming and incredibly anti-social.
I strapped myself into my snake bite bandage and did some washing and cleaning, as my bedclothes were threatening to spontaneously generate life, but not as we know it. Had an overdue shave as well, but that's as much verticality as I'm prepared to do on my one-day weekend. Back to work tomorrow.

Wearing a mask means not having to reveal how much you're saving on disposable razors.
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